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People have long been accustomed to the fact that through a worldwide network you can buy any goods and even order certain services. All that is needed is a computer. Banks and microfinance organizations are also keeping up with the times, offering ordinary consumers to get a consumer loan via the Internet on a card or in cash quickly and without additional documents. The online service has gained popularity, because the decision on the application can be obtained almost instantly.

What are loans online

In the traditional understanding, lending is a way to borrow money from a financial institution at a certain percentage, which must be repaid in the terms established by the contract. Online loans pursue a similar goal, only with the condition that you do not always need to visit a bank or microfinance organization, and to receive money you only need to fill out an application via the Internet. A distinctive feature of the loan is that money is issued for a short period of time, and the rate on such loans exceeds average values.

Another important feature of lending through a worldwide network is that you do not need to provide a guarantee or collateral, which simplifies the whole process, although some organizations offer this option, but you can receive money after some time, when the documents are checked. When taking a loan through the Internet, you need to understand that the lender will offer a small amount, so if you need money to solve global problems (housing, buying a car, etc.), you will have to use classical borrowing methods.

How to get a loan online

There are several ways to get a loan online. This service is provided by banks, microfinance organizations and various payment systems. If in the first two options you can get a loan in cash or on a card, then in the latter case, be prepared to get a loan in electronic currency to your wallet. For those who do not have a plastic card, it is proposed to issue a loan by bank transfer, which is often resorted to by residents of remote corners of the country.

A man receives money from the monitor

Payment systems

There are many payment systems registered in Russia that are ready to issue loans. This method is mainly used to pay for services or purchases in online stores, although the issued money can be cashed or credited to a debit or prepaid card. The advantage of a loan through the Internet through electronic payment systems is that they give out money instantly, and their security policy is at the height due to the use of the latest data protection technologies. For this reason, users may not worry about the safety of funds..

Some services, such as Webmoney, give their customers the opportunity to get a loan percentage through their exchange, but for this it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions and have a certificate higher than the formal one. Others, like Leader and Contact, are engaged exclusively in transferring money from one user to another. However, with the help of MFIs, you can get a loan directly using these systems. Convenience is that there is no need to get a bank card, since the money will be transferred to the specified city, and you can get it at any company representative office.

Online Card Loans

If you have a debit card from any of the banks, you can also get a loan online. This service is offered by microfinance organizations. They work with most banking institutions, so there should be no problems with the transfer of money. Banks rarely issue loans on an existing card, but sometimes salary clients can use this service. More often they offer a separate credit card, which can later be used for settlements. It can be renewable or not..

Transfer to a bank account

You can get a loan through the Internet by transferring to a bank account. If you do not have it, then opening it will not be difficult, because the whole operation takes a matter of minutes. This method is suitable for those who do not have an electronic wallet or a plastic card. An online loan to a current account is advantageous in that the money received from MFIs, and mainly they are engaged in such lending, can be immediately transferred to another user or repaid with an existing loan in the same bank.

Girl at the laptop

Making a loan online

The big plus of online lending is that the whole process does not take much time, however, in order to get money, you need to do several operations, including some preparatory work:

  1. decide on a credit organization;
  2. fill out an application via the Internet;
  3. wait for an answer on the decision;
  4. sign an agreement;
  5. get money.

Lender selection

The main, and main stage of the process of applying for a loan through the global network is the choice of a credit institution. This is due to the fact that at present there is no problem getting a loan, but choosing the optimal product that would suit you is not so simple. The first thing to focus on is how long the organization has been working in the lending market. A reliable company with many years of experience and a large number of customers is a sure sign that you will not run into scammers.

On the other hand, you should not always ignore newcomers, because sometimes they offer very interesting offers to increase the client base. Next, you should pay attention to the conditions of lending. This applies to the interest rate and the loan maturity. Do not lose sight of the ways to return the money and the presence of additional fees for the selected services (Internet banking, SMS informing, etc.).

Online application

There are no particular difficulties in filling out an application for a loan through the Internet. First you need to go to the bank website of your microfinance organization, and then go to the online loan section. After it will be offered to fill out a short application form. As a rule, you will need to specify personal data, which include the last name, first name, middle name and date of birth. In addition, you will need to enter the series and passport number, place of registration and the requested amount. Some organizations may ask you to indicate your place of work and income level..

Consideration of the application and decision-making on granting a loan

Consideration of a loan application via the Internet takes several minutes, and in some MFIs that use an automated screening system, the result can be known in a few seconds. The refusal rate for online loans is small, because lenders do not conduct an in-depth analysis of applicants, but use special programs that form a portrait of customer reliability based on the data provided to them. In this case, there is no request to the BCI in order to find out if the applicant has a positive credit history or not..

Signing a loan agreement

Depending on the chosen organization, the process of signing the contract may be slightly different. So in the MFI, you will be sent a code to the phone number indicated when filling out the questionnaire. By entering it in the specified field, you agree to the terms of the loan. In banking organizations, you may need to come to the branch to sign an agreement. In some organizations, documents are delivered by courier, who in some cases, after drawing up an agreement, transfers money or a card to a client.

Man signs documents

Cash receipt

After signing the contract for the provision of banking services, the borrower receives the requested amount of money. As mentioned above, there are several ways to transfer money, and what you choose, you decide for yourself:

  • in cash;
  • transfer to a plastic card;
  • by transfer to a current account;
  • to electronic wallet.

Do not forget that in some cases a credit institution may charge a certain fee, for example, for receiving cash from the cash desk, which should be stated in the loan agreement.

Where to get a loan on the Internet

Obtaining a loan through the Internet is quick and convenient, but do not forget that you will have to pay for the speed with an increased interest rate, since in this way organizations are insured in case of problems with debt repayment. For this reason, if you do not want to overpay, you should consider other lending options. Get online credit in the here and now mode will help you:

  • microfinance organizations;
  • banks;
  • private lenders.

Banking institutions

Today, banks often offer express lending programs. The amounts that can be borrowed, as a rule, do not exceed several hundred thousand, although more interesting offers can be found. An important advantage of loans through banking institutions is that interest rates are low and rarely exceed 30%, and additional discounts are provided for salary clients. An unnamed credit card is often issued, although they can transfer money to a debit card. It should be borne in mind that for their cashing often you have to pay a commission.

Microfinance Organizations

The main advantage of lending to MFIs is that money can be obtained at any time, since applications are processed around the clock. It’s not possible to borrow a lot here – more often a sum of money in the region of 30 thousand rubles is offered. This is due to the fact that the daily interest rate ranges from 1–2%, and in rare cases loans are issued for more than a month. On the other hand, citizens with a bad credit history, unemployed, students and pensioners can get microloans online here..

Private lenders

Often on the Internet you can find ads from individuals offering citizens money at interest. Deciding whether to use the service of private lenders or not is a private matter. If you are still inclined to this method of lending, you should give preference to those people with whom your friends, relatives and colleagues collaborated. They can advise a reliable lender, otherwise the chance of running into scammers is very high.

Hand-to-hand transfer of money

Online loan terms

Like any loan, the issuance of a loan through the Internet implies the fulfillment of certain conditions that are prescribed in the contract. This applies to the amount, interest rate, terms and methods of repayment of the loan. In addition, the agreement records the data of both parties and their responsibility, as well as ways to resolve conflict situations. Failure to comply with these requirements or delinquencies will result in penalties or interest.

Interest rates

As already noted, the interest on loans differs from the chosen organization, but the main point is that the agreement must indicate the full annual interest rate, which includes not only the interest on the debt itself, but also additional fees, if any. The accrual of remuneration can occur by an annuity or differentiated method. In the first case, all payments will have the same amount throughout the entire debt repayment period, in the second, the amount payable will decrease every month..

Amount and term of the loan

Quick loans issued over the Internet are offered for a short period. It takes several weeks for microfinance organizations, but offers for several years lasting at state and commercial banks in Moscow – usually no more than three. Amounts under such programs will also be small, since urgent types of loans are designed to provide immediate financial assistance, and are not intended for expensive purchases..

Borrower Requirements

An online loan has a large approval process, especially when applying to MFIs. This is due to the fact that potential borrowers are not presented with special requirements. More often they have the following parameters:

  • age. The minimum threshold for MFIs is 18 years, and the maximum may not be specified at all. Banks are characterized by the following parameters –21–65 years;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • permanent place of registration in the region.

Some banks may require seniority, place of work, and official monthly income..

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and documents

What documents are needed to get an online loan?

If the procedure for obtaining a standard consumer loan, mortgage or auto loan requires the preparation of documents and certificates, then in the case of online borrowing, things are different. You may need to:

  • passport;
  • other identification document (TIN, SNILS, military ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.).

It’s worth noting that in most cases one passport is enough, but often, as a safety net, lenders are asked to provide an additional one of the above documents.

Best Online Credit Deals

In order to choose the best option, you must carefully study the options offered by lenders. To do this, you can go to the organization’s website and analyze the available offers. On the other hand, there are many services on the network that help you choose the best option. You only need to indicate your preferences, and the program will give you the top best loan programs on your own. You just have to compare them and choose the most suitable.

The table below shows the popular loan offers of banks and microfinance organizations that will help you better navigate the existing diversity:


Loan offers

Interest rate

Maximum amount


Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Platinum Credit Card


300 000 r.

revolving credit line

Bank Renaissance Credit

Cash loan


700 000 r.

60 months


Express Plus


40 000 r.

18 months

Bank Orient Express

Equal pay

From 35%

200 000 r.

60 months

Alfa Bank

Cash loan

From 13,99%

1 000 000 r.

60 months

Money man

Super turbo

0.76% / day

70 000 r.

18 weeks



From 283.693%

29 000 r.

24 weeks

Home Money



54 000 r.

52 weeks



30 000 r.

30 days



0–1.9% / day

20 400 r.

90 days

Pros and cons of obtaining a loan through the Internet

How profitable is the loan through the Internet, everyone decides for himself, having weighed all the pros and cons, but we can say with confidence. That this method of borrowing has several advantages:

  • the opportunity to get both a small and a large loan;
  • speed of approval of the application and receipt of money;
  • accessibility to people with different income levels;
  • variability of ways to get money.

People with dollar bills in their hands.

When choosing an online loan, you need to remember some disadvantages:

  • small limits on cash amounts;
  • high interest rate;
  • short loan term;
  • probability of fraud.
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