Tobacco for a pipe – an overview of the best varieties for smoking from leading brands with a description, characteristics and price

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In the modern world, tobacco smoking from a pipe remains a popular and common occurrence. Manufacturers offer a choice of a wide range of pipe tobacco, which is represented by dozens of varieties, brands and flavors. At the sight of such a variety it is very difficult to decide on a suitable mixture. Today, you can easily find a flavored product with the taste of grapefruit or mango, cognac or chocolate, coffee, blueberry pudding and other exotic variations.

How to choose tobacco for the pipe

To choose the best tobacco for the pipe and order it in the online store with delivery by mail, you should take into account several criteria. First of all, keep in mind that such products are a mixture of different varieties of tobacco and components that have gone through several stages of processing. Some components give this product a rich taste, while others give aroma and strength. There are substances that “function” as seasonings – they can improve the taste of the tobacco mixture or hopelessly spoil it. At the initial stage of selection, consider the classification:

  • Aromatics. Since its inception, a flavored smoking pipe product has remained the most sought after and best-selling product in the world. Such a mixture in most cases is made on the basis of Virginia, Cavendish, Burley. A distinctive feature of the product is the presence of sweetened berlium Cavendish in the composition. This group combines products with flavors that can taste like mango, chocolate, coffee, and more. Often a flavored tobacco product is wet – this can lead to hot smoking and burns to the tongue. You will not find a taste similar to the aroma of tobacco in these formulations..
  • Berlium mixtures. Burley is the main component in this tobacco product – and not rarely the only one. It was popular in the USA, from where it spread throughout the world. Many pipe tobacco manufacturers have berlium mixtures in their assortment, and these are not necessarily flavored compounds. It should be remembered that Burley, used in inexpensive pipe tobacco, often has a characteristic flavor that is not for every smoker.
  • Virginia blends. At the initial stage of acquaintance with smoking pipes, it is recommended to bypass clean virgin compositions The high sugar content in such products will increase the temperature of smoking. The fact is that the refined taste of Virginia encourages more and more to draw in smoke from the pipe. The very nature of the taste of this product for a beginner may seem unintelligible, spoiling the first impressions of smoking a pipe.
  • Latakievye mixes. Despite its characteristic aroma and taste, Latakia-based mixtures give a cool, soft smoke. Fans of this smoking pipe product are huge. Often Latakia favors the mistakes of beginners, therefore, it is not necessary to bypass the mixture based on it when choosing the first tobacco products for the pipe. This may be a better choice than thick flavored mixes..

When planning to buy tobacco for a pipe, decide on the approximate aroma that you are looking for in it. It can be a rich complex and complex taste, a sweet (“festive”) aroma or a light and refined shade of natural tobacco. Decide on the strength and sweetness of products that can be sweet (Luxury Bull’s Eye, Reiner Long Golden Flake), strong (Peterson Irish Flake, Brown Bogie) and medium strength and sweetness (Full Virginia Flake, Samuel Gawith). Choose a convenient form of tobacco:

  • Sliced ​​products. It is sold in special banks and is completely ready for use..
  • In flakes. Such a product is tobacco leaves pressed into piles and cut across. These plates are used in two ways: they can be twisted into a roll and put into chambers or fluffed plates and used as regular chopped tobacco.
  • In briquettes. Before using, the briquette will need to be cut independently. Tobacco in this form is strong – it is better for beginner pipe smokers to abandon it.

Pipe Tobacco Varieties

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, also familiarize yourself with the varieties of tobacco. They differ from each other in cost, aroma and strength. The most common varieties that are included in most pipe mixes are:

  • Burley One of the most common tobacco varieties that is used to create the composition of products for the pipe. The popularity is due not only to natural characteristics, but also to Burley’s peculiar universality, which is expressed in the bestowal of his taste and in incorporating third-party flavors. By itself, this variety is tobacco with a low sugar content, but often with a high strength, cool and slowly burning..
  • Cavendish This variety is obtained from Virginia or Burley by holding tobacco leaves under pressure. In this case, tobacco is often subjected to heat treatment during pressing. Due to this, natural sugar is extracted “to the surface”, which affects the taste of tobacco. Cavendish is often sweetened and aromatized during cooking..
  • Latakia These are leaves that have been smoked in hot smoke. Oriental Oriental varieties (often Smyrna), which have a characteristic, unique taste, are taken as a basis. The use of certain types of wood for smoking gives the product a powerful and recognizable flavor.
  • Kentucky This variety is a Burnley derivative. Its leaves are subjected to fire drying, due to which the finished product for smoking retains its strength and acquires a rich, dense aroma. Kentucky also undergoes other processing methods, but the languor of tobacco leaves hung in barns in the smoke of smoldering logs is a feature of the variety.
  • Oriental (Oriental). By this name is meant a whole group of tobacco, which is grown in Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries. Products from each region have their own taste differences. The leaves of this group are small in size. For processing, they are dried in the open sun..
  • Virginia One of the most popular varieties around the world, the leaves of which contain a lot of natural sugar. Virginia’s location with different types of fermentation and tobacco leaf processing methods allows the final product to have a large number of flavors.
  • Perique This is one of those “seasonings”, which was mentioned above. Due to the long and complex processing to which the leaves are exposed, Perik is distinguished by a peculiarly bright and rich taste, aroma.

Smoking pipe

Pipe tobacco

Today in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of the country there are dozens of types of products intended for smoking pipes. A considerable part of it is produced in the United States of America. Some products are a whole composition of a number of components. Based on various ratings, the following popular brands of pipe tobacco can be distinguished:

  • Mac Baren
  • Corsair;
  • Dunhill;
  • Captain Black;
  • Peterson.

Mac baren

Mac Baren Lightweight Pipe Tobacco 7 Seas Royal Blend provides soft and pleasant pipe smoking. The finished flake has a Ribbon Cut. The combination of tobacco smell against the background of sweet and sour fruits gives a velvety aroma. Thanks to the balanced aroma of slightly moist tobacco, you will feel some lightness and freshness. In addition, this product is free from excessive cloying. Produced by 7 Seas Royal Blend in Denmark, the fortress on a 5-point scale is from 1 to 1.5:

  • name: Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal Blend;
  • price: 470 p. / 40 g;
  • composition: Burley, Virginia, Black Cavendish;
  • taste characteristics: soft, vanilla aroma, floral-fruity, creamy and delicate finish;
  • pluses: mild taste, pleasant aroma;
  • cons: weak, not enough strength.

Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal Blend

An alternative could be the Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia. The strength of the mixture is 1-1.5 points. The flake of this product is made with Ribbon sliced. The optimal temperature and smoking speed along with a small fortress will give a pleasant feeling:

  • name: Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia;
  • price: 585 p. / 40 g;
  • composition: Virginia, Cavendish, Burley;
  • taste characteristics: persistent cherry aroma against the background of natural sweetness, caramel and tobacco-woody notes appear by the end of smoking.
  • pluses: taste, quality, pleasant aroma;
  • cons: excessive cloying, more expensive than analogues.

Mac baren


Tobacco mix Corsair Cherry from the Dutch manufacturer STG has a strength of 2.5 out of 5 in terms of strength. The product has a small and medium cut, has a pleasant aroma of cherry and rich flavor:

  • name: Corsair Cherry;
  • price: 360 p. / 40 g;
  • composition: Kentucky, Black Cavendish, Virginia;
  • taste characteristics: Black Cavendish adds aroma and strength, and Kentucky and Golden Virginia – give a sweet taste;
  • pluses: pleasant aroma, rich smell, smokes well;
  • cons: a slightly blurry finish.

Corsair cherry

Corsair Honey & Mango is another good small and medium cut pipe tobacco from a manufacturer from the Netherlands. On a 5-point scale, this product has 2.5 points, in more detail:

  • name: Corsair Honey & Mango;
  • price: 360 p. / 40 g;
  • composition: Kentucky, Black Cavendish, Virginia;
  • taste characteristics: honey, mango;
  • pluses: original combination, mild taste;
  • cons: strong smell for others.

Corsair honey & mango


On sale you can find a large assortment of products from the Danish manufacturer Dunhill. One of them is Dark Flake, which is created for those who like the rich taste of sweet dark Virginia, which is emphasized by Perik. The fortress is 3 points:

  • name: Dunhill Dark Flake;
  • price: 920 p. / 50 g;
  • composition: Perique, Virginia;
  • taste characteristics: rich balanced taste, having subtle notes of dried fruits;
  • pluses: easy, unobtrusive, sweet Virginia;
  • cons: expensive.

Dunhill dark flake

One of the best blends from the Dunhill brand is the De Luxe Navy Rolls, which is packed in a classic round jar. This product is not for the novice smoker, as Due to the high Virginia content, certain smoking skills are required. This variety must be able to smoke “cold.” The fortress is 2.5 points:

  • name: Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls;
  • price: 870 p. / 50 g;
  • composition: Perique, Virginia;
  • taste characteristics: natural aroma, delicate, soft, sweetish;
  • pluses: recognizes the taste of cigar tobacco, tastes good;
  • cons: high cost.

Dunhill de luxe navy rolls

Captain black

If you are looking for quality pipe tobacco smoking, then Captain Black Gold may be of interest to you. To prepare this product, golden tobacco leaves rich in aroma are used. The fortress on a 5-point scale is 1-1.5 points. The manufacturer is Lane Ltd. (USA):

  • name: Captain Black Gold;
  • price: 426 p. / 42.5 g;
  • composition: Cavendish;
  • taste characteristics: rich taste, rich aroma with hints of chocolate and vanilla;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, in comparison with analogs it is less saturated with fragrances;
  • cons: no.

Captain black gold

Captain Black Cherry is a sumptuous mix of several varieties of wide-cut Burley, toasted Cavendish and Light Virginia. The strength of the product is 1-1.5 points:

  • name: Captain Black Cherry;
  • price: 426 p. / 42.5 g;
  • composition: Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia;
  • taste characteristics: rich cherry flavor;
  • pluses: reasonable price, pleasant smell of cherries;
  • cons: highly flavored.

Captain black cherry


Peterson 1865 Original Mixture is one of three new blends in the Founders Collection range. The basic component is Latakia, which is complemented by a small amount of tobacco products of other varieties. The fortress is 2.5 points:

  • name: Peterson 1865 Original Mixture;
  • price: 1770 p. / 100 g;
  • composition: Latakia;
  • taste characteristics: there are characteristic smoked notes;
  • pluses: ideal condition in order to immediately hammer in the tube;
  • Cons: Intrusive smoked, slightly bitter.

Peterson 1865 Original Mixture

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