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One of the most popular two-wheeled vehicles is a scooter – there are hundreds of models designed for men, women and small children. Sooner or later, the wheels for scooters need to be replaced, for example, due to a puncture, severe wear. Since they are an essential element of the system, they should be selected carefully. You can order suitable models in the online store with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country.

How to choose a scooter wheel

Poorly bolted wheels create vibrations, while old wheels do not slip as smoothly as after a purchase. In this case, they need to be replaced. You will also need to buy new wheels if the axle or surface is very worn out. There are kits on the market for both two-wheeled and three-wheeled models. When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • Wheel size The stability, throughput and maneuverability of the scooter depend on the diameter. In most models, the size is from 75 to 355 mm. Sports models are often equipped with wheels with a diameter of about 100 mm – this provides the ability to perform tricks and control sensitivity. They are ideal only for riding on specially equipped sites that have good coverage. The most popular models for the city are equipped with wheels with a diameter of 110-180 mm. They are distinguished by good maneuverability, good stability, sufficient cross-country ability. Comfortable walking scooters and some children’s models often have wheels with a diameter of 160 mm or more – they are also suitable for riding outside the city limits, i.e. off road.
  • Convenience in transportation. Keep this in mind when choosing the right wheels. The scooter, equipped with large wheels, takes up a lot of space and has an impressive weight. It is harder to take with you on public transport (especially the subway) and harder to store.
  • Width. The quality of movement depends on this parameter. Wide elements are stable – it is easier to balance on a scooter. Such wheels have a large area of ​​contact with the surface, which complicates the set of speed and increases friction. Narrow options are optimal only for riding on special areas with a flat surface.
  • Rigidity. Soft elements are able to provide better adhesion to the surface of the asphalt and a sufficient level of stability. They are distinguished by good cross-country ability, excellent for riding on gravel and sand, do not rattle when driving, but can interfere with speed gain. Soft elements are optimal for children, beginners and those who prefer comfort. As for the hard options, they are often put on stunt scooters / if speed is important. Cons: poor stability, less comfortable riding and the fact that they can quickly fail. Wheels for children’s scooters and adults are marked with the letter “a”, which means the degree of endurance (rigidity). It lies in the range from 50a to 101a (the most stringent). When choosing this parameter, consider the mass of the user. People with more weight are more suitable for more rigid products that can withstand 90-100 kg of load..
  • Type of drives. The most difficult, tough and reliable are solid products that are installed on professional scooters – a kind of SUVs. Lighter are options with knitting needles, but they are inferior to solid-cast in rigidity. Plastic discs are optimal for beginners – they are softer, have light weight, but develop less speed and are not designed for sports loads.

Scooter wheels

When planning to purchase wheels on a stunt scooter, city, children, etc., pay special attention to the choice of material from which they are made. Manufacturers offer these options:

  • Polyurethane (PU). One of the most popular materials. Tires of this type do not create unnecessary noise, they are reliable and have a long service life..
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is considered a cheaper substitute for polyurethane. Optimum for city driving, has a proper level of resistance to loads.
  • Rubber products. They have good characteristics, but they are rarely offered by manufacturers. Such products are silent, but at the same time they protect well from bumps due to the shock-absorbing properties. In addition, rubber products provide excellent braking control and do not slip on different surfaces, including smooth. Note that such products are unstable to sharp temperature changes, often need to be replaced. In general, this is a great option for beginners, children.
  • Inflatable wheels. They have a large diameter – they provide a comfortable ride and are indispensable on rough roads. Do not forget that a common cause of their failure is a puncture.
  • Plastic products. These are often installed on children’s models, they are distinguished by bright colors, light weight and low cost. Keep in mind that they are noisy and have no cushioning qualities. Product reliability is highly dependent on the quality of the plastic..
  • Gel and rubberized models. Often found on children’s models, are soft. They are able to provide a comfortable ride, but under heavy loads are subject to rapid wear..

Scooter wheels

Buy wheels for a scooter made of polypropylene, rubber and other materials today even on the Internet. Among the products we can distinguish LED-type products that can glow when moving due to multi-colored LEDs. The material of the internal and external parts may differ slightly – for example, this is a combination of polypropylene and polyurethane. To save money, look for products in large stores when buying; they often hold promotions and sales.

On a stunt scooter

There are many products on sale intended for stunt scooters of such brands as Fox (Pro, Winner), HIPE, etc. A wheel with a 100 mm Hipe bearing, which has a long service life, can be a good purchase. The product is decorated in black and gold colors:

  • name: Hipe 100;
  • price: 1200 r.;
  • characteristics: wheel diameter – 100 mm, width – 2.4 cm, bearing – ABEC 9, material – polyurethane, stiffness indicator – 88A;
  • pluses: aesthetics, reliability;
  • cons: expensive.

The black Fox Pro Spoker wheel is suitable for any stunt scooter that has a 10mm fork. Regardless of the brand, all sports models use the same size bushings for jumping:

  • name: Fox Pro Spoker 100 mm;
  • price: 1250 p.;
  • characteristics: color – black, diameter – 100 mm, stiffness – 88A, bearing – ABEC 9, an all-metal core (red) with 5 spokes is installed;
  • pluses: wear resistance, reliability;
  • cons: high cost.

A budget option for the stunt scooter is the Tech Team 110 mm model. Products are supplied with the bearing:

  • name: Tech Team 110;
  • price: 900 r .;
  • characteristics: color – black, diameter – 110 mm, bearings – Abec / ILQ 7 balls, aluminum hub;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, wear resistance;
  • cons: no.

On the Fox Pro Spoker 100 stunt scooter

With bearing

A large part of the spare wheels is supplied with bearings, for example, MaxCity, Ridex, TechTeam, OXELO. At the same time, most of the products are manufactured in China, and heat shrinkage is used as packaging. An inexpensive replacement for the scooter will be the wheel assembly MaxCity:

  • name: MaxCity 80;
  • price: 300 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 80 mm, color – gray, bearings – Abec / ILQ 5 with two rubberized anthers for dust and moisture protection, material – polyurethane;
  • pluses: it is cheap;
  • cons: not the best color.

Another option, equipped with a bearing – Tech Team. The black product is great for a stunt scooter:

  • name: Tech Team 100;
  • price: 860 p.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 100 mm, bearings – Abec / ILQ 7, aluminum hub;
  • pluses: quality, reasonable price, durability;
  • cons: no.

Check out another Tech Team option. This wheel assembly is large and red in color:

  • name: Tech Team red 125;
  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 125, material – polyurethane, durable plastic hub, there are Abec 7 bearings with two anthers made of steel;
  • pluses: low cost, bright color, optimal size;
  • cons: no.

With bearing Tech Team red 125


For comfortable movement, pay attention to the inflatable wheels, which provide decent driving performance and minimize the roughness of any surface. They will increase the pleasure of riding. Scooters of the Novatrack and Olimp brands are often equipped with such models. One of the product categories:

  • name: Hudora Big Wheel Air 205;
  • price: 1500 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 205 mm, aluminum disk, 2 bearings 608ZZ with high accuracy class ABEC 5, axle width – 38 mm, maximum pressure – 4.5 bar;
  • pluses: workmanship, provides a soft and comfortable ride;
  • cons: expensive.

An alternative is Micro Air Wheel 200 mm products. The quality of this inflatable product in the assembly for the Flex Air scooter is not inferior to the previous one:

  • name: Air Wheel 200;
  • price: 2600 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 200 mm, 2 bearings 608ZZ, high accuracy class – ABEC 5, two hex keys are included, nominal pressure: 5.6 bar;
  • pluses: good strength properties, the presence of keys in the set for replacement;
  • cons: high cost.

Inflatable Wheel Air Wheel 200


Luminous wheels for a scooter are popular, among which are Scooter Mini, Globber, Trolo Maxi. LED wheels are made transparent so that the game of multi-colored LEDs is as effective as possible. A scooter with such elements will attract the attention of others with bright lights even in the daytime. Great for baby models. One of the popular products of this group is:

  • name: Trolo 80;
  • price: 280 r.;
  • characteristics: diameter – 80 mm, magnetic sleeve, the main color of the case – black;
  • Pros: affordable cost, bright lights;
  • cons: relatively small size.

The new luminous Flash wheels are perfect for installation on children’s models of scooters Trolo Maxi, Micro Maxi. When moving, they blink with colorful lights, and the intensity of the glow depends on how fast the scooter moves:

  • name: Flash from Trolo;
  • price: 1000 r .;
  • characteristics: color – pink, material – PU (polyurethane), LEDs – 4, closed bearing – ABEC-5 (MACOO), the number of wheels in the set – 2, dimensions – 120 mm, there are hex keys 4 and 5 mm, packaging – PU – a package on a zipper (“lightnings”);
  • pluses: reasonable cost, rich set, durability, reliability;
  • Cons: color is not for everyone.

The luminous wheels for the Trolo 120 scooter are optimal for any three-wheeled Maxi models. The set consists of two products that can withstand loads up to 100 kg:

  • name: Trolo 120;
  • price: 800 r.;
  • characteristics: color – blue, quantity – 2, diameter – 120 mm, materials – silicone, polyurethane, bearings – ABEC-5;
  • pluses: low price, quality, brightness;
  • cons: no.

Plastic glowing Trolo 120

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