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The cause of insomnia in a healthy person is the inability to relax. People wake up at night if they are having an internal dialogue with themselves, worrying about troubles or waiting for the upcoming hard day. Even positive thoughts cannot “persuade” our brain to calm down, and a person tosses and turns for several hours without sleep. You can master the methods of instant falling asleep, teach the brain special techniques: breathing exercises, correct body position, auto-training help.

How to fall asleep quickly and easily

Well-known general requirements can ensure a sound and healthy sleep: choosing the right nightwear, a comfortable routine for a person’s day, and choosing the optimal body position and resting place. The following rules must be observed:

  • Sleeping mode. An incorrect daily routine during the week leads to the fact that, falling asleep on Sunday for a long time, a person falls asleep late, and on Monday you have to get up early again.
  • Bed. The mattress should be moderately hard.
  • Position. It is believed that it is better to sleep in the “baby” position (on one side, legs pressed under oneself, one arm is extended upward, the other is bent near the chest).
  • Clothing. Preference is given to natural, free, non-restraining fabrics. It is not recommended to sleep in synthetics, too open nightgowns, in tight things.

Men should sleep about 8 hours, women – 9. For any adult, the minimum duration of sleep is 5.5 hours. If you can’t sleep normally, then try so that the number of hours spent in a dream is a multiple of one and a half (one, a half, three, four and a half, etc.). With insomnia, such methods of normalizing sleep will help:

  • turn off the TV;
  • ventilate the room, providing coolness;
  • “Let go” of the problem (if it does not work out, psychologists advise to write them down on paper);
  • ensure complete silence: no extraneous sounds should be heard;
  • stay up full stomach.

Airing the room

How to learn to fall asleep quickly

There are several methods that will help you learn how to quickly fall asleep. Breathing exercises, yoga, auto-training help you fall asleep very quickly in 5 minutes and not wake up at night due to feelings of anxiety, emotional stress. These methods require care: you need to memorize the sequence of actions, then they can be repeated at any time.

Breathing techniques

You can learn to use breathing techniques that tell you how to fall asleep in one minute. They have simple names: “Breath of Sleep”, “For 10 Counts”, exercise “Carousel”, they have an additional anti-stress effect. The essence of quick falling asleep methods is to repeat breathing exercises multiple times..

  • The technique of “Breath of sleep” causes an instant sleepy state. During inhalation, the emotional state of the body is activated, exhalation should calm and relax. The general recommendation for the exercise is to increase the expiration time. One phase: inhale, stop, slow exhale, a short pause. The duration of each action is 5 seconds, the cycle is 15 seconds.
  • The second technique is “Breath for 10 accounts.” Counting the number of breaths and exhalations, a person is distracted from thoughts. You need to breathe through the mouth. It is important to feel how the air entering inside fills the trachea, enlarges the chest, and returns the lungs to their original position when they exit. It is considered so: 1 – inhale, 2 – exhale, 3 – inhale, 4 – exhale, and so on until 10.

The Carousel exercise is recommended by many practicing psychologists. Its action is aimed at calming, relaxing, helps to force yourself to sleep. You need to lie on your back, legs and arms are slightly apart. Breathing goes in a circle, there should be a constant feeling that warm air is circulating throughout the body. After the 10th action, everything starts anew, but in the reverse order. It must be remembered that for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, people over 60 years old are not recommended to do such exercises..

The whole cycle is repeated 4-5 times. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Inhale, respiratory arrest.
  2. Exhale. Imagine how warm air goes from the shoulder to the right hand and hand.
  3. Take a breath Warms in the right ear. Stop breathing.
  4. Exhale. Heat in the right leg. Pause.
  5. Take a breath The air is again in the right ear. Stop breathing.
  6. Exhale. The warmth in the left leg. Pause.
  7. Take a breath Sensation of warmth in the left ear. Stop.
  8. Exhale. Warm air from the left shoulder to the arm and hand. Pause.
  9. Inhale, respiratory arrest.
  10. Exhale. Warmth in the right ear.

Woman doing exercise for sleep.


Auto-training and meditation will help you fall asleep quickly at night. The most famous exercise is the “Beach”. It requires certain skills, but after a short practice, drowsiness occurs already in the middle of the cycle. The method is simple: you need to imagine yourself on a warm beach, soft sand, which slowly falls asleep each part of the body separately, completely wraps the body. The second way is to imagine a light ball rolling along the waves. Such auto-training is a chance to instantly fall asleep in just 5 minutes.

How to fall asleep quickly in 1 minute

Special quick fall asleep techniques have been developed for special services officers who cannot be sure when there will be a chance to relax. The principle of their action is a quick “shutdown” of consciousness and instant sleep. Efficiency, subject to consistency and implementation rules, is very high. Additionally, you must use aromatherapy. It is proved that the aromas of lavender, geranium, rose, jasmine, hops, chamomile, lemon balm, neroli, bergamot, marjoram, valerian, vetiver, passionflower, patchouli help to fall asleep faster.

Vale method

The peculiarity of the Weil method is falling asleep up to 4 accounts. The pace of breathing does not matter, the main thing is to do everything monotonously. This method is also called breathing technique to reduce stress and anxiety. The first two months, the entire complex is repeated twice daily, several approaches. After the second month, the number of repetitions should reach 8 times. The actions are as follows:

  1. In the sky, near the roots of the upper teeth, place the tip of the tongue.
  2. Covering your mouth, inhale through your nose, 4 counts.
  3. For 7 seconds – breath holding.
  4. Deep exhale, 8 counts.

Stone Statue Method

The stone statue method will help to cope with stress and fall asleep quickly. The technique is performed as follows:

  1. Indoors create silence, turn off the lights.
  2. Feel the sensations in the legs as much as possible, as if to see everything from the inside.
  3. It is very difficult to imagine that the feet are stiff, to get out of bed and a pleasant fatigue has covered the whole body. Remember this state.
  4. Continue the feeling of “petrification” from the bottom up.
  5. If, having reached complete “petrification”, you still haven’t been able to fall asleep, continue to hold on to the feeling of stillness without the admission of extraneous thoughts until you completely fall asleep.

Reversion method

When a person receives a ban on something, he immediately wants to break it. The method of reversion is to concentrate the prohibition of sleep. Psychologists explain the rapid falling asleep to the fact that the brain cannot concentrate very much on anything for a very long time. Instead of ignoring the irritant that interferes with sleep, you need to focus on it, for example, on a TV or noise from the street. Let the sound “pass” through the whole body. Sleep will come soon.

Girl can't fall asleep

Special Services Method

The method described by the scout Suvorov helps to quickly deal with insomnia, a sense of anxiety. To do this, lie on your back, relax, stretch out. The eyelids should be closed, the pupils under them need to be rolled up (this is the physiological state of the eyeball during sleep). A person in this position is able to fall asleep without difficulty..

The technique of reverse blinking is another way that answers the question of how to fall asleep in one minute, refers to the methods of falling asleep, developed by special services. To do this, lie on your back, close your eyes, relax, stretch out. After about 5-15 seconds, you need to open the eyelids and quickly close it back. It turns out a kind of blinking on the contrary. This method quickly relaxes the body, immerses the brain in a hypnotic trance..

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