How to knit a hat for a girl on knitting needles – yarn, patterns and description for beginners

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Fashion pampers today, both children and adults, offering a variety of clothing options. Thanks to this, each person can stand out in the crowd, picking up his original image. From an early age, children want to walk in beautiful things. It is possible to dress your child in a budget, but attractively with the help of needlework. A simple hat for a girl with knitting needles knits easily, according to simple patterns, even if you are new to knitting. Design can be chosen for a child of any age..

How to knit a hat with knitting needles for a girl

To create a beautiful and original piece of clothing, if you have a desire and a little patience, is not at all difficult. Hats for girls with knitting needles in the form of a helmet, hood, panama hat are noticeable accessories in any look, and knitting them will not be difficult even for a novice craftswoman. All you need is to choose your favorite description of knitting, it is better with a photo, arm yourself with knitting tools and buy a pair of balls of yarn. If you have unnecessary knitwear of a suitable color, feel free to dissolve them and create new models for the following master classes.

Schemes and description for beginners

Simple patterns and simple models that are better to choose if you are a beginner needlewoman will allow you to knit a baby hat with knitting needles for a girl in a few hours. Especially easy to create models designed for newborns, or thin summer options. Knitting speed depends not only on skill, but also on the thickness of threads and tools for work

Winter hat with a simple pattern

For a cute warm knitted winter hat for girls with knitting needles, get 100 g of dark gray yarn and 25 g of pink. Choose knitting tools No. 4,5. Then follow the instructions:

  • For a head with a girth of 46/48, dial 120 loops of pink color, distributing them evenly on four socks. Then knit in a circle a bar 2.5 cm high. This is 11 rows of garter stitch.
  • At the end, go to the gray thread and knit with stocking.
  • At 39 p. (about 9.5 cm) you start to reduce 15 p., then 2 need to be knit, tilting them to the left. To do this, remove 1, next knit the front, and stretch the shot through it.
  • Then everything repeats: 1 l., 2 knit. So repeat 6 times to reduce the number of loops to 108.
  • Then count down twice for 6 p., Repeat the decreases.
  • Then – every 4 r., Every 2, until there are 24 p. To be pulled.
  • Decorate the item on the side with a small white flower or beads.

Children's winter hat with bon-bon

For a newborn

The peculiarity of knitting clothes for a newborn is that it should be as simple as possible. For this model, purchase 50 g of light beige yarn. The work will be carried out with knitting needles No. 2, 3, 5. First, take the numbers 2 and 5, dial 80 loops, distributing into 4 evenly. The hat for the girl with knitting needles is knitted with an elastic band in circular rows of 3 centimeters. Continue working in circles at number 3. In the first circle, you need to reduce 8 loops. Then make a decrease after 10 cm in each 2 circles. So repeat three times, after which in each 2 circle you knit 2 p. Pull the remaining rows.


If you want a lightweight flying model, choose cotton yarn in rich colors. The work will use elastic, the backside is smooth, then the front. Measure the baby’s head, divide the amount by 10 centimeters. Then dial a series of loops of this length and count how many loops are in it. Multiply the number of loops by the previously obtained amount and round it so that it is divided by 6. Then it is convenient to divide the canvas into wedges. Then do the following:

  • Up to 13 p. knit the elastic with two front, two purl stitches.
  • 14 p. consists only of facial loops.
  • The next two are only purl.
  • The next two are again made up of facial.
  • Then two rows again knit out.
  • 22nd p. changes to the front. Each 10 and 11 stitches in it are knitted together. Locate ligaments with a thread of a different color.
  • Next, knit 2 p. alternately persons., out.
  • At 27 p. start to lower the 2-loop marks in the places.
  • At the end, pull the thread through the entire product, pull it tight, fasten, sew the sides.


For a spring hat, take knitting needles with numbers 6 and 7, and you will also need a needle and scissors. The product will be made with an elastic band and a braid pattern. You will need 100 g of yarn. Get started:

  • Dial 54 loops. Knit with a rubber band 5 centimeters, making 2 faces alternately., 1 out.
  • Next, add 1 loop in each wrong side. You will get 72.
  • Go to No. 7. Knit row 2/2 (faces / out.).
  • Next is a series of individuals. and izn. connected together.
  • Alternate one row: 2 persons. with one out..
  • In this row, reduce all wrong.
  • Knit one row of facial.
  • Knit 2 p. so: all loops in two.
  • Finish by tightening and fixing the auxiliary thread.

Girl in a white knitted hat

Children’s hat with ears for a girl

For a children’s hat with ears, prepare 100 g of wool or cashmere yarn, knitting needles with number 5.5. For this model, the technique of elastic and hosiery is used. Get started:

  • Decide on the number of loops depending on the circumference of the head.
  • The first row is knitted with an elastic band. To do this, the first loop is removed, the second is knitted out., Then faces. And so on. When you get to the middle loop, mark it with a thread.
  • In the marked place, pull the fishing line out of the knitting needle to pull half the loops to the left. The right loops remain in place. Continue to work. At the end of the row, drag the fishing line again.
  • Knit 5 centimeters with an elastic band..
  • Next, knit 5 p. only persons. loops.
  • In the next row, make a decrease by knitting two loops, as one.
  • Repeat the decrease 5 times every 5 r. on the sixth.
  • Try on a hat for your child. If she fit, finish the job.
  • Use the hook to make the ears, introducing it into the loop on the far, then on the near knitting needle. At this time, they are held parallel to each other. So you close all the loops.


This hat is suitable for children aged 3-4 years. She will protect the baby’s ears well from the cold. The head circumference is 52 cm. The work is done with a 6 mm knitting tool. The loops must be crossed by removing 2 loops on an extra spoke and placing them before work. Then 2 front knit on the left, then 2 front with additional:

  • “Ears” fit in 11 rows, starting from the first with 4 p. And ending with the 12th, each time adding 2 p. At the beginning and at the end of the row.
  • Tie the first part and set aside, do not break off the second thread, but get 14 p. On the right, then connect it to the left side.
  • Next, you need to knit loops in the pattern, 14 typed loops to knit faces., Get another 24 p., Connect in a circular row.
  • Next, the headgear is knitted in a circle, in each 6 p. crossover in progress.
  • You need to make a 16-centimeter canvas, then perform the reduction, leaving only 14 p.
  • At the end, pull the thread through them and fasten.
  • Make 88 stitches along the product.
  • Knit with rubber band 2 p. from 2 persons. and 2 out.


This product is intended for children from six months to 12 months with a head circumference of 43-48 cm. From materials, prepare 1 skein of acrylic yarn, knitting needles of 3.75 and 4 mm, two holders for loops, a needle.

  • Take the smaller knitting needles, dial 82 p.
  • Front side to the 2nd p. knits with an elastic band according to the scheme: 1 out., 2 persons., 2 out., then repeat everything to the end, where 1 front closes.
  • 3rd r. consists of 3 persons., 2 out., 2 persons. Then put 7 p. On the holder, knit with an elastic band to the final 7 stitches.
  • After that, turn the work over, postpone the last 7 p..
  • Take a 4 mm tool, knit 4 faces., Add a loop, so knit up to the 4 last ones that make facial.
  • Continue knitting with a garter stitch until you reach 16.5 cm.
  • Reduce by knitting 6 p. and closing 5 p.
  • Another 3 r. close by 3 p., then close all the loops, sew a seam.
  • Knit the front neck with small knitting needles evenly around the entire circumference.
  • Do 2 p. from the wrong side with an elastic, repeating up to 5 cm in height. Close the stitches, sew a stitch.
  • At the end you need to sew on a button for a fastener.

Knitting hat for girls

Beret for children

A funny beret will be perfectly worn in the spring, the described instruction is suitable for a head with a circumference of 53-56 cm. The beret will lie beautifully on the back of the head. For it, you will need 2 skeins of yarn, circular knitting needles in sizes 2.5 and 3 mm:

  • It is necessary to dial 112 mm 112 p. On the instrument with an Italian set, connect them in a circular row.
  • The next step is a 2 g elastic.
  • Next, alternate 1 person., 1 out. 4 cm high.
  • Then knit on 3 mm, add. To do this, knit 1 out., Add the loop, then 1 person., Add the loop again, 2 persons., Add, 1 person., Add again. Repeat 14 times to get 182 p.
  • This is followed by knitting with a pattern called “Leaves and vine”, which consists of 8 p. They are repeated 5 times. Then 6 p. 1 time.
  • For 17 p. reduction is performed until 17 points remain which need to be pulled together.

Openwork hat

Prepare 1 skein of yarn of the desired color, knitting tool at number 3. Depending on the season, choose the density of the threads. For a more interesting look of the future caps for girls with knitting needles, you can take threads of 2 colors. The following product is suitable for children aged 1-3 months:

  • Dial 93 p. Knit elastic in 4 rows 1 to 1.
  • In 5 p. the pattern begins. It is performed by knitting 1 out., 5 persons. loops.
  • In the next 3 p. knit 1 out., 2 together, 1 double crochet, 1 person., again 1 double crochet, 2 last stitches together with the front.
  • The next row knit as the loops go.
  • Again, repeat the previous 3 p. Knit 10 centimeters.
  • At 55 p. running bottom. To do this, divide the loops by 6. Every 2 first and 2 last knit in one.
  • When reducing to 21 p., Pass the thread through the product, tighten.
  • It remains only to connect the back, sew on the lace for tying.


The following scheme is suitable for girls up to three months. You will need yarn of the desired shade, 4 mm knitting needles. The front surface is performed as follows: from the front side, it is necessary to knit the front loops, wrong side with the wrong side. For the wrong side, the purl loops are knitted on the front side, front loops on the contrary. Further work is done like this:

  • Dial 26 p.
  • Knit 3 p. hosiery.
  • Type 8 p. Garter stitch and 18 – wrong side stitch. Next, alternate them until you get 45 scars on the knit.
  • Knit another 3 p. hosiery.
  • Close the stitches, sew a stitch.

Knitted hoods for girls

Pattern Patterns

To decorate knitwear, several basic ornaments are used. It is worth passing the lessons once on them, and your hat for the girl with knitting needles will turn out beautiful and original:

  • Honeycomb pattern. In it, the number of loops is a multiple of four plus two edge. Each row begins and ends with an edge loop. In the first row after it is a crossed loop for the back wall, then for the front. 2, 4, 6, 8 p. fit only with purl loops. З р. consists of facial loops. 5 p. repeats the first. 7 p. consists of facial loops. This pattern is repeated as many times as needed..
  • Openwork pattern with leaves needs to be knitted according to a specific pattern. It will indicate the number of front rows, and the wrong ones need to be created, focusing on the figure. “Leaves” are obtained due to the alternation of crochets with decreases during knitting for 2-3 p. Together. These techniques are done only in the facial loops, and the wrong ones correspond to the picture. Nakida in them knit purl.
  • Spit pattern. The first row consists of 2 wrong, 8 front, 2 wrong. In 2, 3, 4, purl seams are knitted over the wrong ones, and facial ones are knitted over the facial ones. 5 p. begins with 2 out., then 4 pieces are reassembled without knitting on the auxiliary. Next, you need to knit 4 persons. loops. Reshoot the first 4 p. From the auxiliary to the main one, knit with the front ones. Then everything repeats.
  • Pattern harnesses knit in many patterns. For example, with inclined loops. To do this, gain the number of loops, a multiple of 10. To them you need to add 2 p. For symmetry, 2 edge. 1 p. starts with two wrong seams, then 4 face, eighth, ninth are removed on the auxiliary, 2 persons are knitted behind them., then 2 persons. with auxiliary, the last – 2 out. All even rows fit with the purl stitches in the front row, and in the purl stitches – vice versa. 3 p. repeats the second, but removed 5 and 6 p. In 5 p. all the same, only removed 3 and 4. With 7 p. it all starts over.

For teenage girl

A teenage girl is more finicky than a small child, but you can cope with the task if you choose one of the knitting patterns in today’s fashionable directions. Spectacular knitted models of hats with cat ears, fashionable knitted ruffle trim, pom-pom jewelry, and jacquard patterns are very popular. A beanie hat for a girl with an elongated top can please even the most stylish young fashionista.

Cat hat with embroidery

A cute children’s hat with knitting needles for girls is carried out by the front stitch, on which the cat’s muzzle is tied. Knitting tools are used circular or conventional. In the second case, the halves of the cap will need to be sewn together. In addition, you will need 90 g of light yarn, 5 g of black for embroidery of the nose and eyes. Next, follow the diagram:

  • Take the circle number 4, dial 68 p.
  • Knit 1 p. front, 1 p. wrong side of the surface. This is an elastic band. By such an alternation, 10 p. Loop Density – 15.
  • Then knit another 38 p.
  • At 39 p. close the loops.
  • At the final stage, you need to make a seam, embroider the pattern with black threads in the form of eyes and nose.

Knitted cat hat for girls

Double winter with a large bubo

For knitting hats for the winter you will need to spend about 100 grams of yarn. Both layers, top and lining, knit in two threads. Start with the sample:

  • Type 20 st.thin knitting needles.
  • Remove the hem, make the crochet, then the crochet, the crochet, again the crochet.
  • In 2 p. double crochet before hem. Remove the wrong side, knit the front and so on.
  • Do 8 p. in a circle where all the purl stitches are removed and the front stitches are knitted.
  • The set of rows can be dissolved, take not circular larger.
  • Close the gum by removing the edge, front and back sewing together 2 times. Then the wrong side is knitted, facial, 2 are tied together, again 2 together. Repeat.
  • Knit a braid of 7 out., 12 faces., 7 out. So do 6 p. After this loop you need to cross.
  • The turn of the top of the cap has come. It will take about 70 p.
  • Knit a braid. It consists of 3 out. at the beginning and at the end, in the middle, alternate 12 persons. from 6 out.
  • After 3 p. upward begins to decrease in each 4 p. To do this, on the sides of the braid two out. knit together.
  • Without detaching from the elastic, loops for the inner lining are dialed. 1 row out., The following – facial. Periodically apply a lining to the upper part to reduce it in time. This is done the same way as at the top.
  • Sew together two pieces.
  • The pompom is made by winding the thread on two circles of cardboard.
  • Then they are cut along the edge, tightly tied in the middle.
  • The pompom needs to be carefully trimmed and tied to a hat.
  • Decorate the product with snowflakes.

Beanie with a Snood

This type of cap and snood can be of different heights. The number of loops depends on this. For 20 cm, you can dial 50-55 loops. A hat for a girl with knitting needles fits in transverse rows in width:

  • Gather loops, knit 1 p. facial. Shoot the first, do not touch the last 5.
  • Then turn around and knit in the opposite direction, turn around again and do not tie the row this time into 4 loops.
  • Do rapport back and forth without tying 3 p., Then 2, 1.
  • Knit the desired width, trying on to the head.
  • The resulting fabric needs to be sewn to the side. Pull the top a little on top of the head, fasten the thread to the knot, then turn the finished product.

You can start snood by typing the same number of loops. It is even easier to untie it, because you do not have to reduce the loops. You work the same way, deploying the canvas. The number of rows will depend on how long you want the scarf. After making sure that there is enough length after trying on, carefully sew the ends of the fabric.

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