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If you refuse jeans, mini, do not rush to go to extremes. There are gentle ways to lose weight and improve your body. One of them is Dr. Mitchell’s diet. The system has gained many positive reviews. The idea is to consume a daily dietary fat-burning soup with a prescription from Dr. Mitchell and an emphasis on a vegetable menu and herbs.

Who is Dr. Mitchell?

Dr. Mitchell, who called the system, is an English nutritionist. Based on research, he created a technique for losing weight in just one week. Dr. Mitchell’s recipes are proven to be losing weight. Dishes are distinguished by the availability of ingredients and safety for health. Dr. Mitchell believes that for successful weight loss are important:

  1. playing sports;
  2. healthy sleep;
  3. low calorie foods.

Mitchell Diet

Dr. Mitchell’s popular diet is a weekly weight loss technique using a fat burning soup recipe. Composition includes vegetables, chicken breast or lean beef, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and seasonings. The diet lasts 7 days, during this time, thanks to the lost calories, they lose an average of 5 kg. In addition to soup, the menu includes vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, low-fat milk and cottage cheese, unsweetened coffee or tea. Thanks to a balanced diet during the diet, there is no loss of strength or lack of energy, as evidenced by multiple positive reviews.


In order for the famous Dr. Mitchell’s diet to be productive, it is important to adhere to the rules of nutrition. They are simple, and if everything is done according to the scheme, excess weight will not just go away, but run away. Recommendations:

  1. There are a lot of fat burning soup. Cooking it is easy; ingredients are available. For a while, love Mitchell’s recipe.
  2. Exclude alcohol, flour, sweets, soda, alcohol and fried from the menu.
  3. Use a minimum amount of salt.
  4. Drink plenty of water, sugar-free fruit juices, skim milk.
  5. Diet can last no more than 2 weeks.

Fruit and a glass of juice

Advantages and disadvantages

Given all the advantages of a diet, it is important to understand whether such nutrition will harm your body. To do this, you should carefully consider its pros and cons. The benefits of diet:

  1. excellent fat burning effect by reducing calorie intake and thanks to soup;
  2. cleansing the gastrointestinal tract from toxins;
  3. the use of tomatoes will help remove excess oxidation products from the body.

It should be borne in mind what disadvantages such a diet contains:

  • if you lead an active lifestyle, you will have to always carry soup with you;
  • with some medical diseases (kidneys, liver, diabetes) complications and acute conditions may occur;
  • possible discomfort in the intestines due to the frequent use of such a soup.


In order for the diet to be effective, it is important to adhere to a certain diet for every day. The Mitchell Diet by Day is presented to your attention:

  1. We eat a lot of our favorite soup plus fruits (about 1 kg). From drinks – unsweetened tea (preferably green), cranberry juice and plenty of water.
  2. Vegetable day: you need to eat as many vegetables as possible (except for legumes). Pay special attention to vitamin crispy green leaves: salads, spinach, white cabbage. Eat soup often. For dinner, baked potatoes, 1-2 pcs..
  3. Eat soup, fruits and vegetables, excluding potatoes.
  4. Banana milk day. You need to eat up to 3 bananas, drink skim milk. Soup and water stay.
  5. “Red day.” We eat 5-6 tomatoes (fresh, canned) and low-fat beef. Increase the amount of fluid. Soup remains a faithful helper.
  6. Beef, vegetables, soup. There is no potato.
  7. One of the most beloved days on the reviews of losing weight. Finally, you can eat to the dump. Cook brown rice, there are no limits on vegetables. Drink water, fruit juices. Eat soup! On any day, beef can be replaced with chicken breast or low-fat fish.


Mitchell Soup

Perhaps you are eager to learn the cherished recipe. In its composition, it is a bit like Bonn soup. So, prepare the ingredients:

  • petiole or root celery – 4-5 stems;
  • carrots – a few pieces;
  • green beans – 500 g;
  • onions – 4-5 heads;
  • hot cayenne pepper;
  • cabbage – 1 head of cabbage;
  • tomato juice – about 1 liter;
  • grated tomatoes – 5-6 pieces;
  • broccoli – to taste;
  • bell pepper – 1-2 pieces;
  • low-fat beef broth.

Vegetable soup


  1. It only takes a few minutes to cook the soup: while the broth is cooked, vegetables are finely chopped, celery and carrots are rubbed.
  2. At our discretion, add salt (it is important not to overdo it), herbs, black pepper.
  3. Cabbage, beans and tomato juice are added at the end of cooking.
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