Catering – what kind of service. How an exit restaurant works for organizing banquets and receptions

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In the modern world, catering is developing at an incredible speed! We have access to food delivery to the office, to guests, catering, ordering receptions and much more. Restaurants and various holiday agencies are engaged in this, offering favorable prices for their services. What is the term for this food service??

What is catering?

Catering is one of the branches of public catering, the principle of which is the remote provision of services. Simply put, on-site restaurant service. Translation into English Catering. Catering – what is it – the Russian-speaking concept of the word means “delivery”. This service is known to Russia recently, so not everyone knows about it. Mobility is one of the main advantages of this service. Catering is perfect for a birthday, a banquet, a wedding or a children’s event in nature. A varied menu of simple food and drinks will decorate your celebration!

Types of Catering

Catering services are difficult to break down into separate types. They differ from each other by the point of the event and the way the service is provided. Indoor, outdoor catering, social catering, VIP catering and much more! The main ways to provide services are listed below. Dishes and decorations are developed according to the wishes of the customer. Types of kiting:

  • cocktails;
  • receptions;
  • picnic / barbecue;
  • coffee break;
  • lunch delivery (lunch);
  • banquet.

Buffet table with dishes and ready-made meals

Catering Services

Catering services are provided by many organizing companies. You can order desserts, dinners, drinks from the bar for any occasion. All kinds of tableware are offered, from traditional marriage registration to air catering dishes. Having provided a plan of their event, specialists will prepare an on-site service restaurant for you. Indoors or outdoors, regardless of location, cooking will meet all the conditions of the holiday. This type of service is becoming popular. And serious organizers still care about the concept of the holiday. Every whim for your money!

Outbound Catering

Whatever the celebration and territory, professional companies will help organize it. The on-site restaurant will provide magnificent desserts and refreshing soft drinks for the summer wedding celebration, classic restaurant dishes for an official reception or a buffet reception for a summer anniversary. The organization of a buffet reception on the road will allow you to free yourself from some of the tasks that accompany any event. Outsourcing catering companies provide equipment, a kitchen, reliable staff.

Canapes on the buffet table

Hookah catering

In addition to culinary, hookah catering is actively developing. Hookah for home or exit. This service allows you not only to enjoy steam cocktails, but also to surprise your friends! The specialist performing the “steam service” will prepare mixtures of quality tobaccos and maintain the smoke throughout the process. Companies supply a large arsenal of hookah appliances. A bachelorette party, corporate event or outdoor recreation will noticeably change, mixing lively conversations with fragrant smoke! The only limitation on such events is the age of majority..

Children’s catering

If your child needs to have a grand holiday, you will find many companies gladly providing children’s catering. Children’s holidays are always very bright and sincere. That should be the food on the table. Tasty and healthy! Chefs in such companies break the stereotype that healthy food cannot be tasty. Along with food, you will be given a table or zone decoration. Children’s catering companies – a lifesaver for parents! Free yourself from the kitchen hassle and entrust the business to professionals.

Candy bar at the event

Price for catering

The most important part is the cost of field service. The organizers offer not only delicious food to customers, but also provide service, equipment and decorations. You can use both delivery and pickup. The cost will depend on many factors. Below is a table on the different types of catering of some popular Moscow companies, offering inexpensive and high-quality organization of the gastronomic part of your event. Prices are from the minimum to the maximum and for different types of service.


Service (per person)



Salad and sandwich sets

From 400 to 700 rubles / set.

Prestige Catering


Banquet (for 1 person)


750 – 1600 rub.

1600 – 2700 rub.

1200 – 2300 rub.

“Event Catering”


Cocktail (for 1 person)

stand-up meal

From 2400 to 3700 rub.

Up to 700 rub.

From 1000 to 1900 rub.

a restaurant


Buffet for 50 people (staff, kitchen, decorations)

34 000 tr.

Coffee break for 50 people (staff, kitchen, decorations)

22 625 tr.

Barbecue for 50 people (staff, kitchen, decoration)

109 000 tr.


Cocktail (for 1 person)

From 2000 to 2700 tr

Barbecue (for 1 person)

From 2000 to 4000 tr.

Reception (for 1 person)

From 2500 to 5000 tr.

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