How to get a Sberbank platinum card – terms of registration, advantages and service tariffs

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In the line of any bank there are products for the premium category. Sberbank’s platinum card is one of them and gives customers a lot of advantages in Russia and abroad: high level of service, privileges, bonuses. You can order premium plastic only after familiarizing yourself with the conditions for its receipt and use.

What is a platinum card of Sberbank

Before you make out premium products, you should learn more about them. Sberbank Platinum card is designed for wealthy customers for whom a high level of service is important. Plastic has a certain set of functions and capabilities. Debit cards are issued with an overdraft or a credit limit, they are distinguished by high service fees. Sberbank Platinum operates in Russia and abroad, issued on the basis of international payment systems Visa, Mastercard.

Visa Platinum Sberbank

Depending on the chosen payment system, the black card of Sberbank of the Platinum series gives different possibilities to users. It is important to note that you can apply for Visa plastic remotely through the issuer’s official website, unlike MasterCard cards, which must be issued at the offices. An additional difference is the discounts and privileges from the payment system. The Visa Platinum Sberbank card provides for the following:

  1. Each client is assigned a personal manager.
  2. Platinum card holders gain access to Premier service areas without queues.
  3. Most operations are available by phone..
  4. If you lose your card abroad, you can urgently receive cash at the issuer’s branches.
  5. A help system is available for booking airline tickets and special airport lounges for visa holders.
  6. Additionally, the client receives bonuses from the payment system.
  7. Free legal and medical assistance abroad available to the card holder.
  8. Visa Platinum can extend the warranty for paid products.

Black card Visa Platinum Sberbank

Platinum Mastercard

As for the Mastercard payment system, this option of a platinum card gives Sberbank customers fewer advantages than a Visa. Plastic can be used in Russia and abroad, and for each client a personal manager is provided. But services such as legal and medical services, extension of the guarantee for goods paid by credit card, are provided for a fee.

However, high-level plastic holders receive special bonuses from the payment system and partners and instant free support for the loss of a credit card. In addition, you can use the Mastercard business lounges at Sheremetyevo and airports in other countries. The platinum cards of this payment system include Master pass ™ and Secure Code® technology, which make purchases safer and more enjoyable..

Sberbank Platinum Card – Benefits

Elite products of the series, starting with the Gold series, have their pros and cons for customers. A platinum credit card has a high cost of service and is suitable only for wealthy citizens. The product has many more advantages than disadvantages:

  1. Access to a high level of service in a separate VIP zone.
  2. Dedicated 24-hour hotline.
  3. Personal manager, ready at any time to come to the rescue of the client.
  4. The bank insures the goods paid with a platinum credit card for 3 months.
  5. All products, more than $ 50 and paid by card, have a double guarantee.
  6. Free medical care by International SOS for plastic holders and family members.
  7. Concierge service for remote booking of tickets, hotels, car rental and other.

Discounts and privileges

Sberbank MasterCard and Visa platinum cards offer discounts for holders in the following categories:

  • air tickets;
  • Hotels
  • rent of transport;
  • company stores;
  • restaurants.

In addition, platinum cards provide access to increased bonuses Thanks to the program of Sberbank:

  1. 1.5% of the amount spent in supermarkets.
  2. 5% of the amount when paying bills in cafes and restaurants.
  3. 10% of the amount spent when paying for Yandex or Jet taxi services, fuel at gas stations.

Plastic cards

Terms of receipt

Sberbank platinum card is available only to certain categories of customers. To apply for this banking product, one of the following conditions must be met:

  1. Have deposits in Sberbank with a total amount of at least 5 million rubles.
  2. Within 6 months, credit at least 500 thousand rubles to deposits from a salary card.
  3. Have a monthly turnover on international accounts of 75 thousand rubles.

How to get a platinum card of Sberbank

It is important to note that in this financial institution, platinum cards are called “cards with big bonuses.” Their issuance is carried out at the request of the client, including in the framework of salary projects. A nominal plastic payment instrument is made up to 14 days. Depending on the type of card (credit or debit), the package of documents for registration of the product differs.

To obtain platinum plastic, you must personally apply to any office of Sberbank of Russia PJSC or send an application online through the issuer’s website (provided that the issued card will relate to the Visa payment system). A credit card is issued strictly after providing a certificate of income in form 2 of personal income tax. Salary customers can only provide a Russian passport. The maximum available limit for platinum credit cards is 3 million rubles; it is calculated individually for each borrower..

Get a Sberbank Online Platinum Card

In addition to a personal visit to the department, there is a more convenient way to order a platinum card – via the Internet. When choosing this option, you can use the official website or the Sberbank Online system. The procedure for ordering plastic includes the following steps:

  1. Login.
  2. Go to the “cards” tab.
  3. The choice of “order”.
  4. Indication of the type of card.
  5. Filling out a customer form (personal data, phone number and email for communication).
  6. Card Order.
  7. Receiving plastic in the compartment after the readiness message.

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Premium card service from Sberbank

In addition to favorable conditions and privileges for the holder, the premium card provides for paid services. The content of the plastic costs the owners 4900 rubles for 1 year. Allowed to pay a commission monthly at 409 rubles. The offer is designed for wealthy Russians, provides a lot of advantages that justify the high cost of servicing an account.

Limits and Limitations

Another advantage of Sberbank’s premium product is the increased limits on cash withdrawals / transfers from the card account. All restrictions are set in national currency. The debit plastic of the Platinum series provides a limit on cash withdrawals – not more than 500 thousand daily. The monthly withdrawal limit is 5 million. Credits to the card are limited to 10 million rubles per month. Credit cards provide a daily limit on cash withdrawals – 300 thousand.

What gives a platinum card of Sberbank

Premium plastic from the Platinum series is necessarily equipped with a reliable security system. The owner has access to payment transactions in online stores, because security is guaranteed by 3D Secure. In addition, you can pay from a credit card account without a physical carrier using PayWave / PayPass technologies. Cards of the premium series give Russians a lot of advantages on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

In Russia

Premium plastic holders are VIP. In the territory of the home country, a product from the Platinum series gives the owner the following preferences:

  • increased limits for withdrawing / depositing funds;
  • Big bonuses for purchases;
  • free SMS informing;
  • preferential registration of other products of the issuer;
  • access to VIP areas of public institutions;
  • quality service;
  • access to the issuer’s premium programs;
  • favorable interest rate on the loan, increased limit;
  • concierge service (booking hotels, tickets, rented vehicles);
  • purchases paid with a platinum card are subject to free insurance for 3 months (at a cost of $ 50 or more).

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You can use plastic in 210 countries of the world. Outside of Russia, holders of platinum cards can rely on legal support and medical assistance. International SOS, as part of the premium card service, takes care of counseling, hospitalization, and the provision of lawyers and translators. Concierge service and emergency cash withdrawal in case of loss of a card is valid outside the Russian Federation.

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