How to determine the region by mobile phone number

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There are situations when an incoming call came from an unknown phone, and you need to find out its regional affiliation. All valid numbers are tied to a specific subscriber, operator. Long-distance calls are charged differently. Cost may be fixed throughout the country or vary by region. In order not to fall into a rush and not to utter a substantial amount, you can preliminarily clarify the prices.

Ways to check cell phone numbers by region

Megaphone Codes

In order to recognize the region where the incoming call came from or the SMS message came from, it is possible, but not necessary, to call the operator. This information can actually be obtained independently. For such purposes, there are several simple ways..

Call to the operator

You just need to name the contact of interest to the consultant. Information on its regional affiliation will be ready in half a minute. You can immediately find out the cost of calls in a given direction. Clarify to whom the number is registered, the location of its owner will not work – this information is confidential.

It is issued only at the request of law enforcement agencies..

On the official website of the mobile company

On the Internet resources of operators there is a special form of verification where you need to enter the code and seven digits after it. It remains to fill the protective field, wait for the result.

Not only the region to which the number belongs will appear, but also the subscriber’s operator.

Call detail

How to order Beeline call details

On the example of the operator “Megaphone”:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Go to the section “Expenses, replenishment and detail.
  3. Click the “Order Details” button.
  4. Specify the start, end dates of the search, report format (for example, .xls file).
  5. Write the email address where the information will go.
  6. Confirm your actions via SMS.

Mobile applications

Application from Kaspersky Lab

In the Play Store, the App Store there are several resources at once that help determine the region by phone number. You just need to download the application, enter the desired contact in the proposed field. Information will be available a few seconds after registration.

Some applications are allowed to determine not only regional affiliation by cellular, but also specifically the city of Russia.

Third Party Sites

The disadvantage of this method is that no one knows where the base for such sites is taken from, how often it is updated. It is possible that the resource is a trap, after checking the contacts will fall into advertising mailings. The owner will begin to receive obsessive spam. Paid resources should also be ignored – city codes are freely available by phone.

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