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A certain category of professional and natural products or drinks that help burn calories faster – these are fat burners for losing weight at home. They only help, not miraculously, but with regular training in compliance with proper nutrition. There are several forms of fat burners for women – pharmacy, natural food, sports supplements. Each species has its own characteristics and indications. Fat burning at home with any of them is very effective.

What are fat burners

The very word “fat burners” combines several concepts at once. In general, these are means that help to reduce body weight, and also make muscles more prominent. Such effects are achieved by burning subcutaneous fat – it is used instead of an energy source. Fat burners for weight loss women at home can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Natural. Natural – these are low-calorie foods and those that affect metabolism. A fat burner at home is very easy to make..
  2. Synthetic fat burners. They are special sports supplements used by professional athletes.

Weight loss sports nutrition for women

If men often use sportspit with the goal of not only burning fat from the sides, but also to build muscle, then most women manage with only the first goal. It can be achieved by using only certain fat burners – those that contain collagen, protein, vitamins, L-carnitine. Just such a sports nutrition for weight loss for women is very effective. For the fair sex at home, you can use the following:

  1. Thermogenics, or thermogenics. Their properties help to speed up metabolism, break down fats. Fat burners act immediately after use. Recommended for use at home after dinner at night..
  2. Anorectics. Aimed at dulling feelings of hunger. Thanks to a decrease in appetite, they help to lose weight.
  3. Lipotropics. From this group, L-carnitine is the safest and most powerful fat burner at home..
  4. Protein. There are several types – whey, soy, casein, whey hydrolyzate.

Spoon Powder Fat Burners

Slimming Drinks

Another type of fat burner for losing weight at home is drinks. They include several types of products – stimulating metabolism, improving digestion, and vitamin. Only sugar is not included in slimming drinks. You can not add other carbohydrate ingredients. Prepare these fat-burning drinks at home in the form of cocktails, smoothies or regular tea. It can also be freshly squeezed juice. It will be especially useful as a fat burner if you cook it on the basis of citrus fruits..

Fat burners in a pharmacy

The composition of pharmacy fat burners “for the lazy” often contains substances such as L-carnitine, caffeine, guarana, forskolin and red pepper extract. Some may include orlistat, chitosan, bromelain, alpha-amylase blockers. The most effective fat burners in the pharmacy:

  • green tea extract;
  • Acarbose (Glucobai);
  • Clenbuterol;
  • a combination of aspirin, ephedrine, caffeine;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Xenical
  • Reduxin;
  • Turboslim;
  • laxative drugs.

Fat Burner Products

Proteins are effective fat burners at home. To absorb them, it takes a lot of energy, so a woman’s body spends its own reserves. Protein foods include chicken, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, fish. Products with a negative calorie content help to lose weight at home – cabbage, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini. Green tea with coffee is meant to accelerate the exchange. Fat burners for women are citrus fruits.

Citrus fruit

How fat burners work

The main function of any fat burner for women is the transportation and naturally safe removal of fats from the body. Efficiency is achieved in different ways. Some substances block the absorption of fats in the intestines, while others additionally prevent the absorption of carbohydrates. Another way is to reduce appetite, due to which a person eats less, and takes energy from his own reserves. These are the main options for how fat burners work..

What Fat Burners Are Better For Women

When answering the question which fat burners are better for women, it is worth noting several groups of such funds at once. It can be pharmacy drugs, sports supplements or just food. In each group, several particularly effective fat burners are distinguished:

  1. Medication. These include drugs such as ECA, thyroxine, sibutramine. Capsules are very effective, but have many side effects. Such fat burners for losing weight in a pharmacy lead even to serious diseases..
  2. Sports supplements. Here, by popularity, you can cite the following list of drugs – Lipo 6, Black Widow 25, Tight Hardcore, L-Carnitine.
  3. Natural fat burners for women. These are products that you can significantly lose weight by eating. These include grapefruit, raspberries, spicy spices, green tea, coffee, beef liver, dairy products.

Safe Fat Burners for Women

If we classify fat burners for women by safety, then in the first place there will be natural ones, i.e. Food. You can put sports supplements on the second. Guarana or red pepper extracts and caffeine are especially popular, but they are not the safest fat burners for women. They can disturb sleep, lead to liver problems or gastrointestinal diseases. The most unsafe fat burners are thyroxine, ECA, sibutramine. For this reason, girls are better off choosing a healthy way to burn fat – the right lifestyle with sports..

Guarana extract powder in a spoon

Slimming drinks at home

Natural fat burners are good because they are easy to cook at home. In addition to green tea or coffee, you can drink different types of cocktails and more nutritious smoothies. Fat-burning drinks are not only healthy, but also very tasty and cheap. The most effective of them:

  • tea with ginger;
  • citrus fruit energetic;
  • cocktail from a mixture of kefir with spices – ginger, red pepper, cinnamon;
  • green tea;
  • Sassi water;
  • cocktails based on tomato juice;
  • celery smoothie with apples;
  • coffee with mint, orange, blueberries, kiwi or pineapple.

Fat Burning Slimming Teas

The easiest option for a fat burning drink is green tea. The main thing is not to drink it with sugar. For taste, you can use leaves of mint, lemon balm or a slice of lemon. It is better to drink tea half an hour before meals and once in between meals. Fat burning teas for weight loss are often prepared with spices, such as cinnamon or ginger. Herbal decoctions of St. John’s wort, chamomile, fennel, black elderberry and even dandelion root will be even more useful. Fat burning tea can also be bought at a pharmacy. This is a monastery tea, Turboslim, Leovit, Swallow or Typhoon.

Fat Burning Cocktails at Home

There are many cocktail recipes that are quick and easy to make. Fermented milk products or freshly squeezed juice often serve as their basis. Fat burning cocktails at home include spices, fruits or berries, some types of herbs. Here are some interesting options:

  1. Citrus. You will need to mix 4 slices of pineapple with a quarter of grapefruit, pour them with a glass of kefir. For taste, add 30 l of coconut oil and 30 g of pumpkin seeds.
  2. Citric. It is necessary to mix a slice of kiwi and lemon, pour them with boiled water and season with 5 leaves of mint.
  3. Kefir. To a glass of yogurt just add a pinch of red pepper, cinnamon and ginger.

Lemon cocktail with mint in a glass

Metabolic and Fat Burning Products

There is a certain category of products that are able to accelerate the metabolism, thereby accelerating the burning of fat. Among vegetables, there are a lot of them – this is cabbage, celery, zucchini and zucchini. Olive oil also contributes to fat splitting. They can fill all salads. Other products that speed up metabolism and burn fat:

  • lean fish and meat;
  • oatmeal;
  • spices – ginger, cinnamon;
  • tangerines;
  • papaya;
  • mustard and flax seeds;
  • fermented baked milk;
  • tan;
  • beet;
  • radish;
  • bell pepper;
  • asparagus;
  • spinach;
  • turnip;
  • garlic and onion.

Fat Burning Fruits

Of the fruits, the most powerful in this regard are grapefruit and kiwi. You can also include apples here. Due to the high calorie content, this group does not include bananas with grapes. Fat-burning fruits can be consumed in the form of freshly squeezed juices. So they will also benefit. The most effective fat burner for women is citrus. They reduce insulin and glucose, which leads to a decrease in hunger and activation of metabolism.

Lemon as a Fat Burner

This fruit contains acid, which helps to cleanse and normalize the liver, which is very important for metabolism. The easiest option for drinking lemon as a fat burner for losing weight at home is acidified water. It is better to drink it from morning to breakfast. It is useful to add a slice of lemon and tea. Overuse this citrus is not worth it, especially with increased acidity of the stomach.

Tea with lemon in a cup

Grapefruit as a Fat Burner

An indispensable source of ascorbic acid is grapefruit. It helps to significantly speed up the process of splitting fats. In addition, it improves muscle endurance. To feel the effect on yourself, just 150 g of grapefruit daily is enough. This is half the average size of the fruit. Grapefruit as a fat burner can be consumed in the form of juice. It is especially useful for the stomach..

How to cook a fat burner at home

Smoothies, cocktails or teas can be made on your own. The main thing is to exclude sugar and other simple carbohydrates with fats from them. Following this general approach, you can cook a fat burner at home. A few budget recipes:

  1. Ginger tea. Boil a small ginger root in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes, then insist as much. Drink a quarter of an hour before meals.
  2. Red cocktail. Mix half a glass of cranberries with half a tomato, add a spoonful of honey, process everything with a blender.
  3. Citrus Smoothie. Take a little lemon juice, add mashed potatoes from half a lemon and grapefruit. Better after exercise.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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