The architectural element is the happy accidents of designer Bud Dietrich

Bud Dietrich Bathroom Interiors

But the homeowners use the bathroom as a bar and have a party in it. Beer, popcorn and ice filled hot tubs. Bottles of wine and glasses were arranged on the dressing table, and the atmosphere was warmed by a flame in a beautiful a fireplace for a house.

Throughout the evening, the bathroom was filled with guests, friends and relatives of the couple. No one cared about the fact that it was all happening in a toilet. People walked and partied all night long. The architect did not expect such a turn of events, but was very happy that his work was so liked by the people.

Bedroom interior by Bud Dietrich

The owners later called their bed the "moon headboard". And like their ancestors millennia ago who celebrated a pagan rite, the owners look forward to the biannual appearance of a triangular piece of moonlight falling on their heads.

Bud Dietrich's bedroom interior
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