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Using contraception for modern girls is not a problem, because a female condom or, as young people call it, a “condom” is very convenient and effective. The use of femidoma will provide reliable protection for both partners during sexual intercourse and protect against the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy. Special female condoms are a necessity, they should be in the handbag of any woman who regularly engages in sexual relations. To date, a large selection of different options for femidoma is presented..

What is a female condom

This contraception looks like a transparent elastic tube with outer rings located at both ends of the product (see picture below). One is located outside, and the other is inserted into the vagina like a diaphragm. The condom for women (female condom) is made of thin material – latex or polyurethane, whose length is 8 cm and diameter – 18 cm. The condom should provide the maximum degree of protection against the penetration of sexually transmitted infections. For the first time, these condoms were released in 1993 in the United States, but they did not gain popularity there..

The situation changed after the manufacturer began to position the product as a means of preventing pregnancy due to violence. Since the rings of the femidome fit snugly against the walls of the vagina and hold the condom inside, even if you try to take the girl by force, the product will reduce the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted infections from a member of a man. Condom is highly effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and is in no way inferior to male condoms..

Polyurethane Female Condom

What does it look like

If you try to imagine what female condoms look like, the easiest way to do this is by remembering the form of male types of contraception. Since condoms are made of elastic materials with a diameter of up to 18 cm, the product has a translucent structure and is easy to deform. The inner ring of the condom should fit not only to the walls of the vagina, but also to the cervix. The outer ring remains outside and at the same time protects both sexual partners from the possible risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

What is different from male

Condoms for girls, unlike the male counterpart, appeared on the contraceptive market relatively recently, so many women did not even hear about the existence of femidomas. However, there is no special difference between the first and second type of condoms, since both funds are subject to one-time use and should protect partners from undesirable consequences during intercourse.

The main difference between the female variants is the femidoma rings, which have different diameters. This choice is due to the purpose of each of these devices. In the male condom, there is only one outer ring, since the man’s external genitalia do not need additional fastening measures. Female condoms should consist of two rings, since a partner’s member must be fixed.

Advantages of the female condom

The condom for women has a lot of advantages, so the condom is actively promoted around the world as the best remedy for infectious diseases of the external genital organs. Doctors agree that the correct use of femidoma will provide comfort during intercourse and will not prevent partners from having fun. However, additional lubrication during sex is not recommended to facilitate entry of the penis.

An additional feature of the condom for women is that there is no need to interrupt the sexual act to put on the femidoma, because this can be done in advance. Condom will not interfere with everyday affairs or with any movement, since the shape of the contraceptive adapts to the size of the vagina. If you use the product correctly, you can achieve better clitoris stimulation, which is especially important for women with weak excitability.

Female condoms in packaging


Any product has drawbacks, so you should carefully familiarize yourself with them before buying a femidome. When using materials made of polyurethane, condoms can exert an extremely unpleasant odor, which is highly likely to adversely affect the atmosphere of intercourse. If a woman has poorly developed vaginal muscles, then there is a risk of contraceptive loss. A significant drawback of female condoms is the inability to use a lubricant, since any additional substances can damage the integrity of the structure of the femidoma.

The main disadvantage

The main disadvantage of this contraceptive is the high cost. For one unit of the product you will have to pay about five dollars, and the whole package will cost much more. For comparison, it is worth noting that buying ordinary condoms will be several times cheaper. Themis exists in several forms, which are presented in detail in the catalogs of manufacturers, however, ordering them is not so simple, because they are sold only in foreign countries. And while human health is priceless, many people prefer more affordable contraceptive methods..

How to use

The process of introducing a condom is not complicated and is somewhat similar to using tampons. In the package with the product there is a detailed instruction that describes how to use a female condom. To begin with, you should take a comfortable sitting or lying position to give the body a relax. The new femid must be removed from the packaging and carefully straightened, in no case can you use the same contraceptive twice – you can harm the body.

Carefully consider the device for the presence of marriage, since even a small defect can miss particles of sperm. Problems can also occur if the femidoma is not installed correctly, so you should be very careful during the process. Condom is inserted into the vagina using the index finger, all actions must be smooth and careful. Once the product is completely in the vagina, the process can be considered completed.

How to wear a female condom

For any girl who at least once in her life used tampons, putting on a female condom is not difficult. The most important thing is not to delay the process, slowly but surely promoting the contraceptive along the walls of the vagina until the product reaches the uterus. Themis can allow almost any manipulation with the introduction, since condoms are made of very flexible and thin material. If for some reason you can’t cope on your own, it is recommended that you contact your partner for help.

Female condoms Themis in the package

How to pull out

Removing a condom is much easier than installing it, so every girl can handle it without any additional help. As soon as the sexual intercourse is over, the woman should squeeze the free end of the femidome, while lying down. This must be done so that sperm does not leak. By twisting the outer ring, you should gently remove the contraceptive from the vagina. The used product is not reusable, it is thrown into the trash.

What to consider when buying

If you decide to use this method of protection, you need to carefully study the range of products, because there are a huge variety of different condoms for women. Pay attention to the manufacturer, do not buy fakes or cheap analogues, because the quality of these products is questionable. Shelf life is important; consider this factor when making a purchase. Stop your choice on two or three models, consult with your partner and choose the best option.


As mentioned earlier, the price of femidomas is much higher than even the most expensive male contraceptives. The average cost of goods ranges from 300 to 600 rubles apiece, so not everyone is able to buy this product. However, it is worth considering whether there is a real need for such means for protection or is it possible to purchase something cheaper? Indeed, according to statistics, the protective ability of male condoms is in no way inferior to the female counterpart.

Photo of a female condom

Condom for women

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