How to disable a melody instead of a beep on MTS

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Mobile operators provide a wide range of services, including replacing the standard soundtrack with your favorite tunes. Active cellular users are often interested in removing some of the options they use, for example, how to turn off music instead of a beep on the MTS. Some customers do not need additional packages of options, and sometimes they simply do not want to spend money on them in excess of the established tariff, therefore they are looking for the opportunity to refuse entertainment functions.

Beep function in MTS

The connected beep service involves changing boring sound signals. Instead, the activated entertainment option plays specific tunes. Such a service is provided to customers on a paid basis, and sometimes without writing off funds, but only for a certain period. If you have not disabled the service after the specified time has passed, the service provider starts charging a set fee for it. The ringtone is divided into two different types of payment:

  1. If you have not selected a specific composition, then you will be provided with a “Music Box” that includes a set of specific melodies. The cost of this type of option is 49.9 p. per month.
  2. In the case when you want to choose a specific ringtone, the price of the option will be higher and will average 98 p. The fee, as in the first case, is charged monthly, while the “Music Box” is automatically turned off.

How to disable the service

Often there is such a situation when the set amount begins to be periodically debited from the balance of subscribers who, after a free month, have forgotten about the existence of a service to replace beeps. Customers themselves are not even aware of this. Only after a while they notice a suspiciously fast decrease in funds from the mobile phone account. In this regard, many are looking for ways to cancel the connected service..

Previously, the MTS operator warned about the end of the free period for the use of music instead of the usual beeps. Over time, the procedure for renewal and further write-off of funds acquired an automatic nature, that is, without notifying subscribers who began to express their dissatisfaction about this. The service was imposed on a large number of people.

Via sms

Citizens using the services of the MTS operator can remove the beep via SMS. To deactivate the service, the subscriber must do the following:

  • Send a message to service number 700.
  • In SMS, you must specify the code in the form of the word OFF, which in translation from English means “off.” Please note that letters can be not only lowercase, but also uppercase, although some customers claim the opposite.

The subscriber refuses the service

Through personal account

Another way to turn off the melody set instead of the beep on the MTS is to resort to using your personal account. This will require an internet connection. After setting up a network connection, in the browser line, enter The MTS company’s official website will open, where you must enter your credentials: phone number, which is the username and password. The latter is received by calling the short number * 111 * 25 #. After entering the password, follow the instructions:

  1. Find the “Tariffs and Services” tab in the menu, and then “Service Management”.
  2. Select “Hooter” in the list of all options connected to you and click on the cross on the right to turn off the service.

Shutdown command

This method is the easiest, because you do not need to go to the service center, go to your personal account or directly contact the operator. To disable the service, you will need to do the following:

  • Dial a short combination of characters * 111 * 29 # on your phone.
  • After pressing the call button, the MTS service receives your request to disable the beep replacement option.
  • After deletion, a message will be sent to the phone with full information about the operation.

Commands to turn off the melody instead of the beep on the MTS

Call the operator

Another way to remove the beep is to directly call the call center, whose operators work around the clock. This method is convenient because you do not have to leave the house. All calls are free of charge. If you are wondering how to call the operator directly, then your actions are divided into three options:

  1. When you are in Russia to disable the service from your mobile phone, call the short number 0890.
  2. When using a landline phone to call, use the number 8 800 250 0890.
  3. If you have left the Russian Federation, you need to call +7 (846) 2675000.

Video about disabling the operator option

Before you refuse the service to replace the dial tone, you should familiarize yourself with the additional offers that the operator provides to its customers. If we talk about MTS, then this company has a program to accumulate bonuses, which are subsequently spent on communication services or other services. This may be a free package of services with which you will spend not funds from the account, but a certain number of connected SMS or minutes.

Refusal of a melody instead of a beep

It is useful to know not only how to turn off the ringtone on pay, but also how to make this service free, for example, using the above system of rewards for using the connection. In addition, you will be able to spend MTS points accumulated not only for installing your favorite song instead of beeps, but also for acquiring discounts in companies that are partners of MTS. As shown in the video below, to get such points you need to activate the MTS Bonus service in your account.

How to disable paid MTS services

Sometimes there is no way to use the Internet to enter your personal account or search for information, how to call pay. Yes, and we will be honest, some just do not dare to speak directly with the operator, and you urgently need to unsubscribe from a service that eats a decent portion of the balance. Especially for such situations, the so-called mobile assistant has been created. By watching the video below, you will see a step-by-step disconnection of any paid service.

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