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It’s even easier to train your stamina, coordination and strength at home, make your body more beautiful. Increasingly, rave reviews about Cardio Twister appear on the network, the use of which helps to quickly get rid of excess weight, you just need to adhere to the operating instructions on a regular basis. The compact fixture has won the love of many beginner athletes, as it is affordable and multi-functional..

Trainer Cardio Twister

Stepper, Cardio Slim – here are a few more names for this mechanism. The design is a stable base with pedals that slide up and down. To maintain balance and muscle development of the upper body provides a rotary control lever. The Cardio Twister is made from durable materials, which can withstand loads of up to 110 kg. The device is designed for different levels of training – it provides seven modes of operation. The microcomputer keeps track of time, calories burned, steps and reps.

The Cardio Twister simulator has the following advantages:

  • Makes body contours attractive: tightens the hips, buttocks, abdomen, biceps and triceps, models the muscles of the shoulders.
  • Improves flexibility, adds strength and stamina. Twister strengthens the heart, develops the lungs.
  • Stepper Cardio Slim allows you to develop a comprehensive workout with a good load for the body, which includes turns and inclinations with a narrow, wide grip, squats, twisting.

Trainer Cardio Twister

How to do on Cardio Twister

The advantages of this simulator appreciated by many buyers. Attractive cost, small size and ease of use conquer thousands of users. The stepper has few drawbacks:

  • Exercise machine Twister is not designed for too much excess weight.
  • Users note inconvenient screen layout.

If these disadvantages of the simulator do not bother you, you can browse the manufacturers catalog at any time and buy a suitable mechanism in the online store. In order to lose weight effectively and not injure yourself, you need to warm up before class. Pay special attention to the ankles, inner and front thighs, oblique muscles of the abdomen, lower back. Classes on Cardio Twister are preferably held every day, the duration is at least 30 minutes, beginners should start with 10-15 minutes. Move with low intensity, gradually increasing it to the limit.

Cardio Twister Exercises

Unpacking the simulator, you will find a pleasant surprise – two discs with a set of exercises. True, they are in English, so not everyone can understand some of the subtleties of the assignment. To get a taut athletic figure, do the following exercises on Cardio Twister:

  • The basic task? steps with turns. Get on the Twister trainer and start pacing? Feet on the pedals. With each step, rotate the housing left and right..
  • Depending on which muscle you want to train, strain it while moving. If this is a press, use it while turning the body. Would you like to raise your hands? Then, with the strength of your biceps or triceps, rotate the twister simulator lever.
  • To burn fat, you must set the mode to “Fast”. You will walk easily and quickly, while not feeling too high the resistance of the simulator pedals. At this speed, running with parallel work of the upper body is easily simulated.
  • Cardio training in the “Slow” mode is aimed at pumping the muscles of the whole body, the main emphasis is on the legs. To diversify your workout, perform a deep squat in motion, direct and cross twists of the body, wide-amplitude body turns, hand swings.

Regular fitness on the simulator in combination with a diet, constant proper nutrition, will help to achieve excellent results. The first modifications will be visible after a week of classes, and after a month, pleasant changes will become apparent to others. Photos of your fit figure will delight the eye and maintain enthusiasm for further excellence.

Girl on Cardio Twister


The cardiostepper simulator is not equally useful to everyone. Before ordering a mechanism, it is worth consulting with a family doctor. If this is not possible, study the following contraindications for classes on Cardio Twister:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, heart failure, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, etc.);
  • pathology of joints, musculoskeletal system;
  • severe curvature of the spine;
  • recent injuries, fractures.

Heart failure

Cardio Twister Price

In the photo, all steppers are the same, but their cost is different. The Twister simulator has a different price, since it is produced by different manufacturers. Estimated cost of steppers:

Simulator model

Twister price, rubles

Sport Elit Cardio Twister


Cardio slim twister


Cardio Trainer Stepper from Bradex


Live active Cardio Slim


Body Sculpture Cardio Twister


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