3 ways to pay for parking in Moscow from a mobile phone

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Payment methods for the services provided are regularly updated: bank cards, as an alternative to cash, have simplified the procedure, but there is still something to strive for. So, now it is possible to pay for parking in Moscow from a mobile phone. There are several ways to do this..

How to pay parking via SMS in Moscow

SMS is the first way to pay for parking via mobile. A prerequisite for its use is the presence on the telephone account of an amount of at least 100 rubles. Step-by-step instructions on how to pay for parking time via SMS:

  1. Open the menu for creating a new message.
  2. Indicate the information: the number of the parking zone (you can find out the street address via Yandex.Maps or online services), the car, the range of hours (from 1 to 24) for which you leave the car.
  3. Write down information in a strict order, separating them with an asterisk (*).
  4. Send a message to number 7757.
  5. Then you should wait until you receive a report on the procedure. Payment for parking in Moscow via SMS is instant.

The cost of parking also includes a charge for sending an SMS message. Tariffs for the service depend on the mobile operator:

  • MTS The amount is calculated as 3.5% of the total cost of the parking service..
  • Beeline. The commission is 5%.
  • Megaphone. Payment for parking via SMS in the capital using this mobile operator also includes a commission of 6.5%.

Parking payment scheme via SMS

Pre-term stop of paid parking or its extension

After the first successful procedure, a parking account is created. In case of payment for parking via SMS, money will be charged per minute. So, at the early completion of the service, the balance is returned to the parking account. How to stop or extend parking:

  1. To complete: send a message to 7757 with the Latin or Russian letter “C”.
  2. To renew: SMS to the specified number, in which write “Number”, where “number” is the number of hours for which you still leave the car.

Mobile application “Moscow Parking”

This software needs to be installed on Android or iPhone from the official site. In addition, it is possible to use the Mosparking web portal. Next, follow this instruction:

  1. On the site, register your personal account. Alternative: send SMS to number 7757 with the text PIN (there is no charge for this).
  2. Log in to your account using login and password. The cell number is used as the first parameter, the second one is the invented value or the one that will come in the reply SMS message.
  3. Top up your parking account.
  4. Click “Park”.
  5. To control the parking, the symbols “extend” and “stop” are used, similar to the standard ones for players (triangle and square).

Mobile application

Pay for parking from your mobile phone using the voice service

This new way is simple and free. To use it and send a request using the voice service, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 3210 or +7 (495) 539-5454.
  2. Wait for the automatic operator to list the menu items..
  3. Select 2 on your mobile keyboard.
  4. Indicate the necessary information: number of the parking sector, car, number of desired hours.

We must speak clearly and clearly. If the answering machine has problems recognizing a voice message, it will ask you to repeat the information. Keep in mind that to extend or prematurely complete the parking in this way does not work – you have to use the application or send SMS.

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