When the baby begins to crawl, how many months

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Crawling helps to strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, but many pediatricians believe that this skill has a beneficial effect even on overall development: it affects the intellect, and contributes to the rapid formation of speech. Children who have learned to crawl begin to sit faster than their peers, so skipping this stage of development is not worth it.

When a child begins to crawl

At how many months the baby begins to crawl, many mothers are interested. Pediatricians believe that children show the first reflex attempts to crawl from birth. You have already noticed when you turn the baby on his tummy, put a support under his legs, the baby actively repels from it. However, you should not rejoice at the rapid progress, this stage will take place after 3 months.

At about 5 months, most babies have already mastered the independent turning of the body face down, actively sorting out their arms and legs, thereby pushing their body forward. During this period, you need to be especially careful, because it often happens that when you turn away for a second, the baby can be found on the floor. Do not worry when the child begins to crawl in a plastunsky way wrong sideways or backwards – this is the norm for most children of this age.

Baby crawls on all fours

When the baby starts crawling on all fours

For the baby to master the real cross crawl, when the arms and legs move synchronously, more than six months must pass. Doctors believe that children crawl well at 9 months, but you should not focus on such a strict framework. The time when children begin to crawl on all fours is determined strictly individually: some learn the skill in six months, others in a year or more.

Timely crawl will only benefit:

  • the baby improves coordination and tries to navigate in space;
  • strengthening the spine and muscles;
  • mobility and flexibility of joints develops;
  • sleep normalizes.

Little baby lies on his stomach

When the baby begins to crawl and sit

Parents often assume that when the baby begins to crawl on all fours, then it’s time to take an upright position – in other words, it’s time to get up and sit. In practice, the age of 7 months is the period when they are only trying to make attempts to move independently. The task of parents is to help them, not force them to do more..

The optimal period when children begin to crawl and sit is from 9 months to a year and a half. Having made the first attempts to stay comfortable sitting, your baby will be more confident. This is because in this situation much more is available: you can reach the desired toy, it is better to see mom and dad, learn new games. In this period, they begin to accustom children to the pot or put at a children’s table.

When the boys begin to crawl

It is believed that children of the same age, but of different sexes will begin to get up on all fours at a different length of time. This is true, for example, girls learn all the necessary skills faster. It is difficult to answer exactly what time the boys begin to crawl, it largely depends on the individual abilities of the child. It is believed that babies try to get up at 8 months and up to one and a half years.

Woman holds toddler by the handle

What time do the girls begin to crawl

From six months to 9 months – this is the optimal period when the girls begin to crawl. As a rule, female babies used to learn lessons not only crawling, but also learn to get up faster, then walk and talk. If by this time your baby is still not trying to move herself, you should not sound the alarm. You should know that each newborn is individual. If the baby is healthy and active, it means that the time has not come yet.

How to teach a baby to crawl

Until the baby himself is ready to make attempts to crawl or sit, all the efforts of the parents will be in vain. Only after the baby learns to roll on his stomach or try to kneel himself, is it worth stimulating his actions. There are several rules for teaching a child to crawl:

  • Regularly stretch the muscles of the legs and arms of even a month old baby, do a simple back massage.
  • Do light gymnastics. Well, if you yourself can stop being afraid, master the exercises on fitball or teach the baby to swim.
  • At 6 months, the muscles of the baby’s arms and legs are very weak, so squatting is not easy: the body sways in different directions, the baby cannot keep balance for a long time. Help your child at this stage, holding the ass, imitating the movement of arms and legs.
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