How the soul leaves the body after death and where it is

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Life on Earth of each individual? this is only a segment of the path in the material embodiment, intended for the evolutionary development of the spiritual level. Where does the deceased fall, how does the soul leave the body after death, and what does a person feel when moving into another reality? This is one of the most exciting and most discussed topics throughout the existence of mankind. Orthodoxy and other religions testify to the afterlife in different ways. In addition to the opinions of representatives of various faiths, there is evidence of eyewitnesses who survived the state of clinical death.

What happens to a man when he dies

Death is an irreversible biological process in which the vital functions of the human body cease. At the stage of dying of the physical membrane, all metabolic processes of the brain, palpitations and respiration stop. Around this moment, the subtle astral body, called the soul, leaves the obsolete human shell.

Where does the soul go after death

How the soul leaves the body after biological death and where it rushes is a question that interests many people, especially the elderly. Death? this is the end of being in the material world, but for an immortal spiritual being this process is only a change of reality, as Orthodoxy believes. There are many discussions on the topic where the human soul goes after death..

Representatives of the Abrahamic religions talk about “paradise” and “hell,” into which souls endure forever, according to earthly affairs. The Slavs, whose religion is called Orthodoxy, because they glorify “Right”, hold beliefs about the possibility of rebirth of the soul. The followers of the Buddha preach the theory of reincarnation. Unambiguously it can be stated only that, leaving the material shell, the astral body continues to “live”, but in a different dimension.

The soul of a girl climbs the stairs

Where is the soul of the deceased until 40 days

Our ancestors believed, and the living Slavs to this day believe that when the soul leaves the body after death, it is 40 days where it lived in an earthly incarnation. The dead are attracted to places and people with whom he was associated during his lifetime. The spiritual substance that has left the physical body, for the entire forty-day period, “says goodbye” to relatives and home. When the fortieth day comes, it is customary for the Slavs to arrange the souls off to the “other world”.

Third day after death

For many centuries there has been a tradition to bury the deceased three days after the death of the physical body. There is an opinion that only at the end of the three-day period does the separation of the soul from the body take place, all vital energies completely break off. After a three-day period, the spiritual component of a person, accompanied by an angel, goes to another world, where its fate will be determined.

On day 9

There are several versions of what the soul does after the death of the physical body on the ninth day. According to religious figures of the Old Testament cult, spiritual substance after a nine-day period after completion passes the ordeal. Some sources adhere to the theory that on the ninth day the body of the deceased leaves the “flesh” (subconscious). This action occurs after the deceased was left “spirit” (superconsciousness) and “soul” (consciousness).

What does a person feel after death

The circumstances of death can be completely different: natural death due to old age, violent death or due to illness. After the soul leaves the body after death, according to the testimonies of eyewitnesses who survived the coma, the etheric double has to go through certain stages. People returning from “the other world” often describe similar visions and feelings..

After a person dies, he does not immediately fall into the afterlife. Some souls, having lost their physical shell, at first do not realize what is happening. With special vision, the spiritual entity “sees” its immobilized body and only then realizes that life in the material world has ended. After an emotional shock, resigned to its fate, spiritual substance begins to explore a new space.

The girl’s soul bent over the body

Many, at the moment of the change of reality called death, are surprised that they remain in the individual consciousness that they are used to during earthly life. Surviving witnesses of the underworld claim that the life of the soul after the death of the body is filled with bliss, so if you have to return to the physical body, this is reluctant. However, not everyone feels peace and tranquility on the other side of reality. Some, returning from “the other world”, talk about the feeling of a rapid fall, after which they found themselves in a place filled with fear and suffering.

Peace and tranquility

Various eyewitnesses report with some differences, but more than 60% of those resuscitated indicate a meeting with an amazing source that emits incredible light and perfect bliss. Does this cosmic person appear to be one Creator, another? Jesus Christ the third? an angel. What distinguishes this unusually bright creature, consisting of pure light, is that in his presence the human soul feels all-embracing love and absolute understanding.


At the moment when a person dies, he can hear an unpleasant hum, buzzing, loud ringing, noise as if from the wind, crackling and other sound manifestations. Sounds are sometimes accompanied by movement at great speed through the tunnel, after which the soul enters a different space. A strange sound does not always accompany a person on his deathbed, sometimes you can hear the voices of deceased relatives or the incomprehensible “speech” of angels.

The human soul passes into another dimension


The famous “light at the end of the tunnel” is seen by most people who have returned after clinical death. According to resuscitated patients, a huge stream of pure glow is always accompanied by peace of mind. This divine light is perceived by the whole nature of the new etheric envelope of the soul, in other words, spiritual vision, but upon returning to the physical body, many clearly present and describe the unearthly glow seen.

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