Untouched nature in the city: a place to improve your health

Unspoiled Nature in the Big City - Photo 1
Unspoiled nature in a big city - Photo 3
Unspoiled nature in the big city-photo 4

Cobblestone paths, well-maintained foliage on lawns, neatly trimmed trees – all of these not only blend together wonderfully, but create a unique atmosphere of a tropical forest in a bustling city. Stephen Richards, who brought this project to life, said:

"Increased awareness among metropolitan residents of the value and preservation of nature in bustling cities, and the benefits it gives us in terms of quality of life, has led to a new idea in the planning of landscaping in residential complexes such as this.

We tried to create a design that would allow us to fit both fruit trees and small bodies of water into an urban park. The scent of flowers and herbs is in the air, and it certainly has a positive effect on the mental and physical health of the people living in the surrounding blocks of flats

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