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Smart, emotionally mature people are wary of spoken phrases. They carefully select the words to avoid negative or obscure subtext in their own expressions. Every smart person needs to know what stupid phrases to avoid, so as not to make others doubt the level of intelligence of the interlocutor.

I am a very smart person

Quote about stupid and smart people

A truly intelligent person does not need to prove it with words. He demonstrates his own intelligence through ideas and actions. If you have to constantly repeat that you are smart, then something is wrong.

It’s unfair

Adults are well aware that life is unfair. Whatever surprises she presents, you need to make every effort to solve the problem, and not complain about fate.

This has always been done.

Etabout the most stupid words that a modern person can pronounce. Progress does not stand still. Methods and processes are constantly updated. Resisting innovation means standing in the way of progressive change.

No offense … / With all due respect

Kant quote

When a person apologizes in advance, then he is sure that the utterance will offend the interlocutor. It is better to immediately eliminate the negative or offensive subtext from your own statement.

I can not

As soon as the interlocutor hears this phrase from you, he perceives it as “I will not.” In a difficult situation, you should look for ways out, and not immediately sign in your own impotence.

It’s not my fault

The habit of making excuses when making mistakes is a sign of stupidity. A smart person will not try to absolve himself of guilt. He will try to find solutions to the problem..

I will try to

Quote about mind and stupidity

Do not make promises that you cannot keep. The words “I will try” or “I will try” will mean that you will not make special attempts to do something. In case of self-doubt, the smart person will offer an alternative solution to the problem.

Everybody do it

Extremely stupid people adapt and follow the crowd. The simple knowledge that everyone does something in a certain way does not make these actions right. An attempt to change the usual course of things is a sign of the mind.

You always … / You never …

Typical exaggerations of “always” or “never” most of all irritate opponents in a dispute, forcing them to defend themselves. These are the most stupid phrases that a smart person should not pronounce. They only add fuel to the fire and increase the number of disagreements..

I told you)

Quote about stupid person

The error that you warned the interlocutor has already been made, and you should not once again remind about this. It’s better to help solve the problem and say some encouraging phrase.

This may be a stupid question

Starting your own speech with this phrase, you configure the person you are talking to to negatively perceive your thoughts. The clever is confident in his knowledge and will prefer to make an assumption, rather than ask for clarification of obscure points.

Nobody does it and I will not

If you want to look smart in the eyes of others, it is worth fighting the opinion of the crowd. It is not advisable to abandon what was conceived only because no one has done it before you. Smart knows well that the application of some efforts will help to find a way out of almost any difficult situations..

I have high IQ

Quote about the mind

IQ tests solely determine the ability to solve puzzles and problems. The high numbers obtained in this study are not at all a sign of intelligence and education..

Needless to say that …

This phrase automatically forces the person to disconnect so as not to waste time. Such words convince in advance that what is said below is obvious, and it is not worth discussing it..

Sorry to bother you…

When a person constantly apologizes before saying something, this indicates his insecurity. A self-sufficient person will pronounce a request decisively.

It is better to start it with the following words:

  1. Let me distract you for a minute.
  2. Could you help me?
  3. Would you find a moment to listen to me?

These words at the beginning of the request will demonstrate your confidence, and the interlocutor will not allow himself to refuse.

I don’t care / It doesn’t matter to me

People often pronounce these words under the influence of emotions. A smart person will always find time to contribute to the discussion of the problem, express an opinion and give advice.

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