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If a pregnant woman has increased pressure and tone of the uterus, doctors prescribe an effective and safe treatment without side effects involving the medical drug Nifedipine during pregnancy. This reliable and time-tested medicine successfully copes with arterial hypertension, while not having a detrimental effect on the fetus. Before taking Nifedipine for pregnant women, you must first consult with your local gynecologist, study the instructions.

What is nifedipine tablets

This medicine belongs to the pharmacological group of tocolytic drugs (it represents calcium channel blockers). It is aimed at reducing the tone of the uterus, relaxing smooth muscles, increasing the patency of blood vessels. In addition, he has antispasmodic, analgesic and sedative properties, a systemic effect in the body. There are two treatment areas: on the one hand, Nifedipine tablets are used to lower blood pressure, and on the other, they are used for uterine hypertonicity.


This therapeutic effect of nifedipine provides the active ingredient of the same name in the chemical formula, which acts directly on the blood vessels, but does not affect the activity of the myocardium. Its main task is to expand the vascular walls, increase the clearance for the passage of blood in the usual rhythm. The presence of nifedipine allows you to successfully fight the signs of angina pectoris, quietly removes the pressing chest pain, the occurrence of which for a pregnant woman remains a mystery. With hypertension and pregnancy, at the same time, the best cure cannot be found

The mechanism of action of nifedipine

The active component of the drug affects the smooth muscles of the uterus, while giving an impulse to the cerebral cortex. Thus relieves muscle spasm, provides long-awaited relief after the first dose of Nifedipine. This action guarantees a decrease in uterine tone, which means that the baby is completely safe, and the risk of premature birth is minimal. Positive dynamics are also observed in heart diseases, the main thing is to listen to the doctor and observe the dosage of the drug during pregnancy.

Nifedipine tablets

Why is it prescribed

Nifedipine is especially relevant for the threat of premature birth, because already after the first course taken, there is no talk of pathology. However, during pregnancy, it is important to continue to monitor your condition, timely respond to its slightest changes. The second direction is an increase in blood pressure, and such dangerous jumps against the background of an increase in the volume of systemic blood flow can occur at any time. So health control will definitely not be superfluous.

Nifedipine – instructions for use during pregnancy

The appointment of a characteristic medication is appropriate only on the recommendation of the attending physician, and the instruction is necessary only to familiarize yourself with the principle of action of Nifedipine. The drug predominates in free sale, however, with its unauthorized purchase, you should not start superficial self-medication, especially in an interesting position. Can be used only after a series of clinical studies – it is important to make sure that there will be no harm to the baby’s health.

1 trimester

At such an early date, it is better not to take Nifedipine during pregnancy, since serious health complications can occur in a woman’s body. For example, a child may be stunted or die in the womb. Particularly likely is a frozen pregnancy with negative consequences on the reproductive system of the affected woman. During this period, it is better to be treated with other tablets, the extreme case of oral administration of Nifedipine is a predisposition to the development of heart, kidney failure.

2nd and 3rd trimester

In this case, the use of Nifedipine during pregnancy is not contraindicated, it is even recommended strictly for medical reasons. Since the chemical composition of the drug contains calcium and magnesium, their action is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system as a whole. The intensive care regimen is designed for 5-6 days. During this period, it is allowed to drink 1-2 tablets at a time, while the maximum daily dose is not more than 6 pills. With its violation during pregnancy, extensive pathologies develop in the body of the mother and fetus.

Pregnant girl

How to take nifedipine during pregnancy

The drug is available in the form of tablets, intended for oral administration. When buying Nifedipine in a pharmacy or online pharmacy, a prescription is not required, but still it will not hurt to get the support of your doctor. Violation of the recommended doses is dangerous for the child, carries with it irreversible consequences for children’s health. Among these, doctors do not even exclude cerebral edema. Drink Nifedipine tablets in 1-2 pieces, but not more than 6 per day. The duration of intensive care during pregnancy is negotiated individually.

Side effects and contraindications

Oral administration of nifedipine during pregnancy is not indicated for all women with characteristic symptoms. The instructions contain medical contraindications, including:

  • unstable hemodynamics;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • persistent angina pectoris;
  • aortic stenosis;
  • lactation period;
  • hepatic and renal failure;
  • tendency to internal hemorrhage;
  • hypersensitivity to the active component.

The drug Nifedipine for pressure during pregnancy has unexpressed pharmacokinetics, while not excluding the risk of side effects. There are many potential anomalies, but the most common are the following:

  • systematic shortness of breath;
  • weakness, increased drowsiness;
  • spleen, depression;
  • bouts of nausea, vomiting;
  • confusion of consciousness;
  • migraine attacks;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • frequent fainting;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • disturbance of the phase of sleep;
  • increased bleeding gums;
  • allergic skin reactions.

If such side effects occur during a progressing pregnancy, it is recommended that you immediately cancel Nifedipine oral administration and consult your local doctor for an analogue. Such clinical pictures are extremely rare in practice, in most cases, the drug adapts imperceptibly in the pregnant body, acts directly on the pathology site without additional “special effects”.

The girl is sick

Nifedipine Price

The cost of a medicine in the city’s pharmacies is different, but in general, such a medicine is inexpensive. If you order and buy it online, the price will be even cheaper. Delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg is not a hassle, the goods arrive on time. If Nifedipine is recommended for tone of the uterus or hypertension, the following are pharmacies where you can make such an important and medically relevant purchase without special hassle.

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