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Nowadays, buying a property is a serious step. Developers are in no hurry to reduce prices for new buildings, the same can be said about secondary housing. Buying real estate is a way to both improve housing conditions and invest savings. A loan for an apartment is taken when own funds for the purchase of real estate are not enough, it can be a mortgage for many years or a consumer loan, which must be paid off in a short time..

What is a home loan?

The borrowed funds that the bank gives to customers for the purchase of housing – this is a loan for housing. A common option is a mortgage, a long-term loan for the purchase of residential real estate. Its peculiarity is that the purchased housing is pledged by the bank for the entire period of the contract until the client completely repays the debt. In addition to mortgages, you can buy an apartment by taking a consumer loan..

Money for housing


A common type of loan for an apartment is a mortgage, which is given if there is a down payment of 10 to 15%. Housing is issued to the buyer immediately after the conclusion of the transaction, but the apartment will be pledged until the loan funds are paid. After the issuance of mortgage funds and purchase of housing, the client draws up the property with an encumbrance, it is possible to receive a tax deduction. You can take a mortgage for the purchase of finished housing or new buildings.


An apartment in a mortgage is a targeted loan, which is given for the purchase of an apartment. Cons of a mortgage loan – high requirements for the borrower and long terms of the contract. Sometimes it is more profitable to take a consumer loan for an apartment that does not require the provision of collateral, moreover, in a simple loan there are more loyal conditions for issuing, and there is the possibility of repaying the debt ahead of schedule.

What is more profitable – mortgage or loan

When buying an apartment, customers often consider only a mortgage option, forgetting about the opportunity to take a consumer loan. You can choose the best option by comparing them according to the main indicators:

  • interest in the mortgage is lower (11-13% against 17-20);
  • a mortgage is taken for a long period of up to 30 years, a simple loan is given for a period of up to five to seven years;
  • the monthly payment is higher for a consumer loan;
  • on a mortgage, you can take up to 60 million, consumer – up to 2 million .;
  • with a mortgage it is necessary to insure housing and life, which is not in simple lending;

Pros and Cons of Mortgages

Mortgage is a popular banking product, with its help millions of Russians have already purchased housing. Pros of this type of loan:

  • low annual interest rate;
  • the ability to apply for a loan for a maximum period (up to 30 years);
  • debt restructuring, if necessary;
  • receiving a tax deduction after buying a home;
  • preferential programs for young families, military, civil servants, etc..

There are also disadvantages:

  • complex procedure of registration;
  • the client must have a high “white” monthly salary;
  • a bank may require a guarantee of one or more persons;
  • payment expense should not be more than 40% of the monthly confirmed income of the borrower;
  • penalty for early repayment of a loan at a number of banking institutions;
  • during the term of the contract, the living space is pledged by the lender (but if this is the borrower’s sole housing, the financial institution may only request it through a court).

Lock chain house

Advantages and disadvantages of a consumer loan

You can take a consumer loan to buy a home, this is especially a good option when you need to borrow a not too large amount and you can repay it in a short time. Benefits:

  • simplicity of application;
  • no need to pay mortgage insurance of life and property;
  • no additional commissions and payments;
  • lack of a mandatory pledge of property;
  • absence of penalties for early repayment;

The disadvantages include:

  • interest rate higher than in a mortgage;
  • given for up to 5-7 years;
  • loan amount rarely exceeds 1,500,000 million rubles.
  • to purchase an apartment requires a large down payment;
  • large monthly payments, you must calculate your strength for the entire period of the contract;
  • mandatory proof of high income.

Lending terms

To compare consumer inappropriate lending and mortgages, we give a specific example: a family buys an apartment for 3,000,000 rubles:

  • For a mortgage a down payment is required for housing – let it be 20% – 600,000 rubles. The remaining amount (2,400,000) is borrowed for 15 years at 13% per annum with an annuity type of payment (monthly – 31,167 rubles). For the entire period 5,610,060 rubles will be paid. As a result, the overpayment will be 3 210 060 rubles.
  • Consumer loans for the same amount for 5 years, the monthly installment will be 54,607 rubles., The total amount of payments – 3,276,420, and overpayment – 876,420 rubles. As you can see, with it the overpayment is several times lower, but due to the fact that the payment is almost twice as high .

Interest rates

The situation with interest rates is interesting: customers are given information about the nominal interest rate – that is, the indicator of loan interest, the calculation of which does not take into account current inflation. It shows how much the total amount of money returned will exceed the original debt. The real judicial interest rate takes into account inflation, which is beneficial for the borrower – with high inflation, the real interest rate decreases and depreciated funds are returned to the bank.

House on the surface with percent icons

Amount and loan term

A mortgage is suitable for long-term lending and is given for a period of up to 30 years. Over such a long period, the overpayment goes large, but this is offset by a small amount of monthly payments. With a consumer loan, money is allocated for a period of one to seven years, the loan is paid out faster and with large payments, early repayment is possible.

The size of the monthly payment and the total amount of overpayments

Mandatory monthly payment depends on the total amount of the debt, interest rate and the period for which it is taken. When considering an application, a financial institution should take into account that, by law, the maximum amount of a mortgage payment should not be more than 40% of the total family income, therefore, before you take out a loan to buy an apartment, you must first calculate your income. Overpayment on a consumer loan will be significantly less due to a shorter contract term.

Compulsory insurance

With a mortgage loan for an apartment, a banking institution offers the client a prerequisite – comprehensive insurance of the purchased property against loss of ownership, damage and damage. In addition, it is required to insure the life and health of the borrower himself, although, according to current legislation, banks can insist only on insurance of the purchased apartment. Insurance costs a considerable amount, but at the same time banks promise a discount at an interest rate of up to 1.3% per year.

Tax deduction

After you manage to take an apartment on a mortgage, you can apply for a basic tax deduction and a deduction for mortgage interest for individuals. The maximum deduction for the purchase of real estate is 2,000,000 rubles. (the borrower receives 13%) when paying credit interest (13% of the interest paid on the mortgage). Credit interest deduction can be obtained with any targeted loan.

Borrower Requirements

When considering the application, the employees of the credit institution check whether the borrower meets the following requirements:

  1. Russian citizenship.
  2. Age from 21 years to 60 years.
  3. Registration in the region where the bank branch is located;
  4. Work experience of at least six months in one place.
  5. Solvency confirmed by certificates of employment.
  6. Special status – if any (large, young family, civil servants, military, pensioners).

How to buy an apartment on credit

Buying real estate housing loans is a complex process. The bank may affect the assessment and choice of an apartment, especially in a new building, a reliable developer increases the chance of a positive mortgage decision. Sometimes you can take advantage of mortgage preferential programs, according to which you can buy an apartment on credit much cheaper. Holders of salary and bank accounts may be offered a discount on the interest rate.

Man and woman with documents

Young family

The preferential state lending program “Young Family” is supported by several large banks that provide low interest rates, a minimum down payment, and subsidies for debt repayment. The program involves families where both spouses are under 35 years old, officially recognized as needing housing. Minus – lengthy execution, the bank may refuse to consider the application.


In 2019, more than ten banks give affordable preferential loans under the state support mortgage program for certain segments of the population – large and young families, buying a home for government employees, and a military mortgage. Citizens are given soft loans or subsidies to pay off the first installment. Disadvantages – paperwork and long examination of applications.

No down payment

An effective way to get approval for a loan for an apartment without a down payment is to request a subsidy from the state or use maternity capital. Otherwise, the bank will not be able to issue a loan. You can try to take a cash loan to make an down payment, but then you have to pay off two loans at once. Another option is to use existing housing as collateral for obtaining a loan to purchase real estate..


According to statistics, more than half of borrowers take a loan for an apartment in the secondary housing market. Banks tend to approve such applications, because unlike a new building, an apartment is already available, in case of default, it will be easier to sell such real estate. Another thing is that the secondary housing market is more expensive than new buildings, so the purchase of finished housing will be more expensive.

Which banks to contact

Russian financial institutions offer different conditions for cash loans for their clients:

  • Sberbank – “Mortgage for a young family.” Down payment from 15%, from 8.9% per annum (participation in the “Young Family” campaign is required), repayment period from one year to 30 years, amount – from 300,000 rubles. up to 85% of the value of the loaned apartment.
  • VTB 24, down payment from 10%, rate from 11.25%, amount 600 000-60 000 000 rubles.
  • Promsvyazbank consumer – the amount of up to 1,500,000 rubles, the rate of 12.9%, without guarantors and collateral, for up to 5 years.
  • Moscow credit bank – period up to 20 years, size – up to 30,000,000, rate from 10.9, installment – from 15%.

Young couple and bank clerk make a deal

How to get a loan

To receive money, it is important to choose a loan product and prepare a package of documents:

  • consider bank offers and choose the right one;
  • contact a specialist who will give information about the necessary documentation;
  • to collect the necessary papers (a certificate of employment from the place of work, confirmation of monthly income, the right to participate in a preferential program, a certificate of permanent registration);
  • fill out an application;
  • wait for a decision.

Online application

Many banking institutions welcome online applications and even offer discounts on interest rates. The size of the contribution is conveniently calculated in the mortgage calculator on the site, when calculating the amount, the cost of housing, the period and amount of the down payment are indicated. To fill out an application on the Internet, you need to go to the banking site, select the appropriate offer and study the bank’s requirements for the borrower. After that, carefully fill out the application and send to the address. The staff will contact you and discuss the further course of action..

Terms of consideration of the application and decision making

Most banks declare short terms for making a decision on a loan for an apartment, but in reality this is not entirely true. To fill out an application, you need a large package of documents, sometimes additional papers are required, especially as part of preferential programs. In this regard, it was lucky for those who have long had a bank account – they only need to confirm the relevance of previously submitted information about themselves.

Collection of documents and execution of certificates

At the stage of making documents, the most hitch is made. When obtaining a mortgage loan, it is important that all papers are filed in the form required by the bank, information on this is given on the website of the financial institution. Due to improper registration of at least one paper – income statement or form-9 – the decision to issue a mortgage may be delayed for a couple of weeks.

Signing a loan agreement

The final stage in completing a mortgage transaction is the signing of a loan agreement. It must be signed in person at the bank’s office in the presence of the future owner and responsible employee of the credit department and comply with applicable legal standards. Part of the transaction is the issuance of a mortgage mortgage – a registered security certifies the bank’s rights to obtain performance on obligations secured by a mortgage agreement.

Man signs a contract

Registration of ownership

The paperwork for the ownership of housing purchased through a mortgage differs from the usual provision of additional documents and the need to remove the burden after paying off the debt. The deadline for submitting documents for registration after the purchase and sale transaction is 10 days, but can be extended up to 45 days in case of problems with registration. A standard set of documents is presented to the authorities, plus a mortgage or mortgage agreement.

List of required documents

To purchase residential real estate on credit, you must submit the following documents to the bank:

  • application form filled out in the form of a bank in a branch or online;
  • borrower passport;
  • proof of income (form 2-PIT, tax return, bank form);
  • confirmation of employment (copy of the employment record, copy of the employment contract, documents on registration of an individual entrepreneur).

After the documents are verified, the application is approved, you receive documents on hand, with which the buyer or a representative of the real estate agency contacts the relevant authorities to register the borrower’s property.

  • Signed agreement with the bank and mortgage;
  • real estate purchase and sale agreement (agreement on participation in shared construction);
  • acceptance certificate;
  • agency contract for the provision of state registration services.

Mortgage in Moscow

The spread in property prices in Moscow and the region is very large. Moreover, the number of financial institutions offering a loan for an apartment is much higher than the average for Russia, so you can approach the choice of a bank with all responsibility.


Bank of Moscow

Moscow credit bank


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New building



New building

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Borrower age


From 18



Confirmation of solvency

Help 2-PIT

Help 2-PIT

Tax return certificate 2-personal income tax


Mortgage collateral

Pledge of acquired property


Pledge of acquired property

Pledge of acquired property

Fixed rate










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