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In Russia, there are several large mobile operators. Recently, a new Rostelecom SIM card has appeared, which offers tariff plans from a well-known company through the mvno system (virtual network). Previously, the company was engaged in the provision of fixed-line telephony, cable television and Internet connection services, but now it has also connected to the mobile communications market.

Mobile communications Rostelecom

The operator of the Internet and cable television launched the service – Rostelecom cellular communication. The opportunity to make calls in 65 regions of the Russian Federation. Mobile communications has become part of an integrated communication solution for the office, at home and beyond. On the official website, the company offers a set of tariffs that work on a subscription fee system and without it. Rostelecom SIM card works with all communication standards.

Rostelecom mobile starter pack

MVNO Rostelecom

The virtual mobile network was created on the basis of the Tele2 operator, it provides communications in 65 regions of the country. The mobile operator Rostelecom has established the condition that only subscribers who already use at least one of Rostelecom’s services will be able to use tariff plans and buy a new sim card. For example, if you use Internet traffic for a computer, then you can purchase a card.

After launching on the MVNO system, the company offers its users preferential conditions for connecting. After purchasing a SIM card, you will be given a one-time discount on paying for home phone services. The promotion includes free calls between mobile phones and home from Rostelecom. The tariff line of plans includes several packages that differ in their conditions.

How to become a Rostelecom subscriber

Anyone can’t just come to the sales office and buy a Rostelecom SIM card. The company connects to the mobile network only those who already use at least one of the services: cable TV, Internet or landline phone. Since 2019, the operator has provided a single account for payment of mobile and fixed services. It was announced that next year the sale of subscriber equipment in the service package will begin, tablets, smartphones in installments will be offered.

Rostelecom tariffs

At this stage, the operator offers several tariff plans. It’s worth choosing based on your needs for a particular package of services. The following connection options are presented on the official website of Rostelecom:

  1. Supersimka Free. It does not have a monthly fee; for all numbers in the home region, the cost of calls is 1.5 rubles per minute. For sms you will pay 1.5 p. / Pcs, mobile Internet – 1.5 p. / 1 ​​mb.
  2. Supersimka S. The subscription fee is 199 rubles per month, contains 200 minutes for calls, 2 GB of Internet traffic, 200 sms in all regions except Crimea.
  3. Supersimka M. Monthly fee – 399 rubles, contains 500 minutes to all numbers of Russia, 500 SMS, 10 GB of Internet everywhere except Crimea.
  4. Supersimka L. Subscription fee – 599 p., Includes 1000 minutes to all numbers, 1000 SMS and 10 GB of Internet.
  5. Supersimka XL. Subscription fee – 1199 p., Contains 2000 minutes for calls, 2000 SMS and 15 GB of Internet traffic.

Tariffs for mobile communication in Rostelecom

Simka Rostelecom

You can get a SIM card in Rostelecom salons, provided that you are already a subscriber of this company and use its services. It is currently impossible to find them in cellular networks. Simka is activated for free, you just need to insert the card into the phone. Upon receipt of the device by installments, it will immediately install mobile applications from Rostelecom.

SIM card and phone number

Existing subscribers of the company will be able to order a SIM card for themselves through the online store or by coming to the sales office. All new customers will be offered to become a mobile client when connecting any other services. There are no other ways to get a new number. Cards based on the coverage of Tele2 operator work, so they work now in 65 regions of Russia.

SIM card replacement

If your mobile phone was stolen or you lost it, then you need to replace the SIM card. It is possible to get a new sim and keep your previous number, set of services, options and tariff plan. Sim-card replacement / restoration services are provided at Rostelecom offices if the subscriber visits him personally and provides a document proving his identity and ownership of the number. Carries out a procedure for individuals for free.

Lock at will

This service is needed for the situation described above, because without blocking an attacker will be able to use a SIM card without your knowledge. Blocking will help to save funds on your account, prevent communication on your behalf. You can use one of the following methods for these purposes:

  1. Inside your personal account on the Rostelecom website. After authorization in the system, you need to use the prompts on the page and spend voluntarily blocking a SIM card without spending effort or money.
  2. Visit any operator service center, you can contact the office employee with a request to suspend the SIM card. The specialist will ask a few questions to confirm your ownership of this phone number. After that, he will immediately be able to block SIM.
  3. You can contact company support from another phone. You will also be asked a few questions, after which they will stop the action of the lost SIM.

Rostelecom SIM cards for different devices

Change of ownership

If you need to re-issue a SIM card, the owner must visit the sales and service center in person. A new card holder must be a subscriber of Rostelecom fixed-line services. If he is not, then he must purchase such a package along with the renewal of the card holder. To carry out the renewal procedure, the subscriber must:

  • pay all bills or debts for the services provided;
  • write your request in the service center;

The new customer must:

  • visit any customer service center;
  • sign an agreement.

Verification of room ownership Rostelecom

On the official website of Rostelecom there is a special tool to determine whether a number belongs to a particular operator. You just need to enter it in federal format through “7”. There are many such services that are easy to find on the Internet for “checking room ownership”.

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