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A thin aspen waist is dreamed by all, without exception, but not every nature has endowed with a magnificent figure. Some women have fat where it should not be – on the sides, hips, stomach. Not always a diet helps to bring these parts of the body in order. Much more effective will be simulators for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. Studying with them in the gym or at home, you will quickly get in shape and see the desired result on the scales.

What simulators clean the stomach and sides

Manufacturers offer a huge number of options. In order to choose the best simulator for the abdomen and waist, you should carefully study the range, compare it with your budget. Some models can not afford everything, while others are available to a wide range of consumers. Choose the right one – and the thought of how to lose weight in the stomach will cease to be relevant for you.

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Review of effective weight loss simulators

Not all equipment offered in the gym will help to solve this particular problem. It will be possible to remove fat on the stomach and sides with the help of a power or cardio simulator:

  • The first option is used to develop and strengthen the muscles of the area in which the load.
  • Cardio training helps rapid weight loss, strengthen the heart. This happens by creating a load on each muscle group..

The best cardiovascular equipment

From this group it is worth highlighting the following models:

  1. Stepper. Classes on such a device are imitations of stairs, thanks to this many muscles work. In the fight against overweight, the stepper is incredibly effective, as well as against cellulite. This exercise machine will help you lose weight. Optimal aerobic exercise helps burn fat. In 30 minutes of classes you will lose about 270 kcal. The model is small and not as expensive as others.Stepper classes
  2. Exercise bike. Gives pressure on the press, hips, buttocks. Due to the fact that classes take place in a sitting position, you can train for a long time, while there will be no unnecessary load for the knees. Make the first sessions half an hour, gradually increase the duration of the lesson to an hour. If you want to achieve maximum weight loss, get out of the seat and work while standing.Girls exercise on weight loss exercise bikes
  3. Rowing machine. Inexpensive, compact fixture. From the name it is clear that the exercises on it resemble rowing. It strains all muscle groups, therefore, in an hour of an average intensity training, it is possible to burn up to 550 kcal. Start with short classes of 5 minutes, gradually increase the time. Abdominal and side rowing simulators – a great option for those who want to get a beautiful body.Woman on rowing machine
  4. Elliptical trainer. A great model for a comprehensive workout. Simulates athletic or skiing, with which all muscles are involved. Classes on an ellipsoid provide not only weight loss, but also help in the treatment of joints. In one workout, you can get rid of 750 kcal. Fat from the sides with regular exercise will go away very quickly.Slimming Orbitrek
  5. Treadmill. The simulator that you will meet at any fitness center. Not everyone can buy it at home, because the modern treadmill is too large. The load is regulated in two ways: by changing the degree of inclination, the speed of the moving element.Girls on a treadmill

On cardiovascular machines you can not do more than an hour. Start with a walking step on the track to gradually stretch your muscles and prepare your body for further exertion. To see the result, be sure to exercise three times a week. During classes, you should monitor the frequency of your heartbeat: take away your age from the number 220 and get the upper limit of the pulse. In training, your heart rate should be 60-70% of this indicator.

Strength training for abdominal and lateral muscles

To make the waist thin help such devices:

  1. Hula Hup. To get rid of fat on the sides and stomach, you can not find a better option. It is convenient to twist the hoop at home, even when watching your favorite movie, and you can take a folding hula-hoop with you on a trip. On sale there are models with balls, magnets, the first operate according to the same scheme as the exercise belt for the abdominal press. Hula-hoop massages the problem area, helps to destroy fat, helps fight cellulite. Train with a hoop regularly to keep fit.Hula-hoop for weight loss of the abdomen and sides
  2. Fitball. A huge ball for aerobic-strength training of all muscle groups. With its help, it will turn out the press to pump, push-ups, hold a light stretch. An additional advantage is that the classes are unusually fun. It is possible to lose weight due to the fact that depreciation during jumping creates a load on the press.Woman on fitball
  3. Disc “Grace”. The device, familiar to everyone since Soviet times, is a rotating circle, on which you just need to stand on your feet and turn in different directions. Muscles tighten when twisting the body. If you really don’t understand how to lose weight at the waist, just use Grace daily for 15-20 minutes. For strength exercises, choose a model equipped with expanders. Classes on it contribute to the development of the muscles of the press, shoulder girdle.Disc Grace Slimming Waist
  • Press bench. Such exercise machines are useful for losing weight in the abdomen and sides. They are a flat surface with a foot mount. There is a sophisticated model for exercises in which the body twists. They maximize the effect on the muscles of the back, abdomen. Regular workouts will make your waist thin. Better to start with simple exercises, and only then move on to more difficult ones. Find out more ways to lose weight in your stomach..Press bench
  1. Block simulator. Metal construction for weight lifting exercises, severity adjustable. For hands there is a rope or a special handle. It is used to work out the muscles of the abdomen, back. Training helps get rid of the sides. Do exercises on several approaches with breaks of 5 minutes.Block simulator
  2. AB Circle Pro Trainer. Exercises consist of twisting the body in different directions, standing on his knees. Very simple but incredibly effective for the sides and abdomen.AB Circle Pro
  3. Rider rider. Gives an excellent load. The exercises that are performed on such a simulator are leg presses and pulling the arms to the chest.Rider rider
  4. Press roller. An original and useful device for the abdomen and sides. The simulator is recommended to hold with two hands and roll on the floor, standing in the bar.Press roller

In the following materials you can see effective complexes of physical exercises. After watching the videos, you will understand what exercises in the gym for weight loss will be useful to you. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with workout options at home. You will make sure that the fat on the abdomen, sides can actually get rid. Do it right – and your waist will become really thin, and the figure is simply amazing.

A set of exercises in the gym

Weight Loss Workout

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