How to get a ticket to the sanatorium for free for adults and children

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Treatment in a sanatorium today is not a cheap pleasure. Many do not suspect that receiving a free sanatorium voucher is possible for almost any citizen falling into the category of people entitled to social assistance at the expense of the state. Find out who is entitled to visit the sanatorium for free, where you should apply for benefits and a package of necessary documents.

Who is entitled to free tickets to the sanatorium

The right to free admission to a state dispensary is a social service guaranteed by Federal Law of 17.07.1999 No. 178-ФЗ provided to citizens who fall under the privileged category. Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 328 of December 29, 2004 determines the list of beneficiaries entitled to free sanatorium treatment:

  • war invalids;

  • participants of the Second World War;
  • war veterans;
  • military personnel with an award for military service from 06/22/1941 to 09/03/1945;
  • residents of besieged Leningrad, awarded the corresponding sign;
  • family members of invalids and war veterans, war veterans who are currently not alive;
  • disabled people depending on the disability group;
  • disabled children;
  • persons who received radiation exposure due to the Chernobyl disaster.

Sanatorium treatment of disabled people

Sanatorium treatment is guaranteed by Russian legislation for disabled people of all groups. Moreover, the restriction on labor does not matter, but the first group of disabilities is a priority. A referral to a dispensary is issued by a local doctor in the form of information certificates based on the availability of:

  • indications for spa treatment;

  • lack of contraindications;
  • conclusions of the medical commission of the treatment institution at the place of registration.

Sanatorium for the disabled

If you have a certificate, a disabled person or a person representing his interests should write a statement, and then apply to the territorial branch of the Social Insurance Fund or through the MFC or the State Service portal. Employees of the institution can refuse only when submitting documents not at the place of registration or if there are contraindications in the certificate for visiting the sanatorium. Given the equality of citizens to receive social services, the Foundation department forms an electronic queue by the date of receipt of the application, the number of which can be tracked independently.

Not later than 21 days before the start of the arrival, the social institution gives the citizen a ticket to visit the dispensary and receive the necessary treatment. After receiving the person must contact the medical institution at the place of residence, where it is necessary to obtain a sanatorium card of the established sample, on the basis of which the treatment will be carried out. The rehabilitation card is filled out in accordance with form No. 072 / u-04. You should be aware that people with group I disabilities can go for free spa treatment with an accompanying person.

Free trips to the sanatorium for children

There are several options for getting a ticket to the sanatorium for children for free, each of which has its own nuances. By means of district clinics, preferential vouchers apply to federal sanatoriums of a general type and dispensaries specializing in a number of diseases. Parents should inquire about their availability at the head physician of the hospital or local doctor and if they find what is needed, it is necessary:

  • fill out an application;

  • draw up a card of the established form with the pediatrician;
  • get a certificate of the absence of skin diseases from a dermatologist;
  • get a certificate of contacts with the pediatrician and the results of the analysis for enterobiosis;
  • get a ticket.

The following option is possible for children requiring rehabilitation in connection with a serious illness or operation. Parents should be offered a preferential ticket before discharge from the hospital. If there is no possibility of issuing vouchers by the medical institution, employees must issue a conclusion, which indicates the need for treatment, a card of the established form to be provided to the sanatorium employees and advise on further actions.

The Social Insurance Fund primarily gives free sanatorium vouchers for children with disabilities. Parents should receive a referral or opinion from the attending physician, then register and file an application with the local branch of the Fund for registration. Together with a free ticket to visit the dispensary, a ticket is issued that provides free travel to the location of the sanatorium and vice versa. In addition to the sanatorium card, upon arrival at the dispensary, you must provide a document confirming the right of exemption.

A method of sanatorium treatment is provided for orphans and disabled children through the department of social protection of the population. To obtain a free visit to a sanatorium, a legal representative should register and provide a list of documents:

  • statement;

  • documents on the social status of the child;
  • a medical report on the absence of contraindications and a certificate of form 070 / y-04;
  • originals and copies of the birth certificate or passport of the child;
  • copy of medical policy;
  • copies of passports of parents.

It is possible to send a child for sanatorium treatment free of charge also through the place of work of one of the parents, it is necessary to write a statement of the established form. It should be remembered that preferential tickets at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund are granted to categories of citizens, the circle of which is determined by federal law. The right to sanatorium treatment at the expense of the state belongs to children from large and single-parent families and who have had serious illnesses. A legitimate refusal to issue a ticket is only the submission of documents not at the place of registration.

Sanatorium treatment of war veterans

According to the Federal Law No. 5 “On Veterans”, not more than once a year, war veterans can visit the dispensary for free to undergo treatment and rest with free travel on both sides. The duration of treatment is 18 days. The queue for the provision of places in the sanatorium is formed by the date of application. To obtain a permit, a citizen must apply to social protection at the place of registration with the following documents:

  • statements;

  • copies of passport;
  • certificates of the participant in hostilities;
  • Help form №070 / у-40;
  • Pension Office certificates for the right to receive a preferential ticket for the current year.

Passport and information

How can I get a ticket to the sanatorium for free

To get a free ticket to the sanatorium for an adult is not difficult. To begin with, you should consult a doctor at the place of residence, who, in the presence of medical indications, will issue a certificate of the established form. Fill out the application and, attaching a certificate to it, a document of the Pension Fund for the right to social assistance, a document on a preferential category of citizens and a passport, contact the Fund or the authorized body.

In accordance with the order, you will receive a completed ticket, after which, after visiting a medical institution at the place of residence, you will receive a completed card based on which treatment will be taken. The grounds for refusing free spa treatment are the submission of documents not at the place of registration and the presence of an established list of diseases.

Where to go

Today you can get free spa treatment through social or health insurance. At the expense of the FSS funds, only privileged categories of citizens, the terms of which are established by the Federal Law mentioned above, can receive a ticket. It is necessary to contact the therapist at the place of residence, undergo an examination, get a certificate and confirm the right to a benefit in the social fund, and then wait for your turn to receive a ticket.

Gratuitous treatment through health insurance authorities is possible for all categories of citizens in certain circumstances. As a rule, such a ticket is provided after a previous illness to resume the activity of the body. The application for a free visit to the sanatorium is considered by the medical commission, after which it gives a conclusion on the possibility of receiving free spa treatment.

How to write a statement

One of the necessary conditions for receiving sanatorium treatment is a correctly completed application to the Fund, social protection authorities or authorized bodies, but for many this procedure is not easy due to legal illiteracy. Filling out the application in accordance with the details of the documents, you must indicate:

  • name of the body to which the application is submitted;

  • details of a person entitled to free access to the dispensary, indicating the place of birth;
  • the number and date of issue of the certificate in the established form, indicating the institution that issued it;
  • passport data or identity document.

When submitting an application by a representative of a citizen, a legally incapable person or a minor, it must be indicated in it:

  • Name, date of birth and place in accordance with the passport;

  • full details of the representative document;
  • information on the document confirming the authority of the representative.

Free medical voucher

It is possible to get a ticket to a sanatorium for a free working person for medical reasons. There is no need to write an application for its provision, since it is based on the fact that the inpatient treatment has been carried out on rehabilitative grounds. The list of diseases in which it is possible to visit the sanatorium as a rehabilitation program for free:

  • angina pectoris;

  • myocardial infarction;
  • diabetes;
  • heart surgery, stomach ulcer and gall bladder;
  • cerebrovascular accident;
  • surgery to remove the gallbladder;
  • orthopedic and traumatological operations;
  • endoprosthetics and endoprosthetics;
  • limb replantation,
  • surgery for pancreatitis (pantheronecrosis),
  • pregnant women at risk.

Woman conducts a blood test for sugar

Financial compensation

The legal right to receive preferential treatment is not always enforceable. Many wait for their turn for a long time, so most rely on monetary compensation. The law did not grant this right to everyone. Compensation in money terms can be received by invalids and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, military personnel and members of their families, people with disabilities for whom sanatorium treatment cannot be carried out due to health reasons. The remaining beneficiaries have the right to refuse this social service and declare their desire to receive it in monetary terms to the regional branch of the Pension Fund.

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