What is content on Tele2: how to connect subscriptions

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Mobile newsletters provided by Tele2 operator is a paid service that the user can independently connect in different ways (request for short numbers, personal account, etc.). Such content includes various kinds of information notifications sent via SMS, messages of an entertaining nature, etc..

Varieties of content on Tele2

Paid or free newsletters provided by the operator are configured at the discretion of the subscriber based on his personal interests and preferences. There are the following types of subscriptions:

  • Tele2 guide;
  • mobile portal;
  • children’s portal;
  • educational portal;
  • sports portal;
  • news;
  • gaming portal;
  • quiz;
  • weather;
  • exchange rates;
  • jokes.

How to find out your subscriptions

Tele2 Subscription Management

The mobile operator provides the subscriber with the ability to flexibly configure and complete control of mailings. Tele2 subscription management and verification of connected newsletters is carried out in the following ways:

Call to the operator

  1. Call short number 611, wait for operator response.
  2. Verify your identity with passport details.
  3. Ask for information on all active mailings. The operator at the request of the client will tell you how to unsubscribe from subscriptions on Tele2.

Visit to the office of a mobile operator

  1. Find out through the website or in another way the address of the office of the mobile operator Tele2.
  2. On arrival, confirm your identity by providing the operator or consultant with passport details.
  3. Ask for oral or written information on current subscriptions.

Through personal account

  1. Prohibition of Tele2 content is possible after authorization in your account (access is possible from a personal computer or via a wap portal).
  2. Go to the “Subscription Management” tab, then “Rates and Services”.
  3. Deactivate unnecessary services or find out which are currently active..

Ussd command

  1. Send a request to the short number * 189 #.
  2. The response message contains information and identifiers of all valid SMS mailings. You can disable Tele2 content by sending a short request of the form * 605 * 0 * XX #, where XX is the subscription identifier.

Connect paid content

Tele2 subscriptions often provide important, relevant information. You can manage newsletters and activate new content in the following ways:

  1. Call to the operator. Dial the short number 611, confirm your identity by naming passport details. Then ask the call center employee to provide information about paid content, and then connect the necessary.
  2. Personal Area. Log in to the site https://tele2-tarify.ru. Go to the “Subscription Management” tab, then “Tariffs and Services”. Find mailings of interest, activate them.
  3. When visiting the Tele2 office. Verify your identity by showing your passport to the operator. Then ask the consultant to provide information about paid content and connect the desired.

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