5 female gestures that drive men crazy

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To charm a lover, girls use little secrets. Some feminine gestures ignite the fire in the heart of the chosen one. “Body language” can say more than words. Find out what to do to make a man crazy about you.

Put your hand on his chest

Female hand on a man’s chest

Gentle touches are very popular with men. When you touch the beloved’s chest, he perceives it as a gesture of defenselessness. The male heart begins to beat harder, feels the strength and desire to protect the chosen one. Use this technique when you want to add importance to words, ask for help.

Play with his hair

Men find touching the head a very intimate gesture. They keep in their memory a pleasant feeling when mother tenderly ruffled the boy’s hair with tenderness. A close person can stroke hair, in other cases it can offend. Female intuition should tell you when to resort to a delicate gesture.

Praise in public

The manifestation of feelings in humans

Talk about the virtues of a lover among friends and relatives. Sincere praise drives the guys crazy. It shows that a person is very important to you. He feels his worth. Your words amuse the male ego. Choose the right moment to praise the chosen one in public, and he will appreciate you more than before.

Give him attention

All representatives of the stronger sex need tenderness and attention. Take care of your beloved. Frequently ask what he thinks about, his future plans and actions. Your sincere interest will become the basis of a trusting relationship. The strong sex is crazy about women who give attention unobtrusively, motivate for new achievements.

Show feelings

Openness, delicacy are important components of a romantic relationship. If you are constrained, silent, it is unlikely that a guy will reveal his best qualities. A gentle kiss, a playful wink, a lingering look with skillful use drive men crazy.

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