Types of Scrapbooking Paper – An Overview of Quality, Design, Density, Textures and Price

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The special art of scrapbooking requires the use of special materials. The basis of them is scrapbooking paper, which can be of various types: color and white, with and without a pattern, a dense cardstock or thin tracing paper. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer many options for paper sheets, among them you will find the right material for their crafts.

What is scrapbooking paper

To make out boxes, photo albums, postcards and other items in scrapbooking, special paper is used. Creations should not lose their aesthetics for many years, so special materials are used. Everyone who decides to make a quality product needs to know what scrap paper is and how it differs from other types. The absence of lignin and acid in the composition is the key to the strength and preservation of the original color for a long time.

Scrapbooking Wrapping Paper

How to use scrapbooking paper

Skilful craftswomen use paper sheets as the basis for products. In the arsenal of needlewomen hundreds of types of sheets of different densities, sizes, textures and colors. Initially, the idea of ​​scrapbooking was to beautifully design the photo, but today the scope of creativity has expanded. Sheets are used to create not only photo albums, but also cards, boxes, wedding invitations, coasters for mugs, chocolates and much more.

Types of paper

With a question where to buy paper for scrapbooking, beginners will have no problems. A wide range of materials is presented in office, specialized, art real and online stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. There are three broad categories that can be divided into scrapbooking paper. Each category hides a lot of types of scrapbooking paper that can be expensive or cheap:

  • cardboard – density 120-700 g / m2;

  • paper (tracing paper, thin – 100-150 g / m2, multilayer – 150-200 g / m2);
  • design options (a broad concept, which means special species: banana, rice, burlap, etc.).

Scrapbooking Cardboard

For cards, boxes, albums, covers and other products in scrap, cardboard is used. Dense material comes in multicolored and textured. For your work, you can buy cardboard with glitter, sparkles, foil or with other effects. Several types of cardboard are used in scrap, each of which has its own nuances..


Hygroscopicity is a feature of beer cardboard. Of the material, coasters for glasses are often made, from where the name appeared. You can buy beer cardboard for scrapbooking and for the basis of covers, money boxes, photo frames and more. High-quality beer cardboard offers the Neva palette:

  • model name: BEERMAT BOARD

  • price: 51 rubles;
  • characteristics: thickness – 1.55 mm, density – 660 g / m2, size – 30x30cm;
  • pluses: low weight;
  • cons: delamination may occur during bending.

Beer cardboard BEERMAT BOARD

Beer cardboard is offered by several manufacturers; one of the popular sets offers Hobby & You:

  • model name: art. HY1001555

  • price: 50 p. for 6 pcs.;
  • characteristics: 15,5×15,5x 1,5cm, bleached;
  • pros: easy to cut;
  • cons: bends badly.

HY1001555 Bleached Beer Cardboard Set


When creating boxes and covers by craftsmen, binding cardboard is actively used. Aluvision offers several types of material:

  • model name: 2 mm binding cardboard;

  • price: 18 p. per piece;
  • specifications: 2 mm, A4, gray;
  • pluses: durable;
  • cons: not flexible.

Binding cardboard 2 mm

Another noteworthy manufacturer of bookbinding products, Luxline:

  • model name: 1.2 mm binding cardboard;

  • price: 17 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: thickness – 1.2 mm, size – 25×30 cm;
  • pluses: not stratified;
  • cons: hard to cut.

Bookbinding cardboard 1.2 mm


Thick sheets of cardboard type are called cardstock. It comes in different colors and textures: felt, silk, wood, leather. Such a decorative cardstock in Stamperia offers:

  • model name: Watch;

  • price: 65 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: bilateral, size – 31.2×30.3 cm;
  • Pros: easy to cut and tear;
  • cons: high cost.

Cardstock Stamperia Watches

A wide selection of cardstock of different textures is made under ScrapBerry’s TM:

  • model name: ScrapBerry’s cardstock textured;

  • price: 30 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: 30.5×30.5 cm, 230 g / m;
  • pluses: interesting texture;
  • cons: hard to cut.

ScrapBerry's cardstock textured

Corrugated cardboard.

The use of corrugated cardboard in scrapbooking is rarely allowed. Complex material in processing offers in a set of 4 multi-colored sheets TM Alt:

  • model name: color corrugated cardboard;

  • price: 68 p.;
  • characteristics: 4 colors, A4 format;
  • pluses: bright colors;
  • cons: heavy handling.

Set of metallized colored corrugated cardboard

For children’s creativity, a set of corrugated cardboard goes on sale from TM Application:

  • model name: color corrugated cardboard wavy;

  • price: 121 p.;
  • characteristics: 5 sheets, A4 format;
  • Pros: original texture;
  • cons: hard to handle.

Colored coated corrugated board

Color cardboard

For crafts in scrapbooking, cardboard of all colors and shades is often used. The set from Heyda is in demand and widely known:

  • model name: For hobbies and needlework;

  • price: 569 p.;
  • characteristics: 25 sheets, density – 300 g;
  • pluses: 25 bright shades;
  • cons: heavy – package weight 600 g.

Heid's Colored Cardboard Set

The collections of Art Uzor show an incredible number of materials, including colored cardboard:

  • model name: Indian motifs;

  • price: 6 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: density – 250 g, A4 format, pearl shade;
  • pluses: inexpensive;
  • cons: grayish tint of the second side.

Colored Cardboard Sheets with Indian Motifs

Scrapbooking Sheets

Special paper is the basis for the work of scrap craftswomen. It is important to check before buying that the material does not contain lignin and acids. The correct composition is a guarantee that the product does not fade, does not turn yellow over time. Density, color, texture and other features affect how much scrapbooking paper costs, these parameters are selected based on the purpose of the material.

Plain paper

Experts recommend combining patterns with plain paper. A wide selection of base materials is presented in Fleur design:

  • model name: “Salmon”, collection “Clean and Simple Basic”;

  • price: 220 r.;
  • characteristics: 30×30, density 190 g, 10 sheets;
  • pluses: optimal density so as not to use a substrate;
  • cons: not found.

Plain paper with scrapbooking pattern Salmon

Products from TM Needles Arti are famous for their quality among needlewomen:

  • model name: A set of textured paper;

  • price: 233 p.;
  • characteristics: size – 30.5×30.5 cm, 10 pcs.;
  • pluses: saturated color;
  • cons: not found.

Textured Paper Set

Black and white

Often, craftswomen use black and white colors for their handicrafts. An excellent option with a curly edge offers Mr. Painter:

  • model name: black and white patterns No. 2;

  • price: 176 p.;
  • specifications: 18 sheets, 15.2 x 15.2 cm;
  • Pros: a variety of designs in the package;
  • cons: small size.

Paper with black and white abstract pattern.

The Prima Marketing collection has paper that can be used in the original black and white version or painted in any color, giving the material an individuality:

  • model name: Prima Marketing Roxanne;

  • price: 72 p. per sheet;
  • characteristics: black and white drawing, size – 30.5×30.5 cm;
  • pluses: you can colorize;
  • cons: not found.

Prima Marketing Roxanne Black and White Contour Paper

Scrapbooking paper set

Many manufacturers complete sheets into sets, selecting them by theme, tone and mood. The following kit is in demand:

  • Model Name: Snow White Rainbow Colors;

  • price: 529 r.;
  • characteristics: 27 sheets, size – 30.5×30.5 cm;
  • pluses: a variety of designs in one set, combining with each other;
  • cons: single sided paper.

Set of color paper for scrapbooking with frames and icons.

A set of scrapbooking paper with a geometric pattern in black, white and brown colors is available for sale under TM Docrafts:

  • Model Name: Geometric Mono Docrafts;

  • price: 680 r.;
  • characteristics: density – 160 g, 36 sheets;
  • pluses: no lignin and acid;
  • cons: you need a substrate, since the density is low.

Geometric Mono Docrafts set of 36 sheets of paper.

With flowers

If you decide to order paper for scrapbooking on the Internet with mail delivery, then be careful. The monitor does not convey colors accurately, as a result, instead of a muffled shade, you risk getting a bright childish color that does not fit other materials. Discounts, promotions, sales – this is a clear advantage of online shopping, but the risk of miscalculating with color remains. If you are not sure which scrap paper to buy for work, pay attention to options from one collection or sets. ТМ Folia offers a wide range of materials combining among themselves:

  • model name: Folia motif “Flowers-2”;

  • price: 352 p. for 5 pcs.;
  • characteristics: with glitter, 30.5×30.5cm, density 190 g;
  • pluses: archival quality;
  • cons: high cost.

Colored paper with a pattern of Turkish cucumbers Folia

A bright and juicy composition of pink and green colors is offered by K & Company:

  • model name: Delicate bouquet. Green curls;

  • price: 22 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: 30×30 cm, medium density, one-sided;
  • pluses: in the collection of jewelry – labels, brads, etc.
  • cons: need a backing.

Vintage style boom

With patterns

Scrap materials often use patterned materials. For example, from Scrapberry’s an original cat in a vest:

  • model name: Basik, Vest;

  • price: 24 p. per piece;
  • characteristics: bilateral, density – 180 g / m2;
  • pluses: good density;
  • cons: there may be difficulties with the selection of materials to be combined.

Cat and fish print paper

High-quality and dense scrapbooking materials from ScrapLike are popular. One of the sales leaders is the following sheet:

  • model name: Vintage; Pink buds and polka dots;

  • price: 29 p.;
  • characteristics: 30.5×30.5 cm, density – 190 g / m2;
  • pluses: archival quality;
  • cons: not found.

Sets of paper with patterns in vintage style.

Scrapbooking tracing paper

Parchment paper, vellum or tracing paper is a thin material for scraping, which is used in many aspects of creativity. Exquisite version from the Russian manufacturer:

  • model name: Handicraft, Patterns and polka dots;

  • price: 52 p. per piece;
  • Characteristics: A4 format, density 110 g;
  • pluses: graceful drawing;
  • cons: ordinary glue may shine through, need special.

Lace paper

A delicate version with a white lace pattern offers a vine:

  • model name: LO-K101 “Fairytale Dreams”;

  • price: 210 p.;
  • characteristics: translucent, white pattern, size – 30.5X30.5;
  • Pros: chlorine-free whitening;
  • cons: high cost.

Paper with white lace pattern. Dreamland.

Colored paper with drawings

Art prints and abstract drawings on colored paper are successful material that helps to embody original ideas in scrap. You can select products under TM Application:

  • model name: Our baby;

  • price: 123 p.;
  • characteristics: 12 sheets, 30×30 cm;
  • pluses: bright, rich colors;
  • cons: not found.

A set of paper with drawings Our baby TM Applique

Drawings do not have to be highlighted. Loza company offers colored paper with a delicate embossed pattern:

  • model name: Curls;

  • price: 199 p.;
  • Characteristics: 3 sheets per pack, A4 format, density 160 g;
  • pluses: archival quality;
  • cons: high cost.

Colored paper with embossed pattern

Scrapbooking paper for children

When designing children’s albums, metrics and implementing other ideas, the craftswomen often resort to children’s topics. Manufacturers create collections of materials on children’s subjects, for example, a set from ARTformat:

  • model name: Our baby;

  • price: 298 r.;
  • characteristics: 24 sheets, density – 100 g;
  • pluses: 12 designs;
  • cons: low density, you need a substrate.

Scrapbooking paper Our baby from ARTformat

An interesting idea from TM Zaika Mi is presented in a set on a children’s theme from 9 sheets:

  • Model Name: Bunny Mi Toddlers

  • price: 251 p.;
  • characteristics: size – 30.5×30.5 cm;
  • pluses: archival quality;
  • cons: not found.

Scrapbooking paper set My little star

How to choose scrapbooking paper

The main parameter that you need to pay attention to when choosing scrap paper is its quality. To determine it, pay attention to the technical parameters. The composition should not contain lignin and acids, archival quality is a sign of material worthy of attention. The remaining parameters are determined by the purpose for which the material is intended:

  • density – 150, 160, 180, 190, 220, 260 g / m2;

  • unilateral or bilateral;
  • the surface is textured, smooth, with glitter (gloss) or matte;
  • size 30×30, 20×20 and 15×15 cm.
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