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One of the most popular and common healing herbs is garlic. It is taken for colds, infectious diseases, for the prevention of cancer, this product can fight parasites in the human body. In addition, they use garlic for weight loss: there are recipes for diets, garlic water, intake regimens – the reviews are very positive. Let’s figure it out now: is it the enemy of all lovers or a knight in the fight against overweight?

Garlic Slimming

Hot foods and their mixtures positively affect the processes occurring in the body. However, it is worth considering some features: the effect will only be when eating a large amount of protein, fruit, and grain. Do not forget about physical activity – without them, no diet can help. Why is garlic and dishes with its addition so useful? Everything is very simple – the product contains about 100 active ingredients that help improve metabolism and lose weight due to such properties:

  1. Normalize blood sugar.
  2. Establishment of blood flow, lymphatic drainage (excess fluid is excreted), vascular cleansing occurs.
  3. Regulation of normal fat metabolism, an obstacle to the absorption of large amounts of cholesterol.
  4. Fight against Candida fungi (one of the hidden causes of obesity), bowel cleansing.
  5. Recovery of fat breakdown, plus a decrease in appetite.

However, remember that garlic can bring not only benefits, but also harm. Do not abuse spice if you have exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with diseases of the kidneys, genitourinary system. There are no more contraindications. Therefore, you can use one of the ways to use it. They are easy to prepare and do not require much time..

Head of garlic

For the night

You can start the processes that contribute to weight loss with the help of garlic overnight. Here are a few options:

  1. Eat a fresh slice of spice 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  2. Half a clove of garlic should be washed down with water.
  3. Add dry spice to tea.
  4. A cocktail of garlic and kefir – in a glass of fermented milk product, chop with a knife a spoon of burning cloves. Can be grated.

Chopped garlic on a cutting board

With diet

Eat garlic for effective weight loss with any diet. You just need to add 1-2 cloves to the diet daily: in ready-made first or second courses, salads, sauces. You can take the product raw (with a bite of food). Great helpers will be ginger, kefir, milk, coffee, honey, lemon, tomato, beets. In combination with these products, you can achieve the maximum effect of losing weight and healing the body, increase tone, start the rejuvenation process, cleanse the intestines.

Garlic water

Try garlic water as an option. Reviews are only positive, even unpleasant taste / smell do not interfere with admiring this drink. Use this method to prepare a drink: in pure still water (200 ml) add two cloves of crushed garlic. The liquid should be at room temperature. Drinking is recommended immediately. Garlic water is drunk 2 times in the afternoon: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed.

Garlic water in a vessel

Garlic diet

There are several variations of garlic-based weight loss diets. The simplest is “folk.” Its essence is to add spice to the menu for six days. So, the 1st day – one clove before each meal, the 2nd – two, the 3rd – three, and so on. After the sixth day, you need to gradually reduce the amount of garlic. Moreover, the restrictions are only on sweet and starchy foods. This regimen will help stimulate digestion..

Another type of diet for weight loss is based on cooking and infusion of garlic. Take 1 liter of water, a small head of the product (peel), 2 lemons (cut into thin half rings). Mix, put on fire, cook for 15 minutes after boiling. Leave to cool at room temperature. Then shake the lemon so that all the juice comes out. Use on an empty stomach and at bedtime for 2-3 weeks.

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