How to lose weight during pregnancy without harm to the baby

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It used to be that a woman expecting a baby should eat for two. Nowadays, gynecologists recommend expectant mothers to be careful about nutrition and their lifestyle. So that the baby is born healthy, and the woman does not lose attractiveness after pregnancy, she must know how to lose weight in this difficult period.

Overweight and Pregnancy

For the entire period of expectation of the child, a normal increase in body weight of 12 kg is read. When a woman gains much more, she begins to think about how to lose weight during pregnancy, and not harm the fetus. The weight is made up of amniotic fluid, the mass of the baby, the placenta, the extra blood volume and the enlarging breast. The fat layer is also increasing, which is associated with maintaining a hormonal balance in the female body.

For this reason, pregnancy and overweight are very vague concepts. However, if a woman gains it rapidly, this contributes to the development of complications such as varicose veins, cardiac pathologies, gestosis. The most common consequence of extra pounds is swelling, which indicates poor kidney function. It is important for expectant mother to be able to control weight in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Is it possible to lose weight during pregnancy

Gynecologists say that only women whose kilograms threaten to cause complications for her health or the development of her baby need to think about how to lose weight during pregnancy. To remove excess weight during pregnancy should be, if a strong fullness gives a danger:

  • spontaneous expulsion of the embryo;
  • increased blood loss during childbirth;
  • premature birth;
  • heavy rehabilitation.

Pregnant girl

How to lose weight pregnant without harm to the baby

In order to lose weight, but not harm the baby, you should review your diet and perform special exercises daily for expectant mothers. Losing weight during pregnancy will be faster with an active lifestyle. To do this, you need:

  • regularly engage in stretching, stretching, gymnastics;
  • swim in swiming pool;
  • go for a massage;
  • breathe properly when walking;
  • walk more often outdoors.

Maternity Diet for Slimming

Proper bearing of a child requires a review of nutrition. Expectant mothers weight loss through a strict diet is unacceptable. However, so that nutritional obesity does not cause complications, you need to know some nuances:

  • a diet for weight loss during pregnancy should contain 10% more protein;
  • fast carbohydrates (sugar, sweets) should be abandoned;
  • most of the diet should consist of cereals, vegetables, cereals, legumes and hard fruits;
  • excessive consumption of freshly squeezed fruit juices should be avoided;
  • it is necessary to reduce the time for heat treatment of food;
  • to lose weight, you need to eat heavy food for up to 15 hours.

Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercises

In addition to adjusting nutrition, how else to lose weight during pregnancy? Physical activity, which includes a complex of breathing techniques and muscle stretching. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles of the pelvis, perineum, and vagina. Workouts not only contribute to weight loss, but also prepare the expectant mother for labor, normalize the work of the heart and vascular system. Before doing any exercises for losing weight during pregnancy, you should definitely go to a consultation with your gynecologist.

Pregnant girl doing stretching exercise

How to lose weight during pregnancy

Excess body weight in a pregnant woman usually begins with the second trimester. How to lose weight during pregnancy, the doctor decides in each individual case. However, there are general recommendations for weight loss:

  • it is necessary to exclude fluid retention (do not eat salt, drink more water);
  • take vitamins and minerals in addition;
  • reduce the consumption of harmful fats, flour products, sweet pastries;
  • peel meat before cooking;
  • eat fractionally;
  • count calories (2400 kcal / day).

Weight loss in the first trimester of pregnancy

Losing weight in the first months is much easier than in the following. How to lose weight during pregnancy, if in the first trimester a woman gained a lot of weight? The only thing you need is to follow the rules of good nutrition. Contributes to weight loss in the first trimester of pregnancy, the rejection of excessively spicy and highly salty foods that hold water in the body.

How to lose weight during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester

If after 14 weeks the weight began to gain rapidly, then your menu should be taken seriously. Weight loss for pregnant women of this period includes one fasting day per week, which is preferably carried out on dairy products. You should be careful about chocolate and coffee, as these delicacies do not fully absorb the calcium necessary for intrauterine development of the child. Eat less cholesterol-containing foods: butter, chicken yolks, lard, butter desserts. Instead, replace them with fruits: apples, oranges, pomegranates.

Pregnant girl eats

How to lose weight during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester

The third trimester is characterized by edema, anemia and repeated toxicosis, so it is advisable to stick to vegetarian food, and to limit the amount of fluid consumed closer to childbirth. During this period, there are often constipation, which provokes excessive consumption of meat and milk, and cereals and vegetables contribute to the normalization of digestion. A full pregnancy and weight loss are impossible without physical exertion. For this reason, even at a later date, one should not forget about daily activity (movements) and morning exercises.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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