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People have always argued about what happens to the soul when it leaves its material body. The question of whether there is life after death remains open to this day, although evidence of eyewitnesses, theories of scientists, and religious aspects say that there is. Interesting facts from history and research will help create the big picture..

What happens to a person after death

It’s very difficult to say exactly what happens when a person dies. Medicine states biological death when a cardiac arrest occurs, the physical body ceases to show any signs of life, and activity in the human brain freezes. However, modern technology allows you to maintain vital activity even in a coma. Does a man die if his heart works with the help of special devices and is there life after death?

Thanks to long studies, scientists and doctors managed to identify evidence of the existence of the soul and the fact that it does not leave the body immediately after cardiac arrest. The mind is able to work a few more minutes. This is proved by different stories from patients who survived clinical death. Their stories that they soar above their bodies and can observe what is happening from above are similar to each other. Could this be evidence of modern science that the afterlife exists after death?


How many religions in the world, so many spiritual ideas about life after death. Every believer imagines what will happen to him, only thanks to historical writings. For most, the afterlife is Heaven or Hell, where the soul enters, based on the actions that it performed while on Earth in a material body. What with astral bodies will be after death, each religion interprets in its own way.

Image of hell and heaven

Ancient egypt

The Egyptians attached great importance to the afterlife. Not just the pyramids were erected, where the rulers were buried. They believed that a person who lived a bright life and went through all the trials of the soul after death, became a kind of deity and could live forever. For them, death was like a holiday that relieved the hardships of life on Earth.

This is not to say that they supposedly waited for them to die, but the belief that the afterlife is just the next stage where they will become immortal souls made this process not so sad. In ancient Egypt, it represented a different reality, the difficult path that everyone had to go in order to become immortal. For this, the dead put the Book of the Dead, which helped to avoid all difficulties with the help of special spells, or in other words prayers.

In Christianity

Christianity has its own answer to the question of whether there is life even after death. Religion also has its own ideas about the afterlife and where a person gets after death: after burial, the soul passes to another, higher world in three days. There she needs to go through the Last Judgment, which will pass a sentence, and sinful souls go to Hell. With Catholics, the soul can go through purgatory, where it removes all sins from itself through difficult trials. Only then does she end up in Paradise, where she can enjoy the afterlife. Reincarnation is completely refuted.

In islam

Another world religion is Islam. According to it, Muslims have life on Earth – this is only the beginning of the path, so they try to live it as clean as possible, observing all the laws of religion. After the soul leaves the physical shell, it enters the two angels – Munkar and Nakira, who interrogate the dead and then punish. The worst is prepared for the end: the soul must go through a Just Judgment before Allah himself, which will happen after the end of the world. In fact, the whole life of Muslims is a preparation for the afterlife.

Angels Munkar and Nakir

In Buddhism and Hinduism

Buddhism preaches complete liberation from the material world, the illusions of rebirth. His main goal is to go into nirvana. No afterlife exists. In Buddhism there is a wheel of Sansara, on which the consciousness of man walks. Earthly existence, he is just preparing to move to the next level. Death is only a transition from one place to another, the outcome of which is influenced by deeds (karma).

Unlike Buddhism, Hinduism preaches the rebirth of the soul, and not necessarily in the next life he will become a man. You can be reborn into an animal, plant, water – any that is created by inhuman hands. Everyone can independently influence their next rebirth through actions in the present tense. A person who lives correctly and without sin can literally order to himself what he wants to become after death.

Evidence of life after death

There is so much evidence that life after death exists. This is evidenced by various manifestations from the other world in the form of ghosts, the stories of patients who survived clinical death. The proof of life after death is also hypnosis, in the state of which a person can remember his past life, begins to speak another language or tells little-known facts from the life of the country in a given era.

Scientific facts

Many scientists who do not believe in life after death change their minds after talking with patients whose heart stopped during surgery. Most of them told the same story of how they separated from the body and saw themselves from the side. The likelihood that these are all fabrications is very small, because the details that they describe are so similar that they cannot be fabrications. Some tell how they meet other people, for example, their deceased relatives, share descriptions of Hell or Paradise..

Children up to a certain age remember their past incarnations, which they often tell their parents about. Most adults perceive this as the fantasies of their children, but some stories are so believable that you simply can’t believe it. Children can even remember how they died in a past life or who they worked for..

Separation of the soul from the body and doctors

History facts

In history, too, there are often confirmations of life after death in the form of the facts of the appearance of dead people before the living in visions. So, Napoleon appeared to Louis after his death and signed a document that required only his approval. Although this fact can be regarded as a hoax, the king at that time was sure that Napoleon himself had visited him. Handwriting has been carefully studied and validated..

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