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It is wise to manage the money earned, rationally use your budget, every person seeks to save money for the future. Sometimes, people-independent circumstances happen when there is not enough savings for urgent needs: treatment, apartment renovation, purchase of broken household appliances. It’s difficult to decide to borrow money in the family or friends – they also have small incomes.

What is a consumer loan at Sberbank

To solve the problem with a lack of money, a loan will help. Sberbank has provided a consumer loan for the urgent needs of the population. It has no restrictions on use, it is executed quickly, with a minimum number of documents, a loan is issued up to two days. The ability to apply to Sberbank for a consumer loan involves two methods:

  1. Application form is drawn up with the help of a manager. He will advise in detail about the terms of the contract, calculate the possible amounts of overpayment for the selected product and notify after submitting an application of a preliminary decision.
  2. On the official website online. To do this, you need to independently fill out an application and leave it in your account.

The package of documents required for the contract includes:

  • passport (without permanent registration, the loan term is determined by the end of temporary registration);
  • certificate of employment;
  • certificate of salary (other cash payments).
  • birth certificate (filed by persons under the age of twenty to confirm kinship with the guarantor).

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Consumer loan terms at Sberbank

The citizen who signed the contract has the right to early repayment of the debt without accrual of penalties. Late payment of the next installment entails payment of a penalty in the amount of 20% of the amount of the urgent payment. The terms of a consumer loan at Sberbank depend on its purpose. It includes several programs:

  1. Loan that does not require collateral.
  2. Borrowing with the involvement of additional individuals – with a guarantee.
  3. Loan for military personnel.
  4. Collateral borrowing.
  5. Loan for individuals for the needs of their own subsidiary plots.
  6. For refinancing (refinancing), with the aim of combining several loans (no more than five) to reduce the cost of a monthly payment.

Sberbank employee

Sberbank – consumer loan, interest rate for today

The interest on the loan depends on:

  • the presence (absence) of a pledge, or guarantor;
  • crediting period;
  • the presence of an agreement with the bank to receive payments;
  • loan appointment.

The percentage of consumer credit in Sberbank today and its dependence on the purpose of the loan are shown in the table:

Types of loans

Loan amount (rubles)

Lending period (months)

Interest rate (%)

Age (years)

Additional documents

No deposit

up to 1,500,000




With a guarantor

up to 3,000,000




For military personnel

500,000, 1,000,000



from 21

at NIS, up to 1,000,000 – pledge documents

On the security

500,000-10 million.

up to 20 years



for real estate







extract from the household book

For refinancing

up to 1,000,000




credit information

Sberbank – consumer loan for payroll card holders

Special conditions are prescribed for citizens who have an agreement with the bank for crediting payments to the account. A cash loan from Sberbank for salary clients guarantees a reduction in interest on the loan – for all types, they are assigned a minimum amount. An income statement is not provided for them, the requirements for the availability of seniority have been changed. Payees at a financial institution are offered credit cards. Using them is very beneficial:

  • you can get credit without interest;
  • bonuses are accrued, which are converted into money and get on the card after settlements for goods and services;
  • bank partners offer cardholders stocks on goods.

Sberbank – cash loan without references and guarantors

A convenient way to borrow is a loan without collecting additional documents. There is an opportunity to get a cash loan without inquiries and guarantors at Sberbank. You can issue it citizens of 21 years. The maximum age is 65 years (inclusive at the beginning of payments). For a loan in Sberbank in cash according to a simplified procedure, it is possible for holders of salary (pension) cards. Other borrowers will need an additional income statement. The condition for obtaining credit funds is the availability of income necessary for the ordered loan amount.

Money in hand

Sberbank low interest rate consumer loans

The presence of collateral or guarantor guarantees borrowers low accruals. Consumer loans at Sberbank with a low interest rate offer:

  • with the assistance of a guarantor;
  • with provision of real estate.

The list of documents on a loan with a guarantor includes the passport of the co-borrower and a certificate of his income. Such a loan is issued in cash to Sberbank for citizens of 21 years. The maximum age is 75 years (inclusive at the end of payments). The list of loan documents with the pledging of property is supplemented by real estate documents. You can calculate the overpayment on a loan using the current interest rates, which are indicated in the table:

Ratio of loan amount to estimated property value

Up to 10 years

10-20 years

Up to 40% of the cost



40-60% of the cost



Consumer loan calculator

Convenient for Internet users is an additional service – a consumer loan calculator in Sberbank. You can calculate the optimal loan option online, choose the amount and period that correspond to income. With all the data entered, he will calculate the amount of the monthly installment. You can familiarize yourself with all the bank’s loan offers online and use the calculator to choose the best option..

Find out more information on how to get a loan at Sberbank.

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