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Sometimes there is a need to chat with a stranger or get some information about him. If the phone number is known, you can find the stranger through social networks. Each of them contains personal data of participants, so the chance to find a specific user is very high. Detailed instructions will help you quickly find the right person.

How to break social networks by phone number

There are many situations where you need to contact a mobile user. This may be a relative with whom relations have long been lost, or a person for conducting a joint business. Regardless of the reason for the search, there are several ways to find a specific account in order to contact the owner. You can find it via the Internet. It is free, does not require downloading dubious applications.

Most social networks request a phone when registering a page. This is necessary to confirm your identity. Such data is classified and not displayed in the profile of the participant. The search does not always succeed – if the account holder has hidden this information, then you won’t be able to find it. It is unrealistic to find a person who is not registered in any social network by number in this way.

Find a person in Contact

Mobile number in Vkontakte

Searching here is notable for its availability and high probability of success. This is due to the fact that before creating an account, a mobile number was required. Now you can make the page without indicating the phone number, therefore, people are searched for on VKontakte without registering according to other parameters – name, photo or place of residence. There are several ways to find your account..

Through search engines

If you need to find a person by phone number in VK, then contact Yandex or Google. These are popular systems for finding any information. They all work on the same principle..

What to do:

  1. Open the search engine.
  2. Enter “VK”, space and phone number.
  3. Click “Search”. The page displays all detected online and offline contacts that match the request.
  4. Follow the link from the browser. Register to be able to read classified information.

By news, posts and publications on VK

If the user left the account public, this will help to find it even faster:

  1. Log in to your VK page.
  2. Go to profile.
  3. Click on the search bar, enter the phone numbers.
  4. Check the information received. This is a list of news, announcements, publications that are related to the right person. The last name, first name and other data are also displayed there..

In a mobile application through contact sync

Search in social networks by phone number is possible in another way:

  1. Create a new contact on your mobile. Save the number you need to find.
  2. Download the VK application, create your own page or login with a username and password, if it already exists.
  3. Click on the “Settings” tab. This is a gear symbol..
  4. Select “Account”.
  5. Find the Contact Sync tab. Click on her.
  6. Tick ​​the box “Only contacts” and click “Save”. The application will download the numbers from the phone book of the smartphone.
  7. Open the “Friends” field and click on the “+” sign to add the desired number.
  8. Click on the Contact Us section of the Import Friends tab.
  9. Confirm the operation with the “Yes” button..
  10. Find the right person, add him as a friend or go to the page.

Facebook Search

Facebook search bar

This social network will provide a positive result if the phone number is tied to the profile, and the owner has not set a search restriction. Information will appear on the screen of the device even before pressing the “find” button. Tooltip gives links to suggested matches.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Go to the official Facebook site.
  2. Register or login with your username.
  3. Enter the number in the search engine field.
  4. Open the desired page of the wanted person.

Break the phone on Instagram

How to punch a phone on Instagram

It is not necessary to use a smartphone to find someone through Instagram. You can search by phone number on social networks on a laptop or computer. The main thing is that the required application is installed on the devices.

How to find information by number:

  1. Add the contact you are looking for in your address book.
  2. Go to the Instagram page and log in using your password and login..
  3. Find the People Search tab.
  4. Click on the “Connect Contact List” button on the page that opens..
  5. Find and select the desired user from the proposed system.

Learn through Odnoklassniki

If you forgot your password in Odnoklassniki

Previously, in OK, finding a person by phone was quick and easy using the password recovery feature. Now such a search is unavailable due to the fact that you need to enter a special code to confirm your identity, which comes to the wanted mobile phone.

Previously, the search went like this:

  1. Open the Odnoklassniki app.
  2. Click on the button “Forgot your password?”.
  3. Select “Phone” on the access recovery page.
  4. Specify the desired set of numbers in the top line.

Twitter people search

Twitter on smartphone

This social network will also ensure a successful search if the stranger is registered and his number is associated with the account:

  1. Add a contact to your mobile list.
  2. Download, install and log in to Twitter. You can search for information without registering.
  3. Go to the “Messages” field.
  4. Click “Find Friends”.
  5. Find the “Sync Contacts” field.
  6. Select the right person if he is registered and allowed the search.
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