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The economic crisis, cuts in subsidies adversely affect fertility. Despite the fact that the state declaratively stimulates fertility, assigns various subsidies for large families, many parents are not aware of the benefits and allowances. The types of welfare are different, in order to receive subsidies, you need to know your rights, competently defend them, collect a package of the necessary documents to receive benefits, be patient and enjoy the set preferences.

What is a large family

Since our country has different nationalities with its own customs, each subject of the federation has the right to interpret the concept of large families in accordance with cultural traditions accepted on the territory. Most regions consider those legally married parents to have three or more children, their own or adopted. Children must be minors (up to 16 years in Moscow, 18 – in other subjects of the federation), or not reach the age of 23 years, studying full-time in higher, secondary special institutions.

Legal regulation

In 1992 The President of the country issued Decree No. 431 of May 5, which establishes a definition of large families, outlines general recommendations to regional authorities for the promotion and protection of families burdened with a large number of children. Each republic, region or territory has the right to independently determine the criteria by which a family is considered worthy of budget protection. There is a law in Moscow on social support dated November 25, 2005. No. 60, similar regulations of the Arkhangelsk, Penza, Leningrad regions, other territories, republics and regions.

State support program for large families in the Russian Federation

The demographic pit into which the country falls, the excess of mortality rates, prompted the state to publish a program in 2008, the main provisions of which are aimed at improving the social, material situation of parents with several children. The product provides the following protection measures:

  • assistance in the construction of new housing;
  • preferential receipt of apartments using social hiring;
  • provision of land to citizens;
  • compensation for housing and communal services;
  • targeted financial assistance;
  • pension, labor, tax, medical, educational preferences.

Mom, dad and three sons

What should be for large families in 2018

Citizens who are worried about the cuts in social benefits associated with the protracted crisis can be calm – the state will continue to provide assistance to large families from the state in 2018, regardless of budget savings. Parents or guardians can apply for preferences in the following areas:

  • payment of taxes;
  • construction, purchase, rental of housing or land;
  • payment for medical care, purchase of medicines, vitamins;
  • education and employment of wards and guardians;
  • payments for heating, utilities;
  • travel on city and intercity transport.

Terms of Service

The circumstances in which you can use the help of large families in 2018 vary by region, however, all subjects of the federation require the following conditions to be eligible:

  • citizens have a certificate of large families issued by social security agencies;
  • the age of children, relatives or adopted, corresponds to the adopted restrictions in this region;
  • mother and father do not shy away from duties, bring up children in good faith, are not infringed on parental rights.

Types of Social Support

Assistance to large families in 2018 stands out from several sources. The support system is branched, complex, those in need often do not know the benefits. Sources of funding are federal, local, regional legislative authorities. You can apply for cash, benefits at various levels, in-kind assistance with medicines, products, household items. Many citizens receive money selectively if there is a disabled child in the education or the parent has a disability group.

Labor benefits in 2018

With official employment, a multi-family Russian can apply for some preferences provided by the employer or the state. These include the following types of benefits:

  • Assistance in finding employment from the employment service. Beneficiaries are provided with extraordinary profitable convenient vacancies related to domestic work or temporary employment, at the request of the applicant.
  • An additional two-week vacation at a convenient time. A citizen can take 2 weeks at his own expense for family reasons in agreement with the management of the enterprise, adding this period to the annual labor leave or setting a convenient time. Provided with more than two offspring.
  • One additional paid holiday. It is given once a week, provided that 40 working hours are worked out and mother and father are officially employed.

Retirement benefits

Assistance to large families in 2018 extends to well-deserved retirement vacations of parents. Citizens with the status of fathers of many children or mothers can apply for the following privileges:

  • Early retirement. To receive state pension benefits, you must have an insurance experience of at least 15 years and an age of 50 years, as well as a certificate proving large families.
  • Additional retirement points at the time of the decree. According to the pension reform, carried out from 01.01.2015., To calculate the pension, points are calculated based on the experience of the mother. If a citizen retired earlier than January 1, 2015, then she can apply for a recount of pension benefits. Pension points for each maternity leave not taken into account by the previous calculation will be calculated. With a small number of years of service and a low salary, recalculation by points is beneficial for mothers who have raised more than two babies.


Tax preferences

In addition to the deduction of personal income tax deductions from wages for each minor brought up, at the federal level, tax assistance is not provided to large families in 2018. The state recommends that regional authorities establish the following preferences for taxation, accountable to the subjects of the federation:

  • Preferential taxation on land tax. There are several options for privileges: reducing the collection rate for beneficiaries; reduction in the value of land used by multi-family people; up to 50% discount on tax payments; full exemption from payments. To navigate the local current legislation, it is necessary to monitor changes in regional regulatory documents that determine the categories of citizens from whom tax is not levied.
  • Exemption from rent for the use of land while farming. This option of helping large families in 2018 is provided by individual regions with a well-developed network of peasant farms. The applicant applying for exemption from rental payments must prove that the plot is used for farming.
  • Cancellation of business registration fee. Persons raising more than three children can rely on the fact that they will only have to pay a mandatory contribution when registering entrepreneurship. Separate regions completely exempt newly minted multi-family entrepreneurs from paying a fee.

Help large families in solving housing problems

Housing issues for families burdened by a large number of households are acute – many children cannot work properly, they lack the personal space necessary for full development. Multi-family citizens often live in unsanitary conditions. Understanding the severity of the problem, the state is trying to provide assistance to large families in 2018 by providing such privileges:

  • Provision of land. Citizens with a certificate of large families can receive a land allotment of no more than 15 acres, which must be used for the construction of a house, a summer residence, residential, personal premises, and the placement of plantings used for personal purposes. It is forbidden to allocate less than 6 hundred parts to multi-family persons.
  • Social housing for large families under a contract of employment. Local municipalities provide apartments or land. Applicants applying for improvement must meet the following requirements: be citizens of Russia for at least five years; all households are registered on the same living space; the family belongs to the poor, none of the members owns real estate. Housing can be provided if the housing space per household is less than the established sanitary and hygiene standards.
  • Preferential programs for the purchase of housing. Large financial and credit organizations provide mortgage programs to help large families in 2018. Potential debtors enjoy a reduced interest rate on loans “Young Family” and “Affordable Housing”, provided that the apartment is purchased from developers operating under the program of support for preferential categories of Russians.

Subsidies for housing and communal services

Assistance to large families in 2018 extends to payment for housing and communal services. A 30% discount is given at the federal level, local governments have the right to increase, but not reduce the benefit. Depending on the law adopted in this region, the subsidy is granted retroactively, after payment of receipts, to the father or mother, provided that the second parent does not enjoy the benefit. Some entities of the country stipulate that subsidies for housing and communal services payments are taken into account by receipts received by applicants.

Material assistance to large families in 2018

There are several types of material assistance to large families in 2018, provided to poor people with several children. The state provides for cash payments made from the federal, regional and local budgets. These include such subsidies:

  1. Targeted support for multi-family persons with issued material support.
  2. Concluding a social contract with the poor.
  3. Issuance of maternity capital for a child over the age of three.
  4. Benefits for babies up to 3 years.


Targeted payments to large and low-income families

A citizen who has provided information to social security authorities that the income of each working person is below the subsistence minimum established in the region may receive targeted assistance. For this, it is necessary to provide information on the number of working household members and their income. The amount of subsidies depends on budgetary opportunities. Applicants are issued:

  • one-time amounts stipulated by law;
  • children’s trips to camps and sanatoriums;
  • set of products matching the consumer basket.

On an ongoing basis, poor multi-family citizens receive payments up to the PM, which allow them to lead a decent lifestyle. If the applicant has moved to another region, then the right of targeted assistance must be reissued. To do this, contact the local social security authorities with the following documents in hand:

  • passports of adult household members;
  • birth certificates of minors;
  • salary information.

Social contract

The original measure of support for the poor is to conclude a social contract with them with the payment of the prescribed amount of money, the provision of in-kind support for products or things. The citizen concluding the contract agrees to spend the funds received to overcome the difficult situation under the program developed by the local social protection department. Help measures include:

  • employment;
  • getting a profession;
  • assistance in registering IP;
  • provision of goods necessary for gardening and horticulture.

To issue a contract welfare, proceed in the following sequence:

  1. Collect a package of documents.
  2. Head to the nearby social security office.
  3. Write a statement of the established form, attach papers, submit for consideration.
  4. Within 25 days, wait for a positive response, sign a contract.
  5. Use the received finance in strict accordance with the cost estimate.

Maternal capital

Welfare is given for the second and next kids, provided that they are three years old. It is issued not with money, but with a certificate that can be spent on the purchase of an apartment, mother’s pension savings, tuition for children in a preschool, school, higher educational institution, student accommodation in the hostel. The amount of the allowance for 2018 will be 505,000 rubles.

Cash benefits for children under 3 years old

Compensation payments designed to care for an infant up to one and a half years old are calculated from the average earnings of the mother. Their value is 40% of the salary. After the baby turns one and a half years old, the mother loses the right to receive subsidies of increased size. The subsidy up to the age of three children is 50 rubles for all categories of citizens.

Boy and coins

Social support for large families

State measures of social assistance to large families in 2018 are divided into several types. These include the following preferential measures:

  • Medical services. Mothers with many children can receive medicines, vitamins, and medications for free according to prescriptions. Priority care is provided in polyclinics and hospitals for persons burdened with a large number of young offspring. Multi-family is given the priority right to be treated in sanatoriums, health institutions.
  • The sphere of education. Children receive free textbooks, allowances, meals in school canteens, preschoolers do not need to stand in line to get a place in the kindergarten. Applicants are given priority access to the university, a monthly supplement of? PM, half the price of tuition fees is returned to parents.

Getting free legal assistance

Citizens with three or more children are entitled to free legal support. Legal advice is provided on the following issues:

  • purchase, hire, sale of housing;
  • social hiring of a plot of land or apartment in the municipality;
  • mortgage registration;
  • health insurance;
  • execution of a package of securities on tax, property and social benefits;
  • representation of the applicant in court.

Humanitarian aid

If you need to undergo an expensive course of treatment abroad, then private charitable organizations involved in fundraising help to obtain funds. By applying for patronage, you can get money, gifts for the holidays, school kits, other useful and necessary things. People in a difficult situation are helped by the funds “Big Road”, “Road of Changes”, which are engaged in selfless support. You can see in the photo the results of humanitarian activities.

Assistance to large families in Moscow in 2018

The city authorities give numerous types of preferences to needy multi-family citizens. Welfare types depending on the age of the beneficiary can be seen in the table below:

Age category

Types of subsidies

Students in schools in the capital

Free tutorials

Free lunches

Discounts for paying holidays in summer camps, visiting clubs, sports sections

50% of the fare on public transport

Students in higher and secondary specialized institutions

Preferential nutrition

50% discount when paying for city public transport


Free ticket

No transport tax

Free admission to city museums, exhibitions, bathhouses

Benefits of viewing productions of the Bolshoi Theater

Priority right to purchase land, apartments on preferential terms

Free (for 3 years) parking space

Pension subsidies

Compensation payments in connection with the increase in the cost of living

The Moscow authorities have provided benefits issued in connection with inflation and rising prices of goods. The amount of subsidies in 2017 and 2018 can be seen in the table:

Categories of beneficiaries

Allowance for 2017, rubles

Allowance for 2018, rubles

Muscovites with 3-4 descendants



Families with 5 or more Siblings



For citizens with 5 or more children, for the purchase of children’s goods


1 800

Muscovites with 10 or more children, for a children’s assortment of things


1 800

How to get help from the state in 2018

The large number of preferences, their separation by types and types of budgets dealing with preferential payments and discounts, leads to a situation where parents with many children do not know where to apply for a specific allowance. The following authorities may become a place to receive assistance:

  • local branch of the FIU;
  • Department of the FMS;
  • city ​​or district social security fund;
  • Rosreestr;
  • municipality;
  • Housing Administration
  • MFC.

Banknotes in the hands

The procedure for registration of benefits and subsidies

The sequence of actions when drawing up the benefits due depends on the deduction body. General recommendations for obtaining privileges are as follows:

  • determine the authority responsible for accruing benefits or discounts;
  • find out the list of documents required for processing payments;
  • collect a package of papers and submit for consideration;
  • wait for a positive answer and enjoy preference.

What documents are needed

The list of official papers upon the applicant’s appeal depends on the type of help. The following documents must be collected:

  • ID of a large father or mother;
  • passports, birth certificates of children;
  • information about earnings;
  • a certificate certifying the composition of households;
  • other securities required by a specific authority providing privileges.
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