What does it mean to make a signal in VK – options on paper, on the body and without a face

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To confirm the authorship of a photo or video on VKontakte, you must clearly understand what a signal is, why, when it is used. This term is relatively young, originally appeared among users of social networks, it is considered a good opportunity to reduce the number of fakes. For modern youth it has become an original sign of gratitude, a way of expressing the sincerity of romantic feelings. Therefore, it will not hurt all network users to find out what signals are in VK, how to use this attribute correctly.

What does it mean to make a signal

At a specific email address you can find the page of the user VKontakte and other social networks. To make sure once again that the interlocutor has contacted your account, he may ask for confirmation of the authenticity of the content. There are several options, and one of them is a signal with a name in the photos. Real photos are posted on avatars or at the request of a user. Such images are full of social networks, they wander around the Internet in unlimited quantities.

Photo signals on paper are processed in Photoshop

What does the word mean?

The meaning of the word sign in translation from English sounds something like this: “denoting a signature.” Roughly speaking, this is a gift photo, as a form of gratitude on social networks. Signs can gain a lot of votes, become a subject of publicity or be sent by personal message, like something secret to the addressee. Initially, on a blank piece of paper, users wrote the address of their social network page and took pictures to eliminate the suspicion of a fake.

Later, the signals became a gift, a surprise, a romantic recognition. This sign of attention is often shared by modern youth, and leaves a thematic inscription not only on paper, but also on one of the visible parts of the body. This also matters, since in this way it is possible to confirm not only the authenticity of the VK account, but also the self. So do the signals on the arm, leg, chest, face, other parts of the body (at will).

Why do we need signals

Before making a signal in VK, it is important not only to understand the significance of this youth slang, but also its necessity in practice. Some users make a cryptic signal the name of the page to attract a large number of fans with their mystery. This is a feature of beautiful girls who draw attention to their figure, but initially cover their faces with a sign. So you can become the idol of modern youth.

The second option is to use the signal when they want to find out whether the pretty girls are real or the fake wandering around the Internet. For example, they ask on a piece of paper or part of the body to write the name of the guy, take a selfie with a transfer to the addressee. This also applies to athletic, attractive guys who have become frequent visitors to social networks. Some girls, especially curious and suspicious, want to find out if their idol is fake or real. In addition, making signals is considered a fashionable youth movement, a trend of modern youth..

What can I write

Over the past year, the mysterious signal is very popular, and many VKontakte pages cannot do without its direct participation. On such realistic photos, poses and inscriptions are distinguished, goals for taking selfies and feedback from users of social networks. Pictures can cause increased public interest with their peculiar appearance, and then they will surely gain a lot of likes, positive comments, which is especially important for life hacking.

Studying what a signal is, the question arises of which signature should be and is appropriate in the picture. There are many options, for example, what they ask to do the addressee, then write on a piece of paper, parts of the body. More often, girls leave declarations of love on their chests and arms or simply write their name, the name of a particular guy to confirm the authenticity of the page, public. The main thing is to take pictures in an original and heartfelt manner, such pictures will not necessarily remain without attention. Instead of inscriptions, you can use drawings, for example, from thematic sites and not only.

What to draw

Graphic images are also part of the current theme of modern youth, what is a signal. Initially, it all started with the signature of the name, but over time, such a gift photo acquired a deeper meaning, capacious content. For example, sentimental girls in drawings on their bodies left a romantic message for the guys they liked. Other users of social networks created true masterpieces on the body to increase the number of likes and comments..

How to make signals

There are special sites on the World Wide Web devoted to the topic of creating a signal with and without translations. There you can find valuable recommendations on how to check such a picture for authenticity, and exclude another fake on the network. Even some celebrities use signals instead of a personal autograph in virtual communication with fans and fans. In the same way, famous people confirm the authenticity of email addresses on social networks. It’s useful to know how to make the right signals, and what tricks of this fascinating process exist.

Signal Girl

Video signals

Signs have become not only a good opportunity to confirm your identity on social networks, but also a profitable source of income. Especially popular users with a huge number of subscribers sell their own photos with the signatures of their fans for money. Many “novice celebrities” are also hunting for this, but they still do it as an advertisement, as a PR.

Recently, not only photo-snapshots have become popular among young people, but also short (short) video clips that also confirm the identity of the author, transmitting a certain message with a meaning to the addressee. If we talk about the classic video signal, the following is the home instruction for creating such an original material:

  1. Create a thematic inscription on a sheet of paper or hand that the addressee asked for confirmation.
  2. Run a video clip, forward it to the addressee. Simply put, in the video a man shows an inscription with the name of a friend, girlfriend, etc..
  3. Send the finished video work to the wall or by personal message – at the discretion of the creator of the video.

Guy video signal

On the hand

This is the most popular option for social networks. To create a signal on the hand, you must act in the following sequence:

  1. Write on the bare hand the inscription that was asked.
  2. Take a picture so that you can see the face and the original signature.
  3. Forward the finished picture – a signal to the addressee.

Photo of a girl with a signal on her hand

On paper

You can create a signal on a regular sheet of paper. This is often done by celebrities or ordinary users of the world wide web to confirm the authenticity of their electronic page. Such signals appeared one of the first, so there are no problems when creating them. So:

  1. Write your name, guy’s name or email address in legible handwriting on a piece of paper.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with a decorated piece of paper so that your face is clearly visible.
  3. Forward Signal to.

Girl with a signal on paper

Without face

Such real photos add intrigue, and are more often used on sites about losing weight, external transformation, etc. To create a signal without a face, you can also use a sheet of paper with decorated thematic inscription. Here is the instruction:

  1. To write on paper.
  2. Close face, take a photo.
  3. Forward Signal to.

Signal without face

Signature photo

Signal Girl

Cat signal

Signal on hand

Guy signal

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