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Material support for disabled or economically vulnerable citizens is the responsibility of each state. Today in the Russian Federation about 43 million people are pensioners. Most draw up documents for age payments, but there are those who are interested in a survivor’s pension. Find out what the essence of such benefits is, what package of documents you need to collect for their design and where to apply.

What is a survivor’s pension?

In fact, this compensation of the state is the receipt by the family members of the deceased person’s labor pension. It cannot be bequeathed or inherited, but if after the death of a person there are people who depend on him financially or were dependent on the deceased, the state takes upon itself material support and pays a pension. In addition, the basis for receiving money is the recognition of a person as missing. The survivor’s pension may be of several types.


The main purpose of such compensation is to reimburse the state for material assets to all disabled family members of the deceased, who were on full monetary support of the insured person. Priority for the payment of insurance benefits is given to the breadwinner’s children, followed by the next of kin. Assignment of an insurance pension occurs only when its recipients are considered to be incapable of work. In rare cases, the amount is calculated indefinitely.


It belongs to the number of compulsory state pensions and is regulated by normative legal act No. 166-Ф3 and 400-ФЗ. When compared with other types of payments, the survivor’s pension is not assigned to the insured person specifically, but to members of his family who were dependent on him until his death. Citizens may be on state support if their deceased relative was in one of the following categories:

  • consisted of military service;
  • He was a cosmonaut, test engineer or researcher by profession;
  • participated in the prevention of radiation or technological disasters.

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Benefits of this nature, as a rule, are assigned to children of minor age. Important: in order to apply for social benefits it is necessary that the deceased relative is completely absent from work experience. In other cases, a labor allowance is prescribed. Features of social benefits are as follows:

  • The survivor’s pension is fixed and is indexed every year according to inflation.
  • A prerequisite for its accrual is the disability of a citizen, the presence of Russian citizenship or residence permit.
  • If the amount of money is below the level of the minimum living allowance, the state makes a social surcharge.
  • Upon receipt of a paid job, material assistance from the state does not stop.


Separately, the state allocates people in uniform who, on duty, risk their own lives. If an officer or soldier died in the line of duty, then dependents will receive a survivor’s pension in the amount of 200% of the social allowance paid to each family member. As a rule, this amount is in the range of 9920 rubles. When there were other causes of death of military pensioners, the percentage of funds will be 150 or 7440 rubles.

Although, under Russian law, it is impossible to receive two pensions at the same time, amendments were made for some categories of citizens. For example, the widows of a deceased soldier who died while undergoing military service are an exception. The wife has the right to receive the husband’s allowance along with other benefits. However, this amendment is valid until she is remarried..

Legal regulation

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, every citizen is guaranteed social security due to illness, age or disability, for raising children, as well as in case of loss of a benefactor. The accrual of pension provisions is regulated by the following regulations:

  • The provisions of Articles 39, 72 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
  • Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation No. 9 dated January 27. 1993 “On approval of the clarification” On the procedure for determining the amount of actual damage to the establishment of pensions for military personnel, disabled people of the Chernobyl disaster and their families on the occasion of the loss of the breadwinner “.
  • Legislative act No. 18-ФЗ dated March 21, 2005 “On the federal budget allocated to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for reimbursement of expenses for the payment of an insurance or labor pension for old age, disability, in case of loss of the bread-winner for certain categories of citizens”.
  • Regulatory document dated December 15, 2001 No. 167-ФЗ “On Mandatory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation”.
  • The first paragraph of Article No. 11 of Law No. 173-FZ of 12/17/2001.
  • By the decree of March 18, 2010 No. 167 “On the approval of the coefficient of the additional increase of the insurance part of the labor disability pension from 01.04.2010 or in case of loss of the bread-winner”.
  • Guarantees for family members of military personnel are established by the federal law “On the status of military personnel”.

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Legislative changes in 2019

Today, regulatory acts have undergone minor changes. So, in accordance with the law, a survivor’s pension is accrued and paid even when the deceased did not have relatives, but adopted children. The stepmother or stepfather have the same rights to receive financial compensation as the parents, but only if they raised a stepson and can provide documentary evidence. At the same time, the documents contain indications that the term of guardianship lasted at least 5 years.

Who is entitled to survivor benefits?

When applying for a pension, one of the important points is the understanding of which categories of citizens fall under the current legislation. The list of beneficiaries is as follows:

  • assigned to disabled children under the age of 18;
  • disabled children under the age of 23 years or students who cannot support themselves;
  • the family of the deceased – the spouse, parents or forefathers of the deceased citizen;
  • adult siblings caring for the children of the deceased, provided that the child is not more than 14 years old;
  • adoptive parents and adopted children – are equated with native children;
  • disabled grandfather or grandmother of the deceased, upon reaching retirement age or having a disability, provided that the supplement will be the only source of income;
  • stepfather or stepmother – equated with native parents.

Terms of appointment

For stepchildren or stepdaughter, the possibility of receiving monetary compensation exists if their maintenance by the deceased breadwinners is documented. If the stepfather or stepmother claims for compensation, they must provide the pension fund with documents that confirm the child’s maintenance for at least 15 years. Other conditions for calculating compensation include:

  1. The presence of at least a single day of seniority at the deceased.
  2. Evidence that the death was not due to a deliberate criminal act in relation to the deceased.

Termination Terms

Payments cease in the following circumstances:

  • if the child, sister, brother or grandson has reached the age of majority;
  • the recipient was not renewed the disability status received before reaching adulthood;
  • will not pay allowance to able-bodied relatives;
  • a child who is looked after by adoptive parents or recipients is 14 years old;
  • the widow of a member of the conscript military service married;
  • recipients of material compensation got official work, with the exception of relatives of conscripts.

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How old is the pension?

Payments occur:

  • if the brother, sister, child or grandson of the deceased is not 18 years old;
  • full-time students under 23 years of age, with a certificate from the educational institution;
  • for life, provided that the recipient has a disability since childhood;
  • until the children of the deceased are 14 years old, in the case when the documents are executed by guardians;
  • spouse of deceased retirement age, parents, grandparents for life.

How much they pay for the loss of a breadwinner

According to the regulatory legal act of the Russian Federation No. 166-FZ, social payments are established in a solid cash amount, which is associated with the category of the recipient. In addition, such amounts of money are subject to mandatory annual indexation according to inflation for the past period. The amount of benefits is consistent with the cost of living for a particular category of citizens and the region of residence. If the grant of a survivor’s pension is lower, then the state shall pay extra. The minimum dimensions after changes for different categories of citizens are indicated in the table:

Pension Name

The basic amount of payments before the increase, in rubles

Benefit amounts after increase, in rubles

Special conditions




If the deceased was the sole breadwinner or the children were raised previously by one mother, double the amount.




For children who have lost a single mother, will be 11068.53 rubles.


9919.70 – 200%

7,439.78 – 150%



Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

9919.70 – 200%

7,439.78 – 150%



Insurance pension amount and fixed amount

On the basis of article 15 of the Russian legal act No. 400-ФЗ dated 12/28/13, the amount of the insurance pension for loss of a breadwinner is calculated according to the formula: SP = IPK * SPK, where:

  • SP – a fixed amount of insurance monthly payments;
  • IPK is an independent pension coefficient;
  • SPK – tariff for an individual number per day from which the allowance is assigned.

If the person who was deceased on the day of death was granted a disability or age pension, the amount of labor compensation will be calculated differently: SP = IPK / KN * SPK, where KN is the number of legally incapable dependents. When calculating insurance compensation, it is worth considering the fact that the deceased single mother the amount of pension payments will double. The fixed insurance payment as of April 1, 2019 is 2,402.56 rubles for adults and 4,805.11 for orphans.

Features of the calculation of pensions for children of military personnel and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Money for a disabled child is accrued if the parent died during military service as an soldier, sergeant, foreman or sailor, or death occurred no later than three months from the date of discharge from the army or when death occurred after this period, but due to shell shock, injury or injuries sustained in the service. When submitting a declaration to the pension fund, in addition to mandatory papers, the applicant provides additional documents for applying for a survivor’s pension:

  • Extract from the order to exclude a person from the list of military personnel.
  • Disability document with reasons and dates. It must be spelled out that injuries were received during military service.

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Child support survivor benefits

All other children of deceased parents under the age of 18 or 23 years old are entitled to a pension for the loss of a breadwinner, regardless of whether the parents were then married or paid child support. In addition, lump sum payments through the funded system are saved. Children who have passed the procedure of emancipation can be deprived of the right to receive benefits, according to the results of which they are recognized as competent. As a rule, these are citizens:

  • who have entered into legal marriage before adulthood;
  • citizens who got a paid job;
  • self-employed people.

How to apply for a survivor’s pension

To apply for benefits from the state, the applicant must, on his own initiative, apply to the nearest pension fund and provide employees with a list of necessary documents, send papers by mail or make an application via the Internet. For minors who are left without parents, the adoptive parents, guardians or guardianship authorities can issue a petition.

Where to go

To apply for benefits, you must write a request for the granting of benefits to you or a disabled relative, and then choose one of several options:

  • personal appeal to a pension fund;
  • send documents by registered mail;
  • come with a statement to the multifunctional center;
  • send the completed form through the personal account of the PFR website, having previously passed the registration procedure.

Documents for registration

Together with the application, you must provide:

  • passport and its photocopies;
  • death certificate;
  • certificate of pension insurance – SNILS;
  • papers with insurance coverage of a deceased relative;
  • documents of kinship;
  • papers confirming the fact of dependency;
  • if necessary, a certificate of full-time education or disability;
  • certificate of average monthly earnings of the deceased.

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Indexation of survivor pension benefits in 2019

All pension payments are recalculated on February 1 of each year. Indexation coefficients depend on inflation compared to last year. So, according to Rosstat’s calculations, in 2016 inflation amounted to 5.4%, which means pensioners’ incomes will increase by this figure. In addition, in 2019, two indexations were carried out: one on February 1, the other on April 1. The latter was amended in accordance with the law of Russia on the budget and amounted to 0.38%. The increase is small, but still nice.

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