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Women often want to find a beautiful figure faster than is permissible without a threat to health. Proper nutrition becomes irrelevant: they begin to look for food without calories, give up carbohydrates and simplify the menu as much as possible in order to find an effective way to lose weight by 15 kg per month. Are there any chances to achieve the desired or such a weight loss rate – utopia?

How to lose 15 kg per month

For each person there is a restriction on the rate of weight loss, determined by many factors: from the initial body weight to the state of the endocrine system. Someone can forget about sweets for a month and lose weight seriously, and even starving will not help someone lose more than a couple of kilograms. Before looking for a way to lose 15 kg per month, you need to find out if your body can do this. A few nuances:

  • According to doctors, only overweight people have chances – for them, losing weight quickly at the initial stage of body shape correction in a month is real, because they lose fluid.
  • If your BMI is within 20 units, don’t even think about how to lose 15 kg in a month – you won’t achieve such a result in the indicated period, because the lower the current weight, the slower it is to lose weight.
  • Obese people may not lose weight by the desired 15 kg, even adhering to the most hungry and proper diet, if they have hormonal disruptions: there is a high likelihood of not making progress in a month or in a longer time without medical intervention.


Half of the attempts to lose weight collapse from an illiterate diet. Trying to lose extra pounds, especially if it takes only a month, women drive themselves into the frames of chicken breast and green salad, or just a cup of coffee in the morning. Both options are equally unreasonable and even if they help to lose weight, the previous volumes will return. Only the correction of eating habits can give the desired effect, which will not disappear in the morning. A month is a good time to completely forget about:

  • fast food
  • attempts to sweeten tea and coffee with sugar;
  • the habit of snacking with flour;
  • love of french fries and fried meat;
  • food before bedtime.

Girl with watermelon


Exercise helps to lose weight, but for people who are overweight, they should be prescribed by a specialist. Only pedestrian walks are safe, which should be carried out at a moderate pace and for a month in duration increase to 3 hours. Doctors and gymnastics performed every morning are allowed: these are light exercises that do not cause shortness of breath and joint pain.

If the weight is normal, and you want to lose weight from 65 kg to 50 kg, it makes sense at home or in the gym for a month:

  • to do jogging;
  • do aerobics;
  • perform exercises from Pilates;
  • give yourself power loads (but not more often than cardio).

Effective diet for weight loss 15 kg

If the general rules regarding what to eat and drink to lose weight by more than 10 kg per month are not suitable for you, and you need faster weight loss, you can resort to a diet that will further limit your diet. Experts offer 2 options: to lose weight safe for health – to alternate a classic healthy hearty menu with hungry days. More unpredictable will be a low-calorie diet minus 15 kg per month, which will last 30 days. They resort to it only in the absence of obesity and chronic diseases..


When searching for a solution to the question of how to effectively lose weight by 15 kg per month, the choice of protein nutrition is not always reasonable, because such a diet provokes muscle growth, and they will add weight to you. Experts recommend this method to lose weight only in tandem with a sports schedule or with an active lifestyle, because sedentary work converts protein into fats. The principle of nutrition for a month is simple:

  • Have tea with a couple of boiled eggs.
  • For a snack – 50 g of cheese and leaf lettuce.
  • Dine with boiled meat with a bunch of greens.
  • For an afternoon snack – 150 g of cottage cheese with cinnamon.
  • Bake fish for dinner.
  • Before going to bed, drink a glass of ryazhenka.

Boiled eggs


You can lose weight with this system in 2 weeks, and the remaining period of a month will be spent on fixing the result with a classic healthy diet. Buckwheat diet keys:

  • no food in the evening;
  • lack of seasoning (including salt) in the preparation of cereals;
  • only water from drinks.

To use the main product in order to lose weight, you have to steamed: washed buckwheat is poured with boiling water (500 g per 1.5 l) and, wrapped in a blanket, left overnight. This volume is eaten per day, meals can be either 3 or 7. It is difficult to lose weight on this diet due to the scarcity of the diet, so from the 2nd week dried fruits (100 g per day) and honey (1 hour) are added to buckwheat . l.). The output will last 2 weeks, i.e. total weight loss takes a month.


Cruciferous mono-diets help to lose weight while cleansing the intestines, but they are short-term. Longer ones already imply variety on the menu. “Lose weight by 15 kg per month with cabbage” – these are not loud advertising words, but reality, but accessible only to people with good health. Key Features:

  • The center of the nutrition plan is any cabbage – from broccoli to Peking, which is eaten for lunch and dinner. You can leave it fresh, you can cook, stew, supplement with third-party vegetables, olive oil, coriander grains, dill.
  • In the afternoon it is allowed to add a boiled piece of meat (chicken).
  • For breakfast, it is advisable to eat only an orange with cereal bread.
  • If you have to have a snack, take an apple.


With such a diet, you can lose weight quickly, but it is advisable not to stick to it all month, because an organism that receives only liquid food will forget how to digest solid. You should consume only what you can drink:

  • clean water;
  • low-fat (you can cook even on meat or fish) broths;
  • all fermented milk drinks;
  • herbal teas;
  • fresh juices (squeezed home);
  • sugar-free compotes.

Everything that you cook will need to be filtered so that the body does not receive solid products – this applies mainly to broths. For kefir, sourdough and fermented baked milk, there is a requirement to maintain fat content below 2%, and it is advisable to squeeze juices from apples or oranges. It is difficult to lose weight on drinks due to the lack of obvious nutrition in them, so few people withstand a month.

Herbal tea


You can try to achieve a slim figure by eating boiled eggs every morning and for dinner. At lunch, you can eat soups, meat or fish, but with vegetables. The number of eggs per day (without yolk) – 4 pcs. This diet, in order to lose weight well, is observed for 2 weeks, and after the end of the month it expands: the eggs remain only for breakfast, the lunch is the same protein, and you can have dinner with vegetable salads or citrus.


This diet helps to lose weight through stimulation of the intestine, but it does not last a month: you need to sit on it for a week, after as much rest, following the canons of a healthy diet, and then repeat the circle of weekly weight loss and rest. Kefir for the diet is selected so that it contains up to 2.8 g of protein and not more than 2 g of fat. Every day they drink it 0.5-1 l, dividing this amount by 5 times. The intervals between them must be equal..

Additionally, for every day, take a low-calorie product in a volume of up to 400 g:

  • baked potato;
  • fresh fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • diet meat;
  • cottage cheese.


Eating plant foods for half a month, you can lose 10 kg, and lose the remaining 5 kg, fixing the result of a healthy diet. The diet is almost vegetarian: you can eat an unlimited number of vegetables and fruits (banana per day only 1, potatoes – 2 pcs.), Add 10 ml of olive oil to them, up to 50 g of nuts. Heat treatment is allowed, but within a month no meat, bread, cereals, pasta.

Vegetables and fruits


A reliable way to lose weight is to completely forget about carbohydrates for a month, but doctors forbid using this technique before consulting a specialist, because she has a large number of contraindications. Only protein foods will help to lose weight, to which you can add greens and apples. Of the drinks, only water and mineral water will not hurt to lose weight. The ration for the month is:

  • meat;
  • egg whites;
  • cottage cheese;
  • kefir.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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