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You can invite friends to the upcoming holiday in different ways – by means of SMS informing, messages about the date and place of the celebration in person, etc. But the presentation of invitations to a birthday person looks more interesting: it can be a brightly decorated card or a surprise in a box. There are many options to choose?

How to make a DIY birthday invitation

Birthday invitations can be purchased at the store, ordered on the Internet, or created independently. The last option is a great idea for creative personalities, which are both children and even adults. In order to bring this idea to life, you need:

  • Download from the Internet and print or draw on your own special forms. Especially, young children like to do this, because their creative potential is unlimited. The main thing here is to give free rein to your imagination and not to forget about the theme of the event. For example, if it is a masquerade ball, then the form should contain the corresponding elements.
  • Create unique cards with your own hands. They can be made in the form of a boat, the sun or numbers, using scissors, colored paper and glue. Those who do not want to draw, can simply print the elements they like on the printer. Hand-made fans in such moments show their nature and rejoice at the created masterpiece.
  • Fill out the selected form, indicating the addressee, date, time and place of the event. Design should match the specifics of the celebration. When deciding to create a postcard, rather than a fun form, an adult can use the print of a pre-prepared text.
  • The text to be posted on the card will have to be written on your own or chosen from examples available on the Internet. As such, a poem, prose or mini-story with intrigue.
  • Be sure to sign a message or postcard so that the recipient knows the future birthday.
  • Deliver prepared invitation cards to recipients. If this is a paper version, then it is better to hand it in yourself or put in the mailbox, but in the case of creating an electronic invitation, it is easy to send it to guests via the World Wide Web.

The creative solution is electronic invitations, samples of which can be easily downloaded from free sites. They have to be used by a teenager who does not want to spend hours on hand-made. Such messages cause a storm of emotions, especially if this is a small video recorded by the future birthday boy. The guest who receives the message must confirm his presence at the celebration. If this does not happen, then the culprit of the future festival thinks that the message was not received.

Children's Birthday Invitation

How to write a birthday invitation

After determining the form and type of invitation, you have to create a cool text, after reading which the recipient will understand that his name is at an upcoming event. To interest the desired guest, you have to choose an unusual format of notifications, but if a person does not understand humor, then the official version of the invitation is specially made for him.

Although they say that a picture can say a lot for a person, a beautiful text is the best solution. For those who do not want to tinker with cards or fill out forms on their own, there are ready-made poems that can be used for sending electronically. Such birthday invitations are suitable for people of different ages and professions..

– Baby Birthday Invitation Text

Children are very fond of poetry, so the invitation for them, composed in such a way, will be an excellent find and will remain in memory for a long time. Have you noticed how happy the kids are in communicating with the invited characters of cartoons or fairy tales? The thing is that animators often conduct a conversation in poetic form, and this technique facilitates their interaction with the child.

– Poetry and Prose Anniversary Invitation

Now people have practically moved away from personal communication and have time to exchange a few words with their loved ones to show that they remember about them (the invitation to the event: “Come to me to DR”). But in order to intrigue the guest in advance, you can write a poem in which the key moments of the appointed celebration are indicated (date, theme, venue).

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Invitation Card Text

Birthday Invitation Templates

An invitation to a children’s birthday can be created using bright templates that depict a pirate ship, a funny cartoon character or just a cake with candles. It is best to choose a format with the child, and let the teenager decide on their own, because no one else knows what this generation is interested in (do not forget about the complexes that a person can develop after an adult has committed a rash act). Here are some sample templates..

Video tutorials on making invitation cards in DR

A master class is called to help you make cards yourself. Below are the videos that clearly show the processes of creating unique forms and envelopes (a comic version, a model for inviting colleagues to an event or relatives for the baby’s first year), which is not so difficult to repeat. Creative personalities will be able to draw on ideas for creating unusual invitation cards..

Boy’s Birthday Invitation

Invitation card to DR girls

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How to draw up a birthday invitation for a child

Original ideas for decorating birthday invitations – photo

Fruit and berry invitations for a children's holiday

Children's Birthday Invitation Card

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