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For many, the opportunity to work for themselves is important, surrendering to a completely selected occupation. What can prevent you from making money with your favorite thing? A novice businessman may be faced with the need to figure out how to open an individual business and begin to act officially.

What you need to open IP

Under the law, all citizens of the country, even foreigners who have temporary registration in Russia, can work as an individual entrepreneur (formerly called PNBUL). The only exceptions to this list are municipal and government employees. The quick procedure for issuing IP can be performed independently or entrusted to special companies for which this type of activity is a priority.

If the registration of an individual entrepreneur is entrusted to third-party organizations, then you need to prepare for the fact that the money spent on opening a business will grow several times in comparison with an independent solution to the issue. The following factors may still affect the price:

  • printing production;
  • notarization of documents;
  • opening a bank account, etc..

The procedure for issuing IP

How to register IP without any particular delay? This requires preparatory work. At the initial stage, you need to decide on the area of ​​activity. To do this, there is an all-Russian classifier, where from the list you can choose the direction of work and the corresponding code, which should be indicated when opening your own business. It is allowed to indicate several areas of future activities, but the main view should come first.

The procedure for opening an IP involves choosing a form of tax payment. Most private traders work on a simplified system. In this case, the tax is calculated on income and is 6%. If you choose income taxation excluding expenses, then the interest rate will range from 5 to 15 points. There are other types of business taxation, information about which can be found in tax authorities.

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Where can I register IP

According to the law, the submission of documents and registration of a private entrepreneur is executed at the place of registration of the citizen. To do this, contact the local tax office with the necessary set of documents. If the businessman chose taxation on the UTII system, then he is allowed to register at the place of business. It is permissible to open a business in several regions, settlements or parts thereof. In this case, registration takes place where the first object of the entrepreneur’s activity is registered..

To date, the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to open an IP is an online service to open an IP.

Documents for opening IP

  • After successful registration of an individual entrepreneur, it is necessary to select a bank for maintaining a current account. In order to simplify the selection, use the service for comparing RKO tariffs from Main mine.

If the question of how to issue an IP is more or less clear, then special attention should be paid to what list of documents is needed to open an IP. It:

  • passport (you also need a photocopy of it);
  • application (form 21001);
  • duty receipt;
  • TIN (+ copy).

Learn about online reporting reporting.

Application for registration of IP

You should responsibly approach the completion of the document, the form of which can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Taxes and Taxation or requested from the tax office. An application for registration of IP consists of five sheets, which must be numbered and fastened together. The document is personally signed by the entrepreneur and notarized only if the documents are provided not by the businessman himself, but by an authorized person.

IP registration – cost

Starting your own business is a procedure that is not free. How much does it cost to issue an IP? The only thing that is necessary is to pay the state duty (today this amount is 800 rubles). It can be paid online by bank transfer or at any bank. If you entrust this process to specialized companies, the price will vary not only from company to company, but also depending on the region where an individual entrepreneur will be registered.

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How to open your IP – step by step instructions

If a field of activity is defined and a taxation system is selected, then you can proceed to register your own business:

  1. A set of documents should be submitted to the tax to get an identification number assigned to each taxpayer.
  2. In the case when the TIN is already available, you can immediately pay the state fee for the commission of an action by a state agency.
  3. You can submit an application for the assignment of TIN together with the documents for state registration of IP, but the process may be delayed.

Detailed description of taxation of the simplified tax system (registration, transition to the simplified tax system) online.

If the documents are collected, then you can register the IP yourself in the tax at the place of registration (not residence!). This process is phased and has a sequence. A step-by-step instruction consists of preparing a package of documents and submitting them to the tax. Further conditions that allow you to create a legal entity from scratch, whether it is an object of commerce or a small business, a clothing company, are the same. An approximate step-by-step algorithm after registration of the IP itself:

  • In some cases, for the operation of an individual entrepreneur, it is required to have a cash register, if it is impossible to work without it (relevant for creating online stores, when trading / rendering services to legal entities and entrepreneurs). It is not needed if UTII is paid or the patent system of taxation is applied. Instead of a check, a strict reporting form is then issued. Learn more about how to calculate taxes on UTII and generate payment documents online.
  • Printing is also made after receiving a package of documents. An entrepreneur has the right to work without it, limited only to a signature.

It is also possible to remotely prepare all documents and send an application for opening an IP. To do this, use the online service for opening IP.

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IP registration terms

The legislation establishes the exact deadlines for issuing IP. According to the plan, they do this no more than five days. If the organization of future business took place through intermediaries, then the time to open an emergency can be increased by preparing documents. There are cases of rejection when trying to open your own business. The reason may be incorrect paperwork or erroneous indication of information. How to open IP in this case? An individual must again collect the package of documents and pay the fee again.

After the allotted time all the papers are handed out, after which you can start making money. Entrepreneur receives:

  • a document that indicates registration;
  • EGRIP statement;
  • certificate of state registration (OGRNIP).

You can use the useful service for conducting online accounting of IP.

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