How to activate a student’s social card on the State Services portal and the metro terminal

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The student’s plastic card is issued as part of a project that implements the government of Moscow and many other cities of Russia. The program provides for providing schoolchildren and college students with all kinds of modern services.

Why do I need to activate a student’s social card

A multifunctional registered plastic card is issued to students of state and non-state institutions of primary vocational education. It is received by students of secondary and secondary special educational institutions of the city of Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation with state accreditation.

Timely activation of a student’s card is needed to remove restrictions on transactions with it, as well as confirm status in the transport application. This must be done within a month from the date of receipt of the social card. If you do not complete the activation within 30 days, the card will be blocked. The procedure is performed in the personal account, from where the application for release was filed.

A social card provides many privileges to students regarding travel on public transport, payment for goods, etc. Using the Moskvenok service, parents can check their child’s attendance and track their purchases. The card is easy to receive social payments. Other benefits:

  • reduced fare on public transport (bus, trolley, tram, metro, intercity train);
  • passage and meals at school or college;
  • free admission to metropolitan museums;
  • payment for services and goods on the Internet using contactless technology;
  • discounts at 5 thousand points of the trade and service network of Moscow;
  • promotions and offers from payment systems;
  • medical application (medical insurance policy), an appointment with a doctor using info kiosks;
  • free banking application maintenance for a year;
  • SMS informing the first two months at the expense of the bank.

To receive a student’s social card, they submit an application (online or at the MFC). Students in municipal schools and colleges can apply for Pupils of a private or federal educational institution apply at the My Documents public service centers. Get a name card at the school or the Multifunctional Center for the provision of public services.

Student social card

Unlock restrictions

Banking operations may be carried out independently by persons who are over 18 years old. Until the moment of full civil legal capacity, the fulfillment of banking or public services must be controlled by the persons responsible for the child. The student’s social card is available for use by citizens who have not reached the age of majority, but age restrictions have been established to unlock it:

  • age less than 14 years – the parent or legal representative of the child is entitled to submit an application for unlocking (the presence of the latter is optional);
  • age from 14 to 18 years – the parent (legal representative) or student is allowed to unlock the card with the written consent of the adults responsible for it;
  • age after 18 years – unlocking is carried out by an adult citizen.

How to activate a student card on the Gosuslug portal

You can issue and unblock a social card without leaving your home on the Unified Portal of State Services of Russia. It is also possible to replace the plastic here if the card was lost. On the Internet site, it is possible to draw up a student card for residents of all cities of the Russian Federation. How is the activation of the student’s plastic through PSU, step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Register your account.
  3. Find the desired service using the search box – “Social cards of a resident of the Moscow region”.
  4. Choose from the list of services “Initial receipt of a social card of a resident of the Moscow region”.
  5. View service description.
  6. Decide on the methods of submitting an application (personally, through a legal representative, on the website, at the MFC) and receiving the result (personally, through a legal representative, by mail, by phone, e-mail, on the website, at the MFC).
  7. Indicate to which category of citizens the applicant belongs and what are the grounds for the provision of services.
  8. Provide documents: applicant’s identity card (birth certificate or passport), SNILS, electronic photo samples (JPEG format, size 30? 40 mm) and signatures. Fill out the application form, which indicate the name, address of registration and residence, date and place of birth, gender, contact phone number. Attach documents confirming the right to social support. Attach a document to the parent or legal representative confirming the authority of the person to represent the interests of the applicant.
  9. Get the result of the provision of the service that formed a “personal matter”. At this stage, the applicant is issued a temporary uniform social ticket or certificate for travel on the rail transport of the suburban.

The term of the service is 30 calendar days. Registration of an application for a student’s social card takes place within 1 business day. The maximum waiting period when submitting an application takes no longer than a quarter of an hour. After receiving a social card, it is activated as follows:

  • write in the corresponding field number 964390;
  • enter the card number indicated under the tape to the OMI policy number and all the numbers under the name;
  • gaining 77;
  • check the message about successful activation in the personal account of the public services portal.

Portal of State Services

Activation of SKU in the terminals of the subway “Eleksnet”

You can activate and replenish a social card at the cash desk or self-service terminal at any metro station, Mosgortrans kiosk. In the system of instant payment of services, it is possible to quickly activate the SKU without a queue. When performing an operation through “Eleksnet” you need:

  1. Insert card into card reader.
  2. Select the section “Activating a student’s social card”.
  3. Attach a social card to the reader (yellow circle on the screen).
  4. Wait while holder data is being read.
  5. Select from the list in the section “Replenishment of transport cards of Moscow” the necessary item.
  6. Confirm Entered Data.
  7. Insert bills into the receiver when the screen for entering banknotes opens. Deposit at least 50 rubles.
  8. Complete operation.
  9. Wait until the record that the operation was successful appears, pick up the activated card.

Terminal Elektnet

Regional features for unlocking social cards

The owner can live outside the Moscow region, for example, in Novosibirsk. For residents of this city, activation will have to be done every six months through the Kvartoplat terminals. The devices are located at metro stations and in other common areas. To activate, plastic is inserted into the card reader, from the proposed menu, select the “Recharge card” item. Contribute to the account at least 50 rubles. After completing the procedure, you can use the card for its intended purpose. In Chelyabinsk, for example, cards are issued activated and ready to use..

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