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With confidentiality issues in banking, it’s strict: if you turn to employees of the institution with a request to identify a person by card number, they will refuse you, whatever arguments you bring. Does this mean that it is impossible to find out such information? In some cases, you can find a person by Sberbank card number, moreover, by legal means.

In what cases does it become necessary to know the owner by card number

There are situations when you need to know the owner by the card number of Sberbank. Often this is due to the finding of a payment and settlement document, fraudulent actions (operations performed by the plastic holder) or erroneous money transfers. In the last two cases, it is better to contact the law enforcement authorities. The police will deal with illegal actions and establish the identity of those responsible for them.

Wallet with bank cards found

If you find a wallet and are trying to find an owner, bank cards are not the only source of information. Try to look among things for a student ID, car license or other identification documents. Rarely does a person carrying bank cards have nothing else in their wallet. If the payment and settlement document is the only thing you have, you can find out information about its owner, but there is no guarantee that this will succeed. Post a wallet discovery ad to increase your owner’s ability.

Need to find a scammer

If you are the victim of an attacker, contact the police immediately. You can go to the bank for help only after you write an application. Then, with a copy of this document (the original and all additional papers: receipts, printouts of correspondence, if any), go to Sberbank. Both agencies will consider the application and try to find fraudsters, but there is no money back guarantee, even if you did everything right. Get ready that the trial may take more than one month.

Erroneous translation made

If you mistakenly transferred money to the wrong person, it is not necessary to find out his name, surname and other personal data. To solve the problem, call the Sberbank hotline (or contact the branch directly) and explain the situation by providing detailed information about the transaction, all statements. The consultants of the institution will send a message to the right person with a request for a refund. If the recipient refuses to do this, you can write a statement to the police, demanding the amount sent in court.

Sberbank Card

How to check a bank card by number

Independent verification of the bank number (provided that it is legal) is simple and is done using the Internet. There are no services that calculate who owns the Sberbank card. Do not trust the sites that supposedly provide this information for paid registration. Although hacked databases exist on the “dark side” of the Internet, their use is illegal and criminally punishable..

The value of the digits in the card account number

Some of the information encrypted in a unique card account number is not confidential, but it also does not provide confidential information about the identity of the owner. Numbers contain the following information:

  • Payment system. 3 – American Express, 4 – Visa, 5 – Mastercard. This number comes first in the card account number.
  • Bank ID Composes the following six numbers. It can be used to determine the issuing bank that issued the payment and settlement document.
  • The program under which the card is issued. Encrypted in 7 and 8 digit numbers.
  • Personal information of the owner. This information is contained in numbers from 9 to 15, but is available only to bank employees.
  • The last, sixteenth, digit is used to check the plastic for authenticity.

The most important information at this stage is the bank identifier (BIN). It is decrypted completely legally using open databases on online services. Then, based on which institution the card belongs to, you can search for the owner. Those who want to return documents are easier. When the plastic is on hand, decryption is not required, but if you become a victim of intruders and have only a bank account number, the information will come in handy.

Can I find out by cardholder number

Bank card details are considered confidential and cannot be found out in terms of legislation. Sberbank employees are forbidden to divulge this information, regardless of the arguments regarding their disclosure. Only a small part of the information remains available, with the help of which it is difficult to calculate a person. If illegal actions are involved in the case, the police take over the investigation, having previously received confirmation that the money was actually stolen.

Bank Secrecy Act and Other Legal Acts

The security of bank transfers and the confidentiality of personal information are protected by relevant legislation. Among them:

  • Article 26 of the Federal Law “On Banks and Banking Activities”. Proclaims bank secrecy and non-disclosure of information to third parties, with the exception of cases provided for by federal laws.,
  • Article 857 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. It guarantees the confidentiality of banking information. Employees of the institution have the right to disclose personal information only to the customers themselves and their representatives, as well as the credit bureaus, government agencies and officials, but only in cases stipulated by federal law. In case of breaches of confidentiality, the injured client may demand damages.

All employees of Sberbank (or another similar institution) sign an obligation to maintain commercial and banking secrets. Violations of federal laws that allow you to break this agreement are determined by the relevant state authorities. Just saying that you have become a victim of intruders, and on this basis to demand information, is not enough. Write a statement to the police (they must issue a confirmation of receipt of the document), and then contact the employees of Sberbank.

Civil Code of the Russian Federation,

How to find the cardholder of Sberbank

There are several ways to help find a person on the Sberbank card as a result of obtaining partial information about him. Check out the legal methods below. Illegal methods include familiarization with hacked databases, but using them is criminally punishable. Owners of such services may turn out to be scammers who do not own information, but simply take money for nothing.

Find out your name through Sberbank-Online

A special service of Sberbank was created to withdraw and transfer money online. You can send the required amount via Internet banking to any card. In this case, after confirming that the account number is entered correctly, information about its owner is displayed. In this way, you can find out only the name and patronymic of a person, and instead of the full name, Sberbank indicates only the first letter. However, sometimes it is useful (in general, the function was created in order to reduce the risk of erroneous translation).

It is not necessary to complete the operation and send money, and transaction initiation is enough. It is simple and is carried out in several stages:

  1. Go to the official website of Sberbank.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on “Login”.
  3. Go to Sberbank Online.
  4. Select “Transfer from card to card”.
  5. Enter account number.
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. The site will show the name, patronymic and the first letter of the last name of the person on whom the card is issued.

Man with laptop

In a mobile application

The method described above does not only work through the site. You can find a person on the Sberbank card using the mobile application. Connect to the Internet, download software via Google Play or EppStor and register. Then do the following:

  1. Open the bottom menu.
  2. Go to the “Payments” section.
  3. Click on the “Sberbank Client” tab.
  4. Enter the card number of the recipient.
  5. The application, like the site, will display only the name, patronymic and the first letter of the name of the account holder.
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