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The desire to lose weight makes you try a variety of diets that differ in the menu and the effect on the body, but the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss, according to nutritionists, are still more effective. You can observe them as much as you like. Proper nutrition is more a lifestyle than a diet. It will help you not only get rid of extra pounds, but also change your attitude to food. How to lose weight, principles, schemes, sample menus and recipes you will find below.

What is proper diet for weight loss

Food is a necessity, but today it has been turned into a cult, which is why many people have problems with being overweight. Proper nutrition is not another type of diet, but a properly selected, balanced menu, consisting of healthy, but at the same time tasty foods. Such a diet provides the body with all the necessary vitamins for health, helps to replenish energy costs and regulate all organ systems.

Good nutrition principles for weight loss

Any organism, whether women or men, is individual, but the principles of proper nutrition have a number of principles that must be adhered to. This list includes:

  1. Servings. For weight loss, it is necessary to reduce the amount of food eaten at a time. It should not exceed 200-250 g.
  2. Water. Liquid is also part of the diet, it contributes to weight loss by eliminating toxins and toxins. The optimal drinking regimen per day – 2-2.5 liters.
  3. The last meal. The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime, but this is a light snack, not a full dinner.

Girl drinks water from a bottle

How to start eating right to lose weight

Any changes are often made with difficulty – this also applies to food. The main condition in the instructions on how to switch to proper nutrition for weight loss is gradualness. By introducing a new menu and principles in stages, you can easily transfer the changes and not lose motivation. To make it easier, you should even keep a diary where you can enter allowed and prohibited foods, a nutrition plan and basic recommendations.

Diet for weight loss

Products in the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are divided into several groups. Classification depends on their content and effect on the body. In general, a fractional diet of proper nutrition for weight loss should include:

  1. Squirrels. This is the basis of the diet. Due to their lack, the skin condition worsens, and the metabolism slows down. There is a lot of protein in fish, meat, cottage cheese, eggs. The norm is 1.5-2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight.
  2. Fats. Their use should be reduced, but should not be completely excluded. The basis is 0.5 g per kilogram of body weight. Fats should be healthy – omega 3,6 and 9. They are found in fish, olive oil, seafood.
  3. Carbohydrates. The main enemy of losing weight is fast carbohydrates. They are the basis of sweets, pastries, white bread, potatoes, cakes, pastries. Slow ones, on the contrary, are useful. This is rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and other cereals. The daily norm is 3 g per kilogram of weight for men and 2.5 g for women.

What not

The very first thing that you are advised to refuse the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss is chocolate and other sweets. After eating them, after 1-2 hours you again want to eat. Other banned products for PP:

  • alcohol;
  • fried in oil;
  • smoked meats;
  • salty;
  • fat meat;
  • mayonnaise;
  • ketchup and sauces;
  • dried fish;
  • crackers;
  • chips;
  • sausages, sausage, ham;
  • bouillon cubes;
  • dairy products with sugar – yogurts, sweet curds;
  • soda, sweet drinks;
  • sugar;
  • pasta;
  • canned food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • juices in boxes;
  • coffee.

Dried fish

Allowed Products

Be sure to include vegetables and fruits in the basis of the diet. The latter will help you replace the usual sweets. It is better to exclude bananas and grapes from the diet – they are too high in calories. Apples, citrus fruits, pears, on the contrary, have a low energy value and perfectly satisfy hunger. In addition to fruits and vegetables, there are other permitted foods with proper nutrition:

  • low-fat cheese;
  • eggs, preferably protein;
  • durum wheat pasta;
  • buckwheat;
  • rice
  • oat groats;
  • whole grain bread;
  • berries, fresh or frozen;
  • low-fat varieties of meat and fish;
  • milk and dairy products with a non-greasy base – kefir, natural yoghurts, cottage cheese;
  • oils – creamy, olive, rapeseed;
  • honey.

The right diet for weight loss

A delicious breakfast is the main principle. Refusing it, you doom yourself to overeating in the evening. The diet for weight loss completely eliminates hunger, so a day of meals should be from 4 to 6. To be full, you need to eat often, but little by little. The best option is after 3-4 hours. According to the nutrition program, a meal has the following calories:

  • breakfast – 30%;
  • lunch – 30%;
  • dinner – 20%;
  • snacks between main meals – 25%.

Vegetable salad in a plate

Menu pp for a week for weight loss

Many different combinations can be made from the basis of permitted products, so your diet will not be monotonous. For convenience, it is better to think over the diet for a week in advance, and then adhere to it. As a basis, you can take the PP slimming menu, presented in the table:




High tea



Oatmeal with dried fruits

Vegetable salad, fish stock, baked fish, fruit drink or juice

Fruit yogurt

Buckwheat with vegetable salad


Baked apple with nuts and honey, green tea

Cabbage and Cucumber Salad, Vegetable Soup

A handful of dried fruit

Mushroom Salad, Baked Potato


Toast with honey, one fruit, a cup of tea

Light meat broth, a slice of bread, tea

Glass of kefir

Stewed vegetables, chicken breast, compote


Omelet with vegetables, juice

Chicken stock stuffed with peppers and chicken

A glass of yogurt

2 potatoes, seafood salad, tea


Cottage cheese casserole, green tea

Beef stew broccoli, vegetable salad


Goulash with mashed potatoes, juice


Oatmeal with honey and nuts, water

Vinaigrette, boiled chicken breast, compote

Portion of cottage cheese

Baked fish, vegetable salad, juice


Vegetable salad, omelet

Bonn soup, water

Any fruit

Chicken cutlet with buckwheat, tea

Weight Loss Recipes

In addition to the use of authorized products, it is important to observe the basics of their processing at home. All recipes with proper nutrition for weight loss use three options for how to cook dishes – cooking, stewing, baking or steaming. So food retains most of its beneficial substances. In addition, carcinogens harmful to nutrition are not formed without oil. If you use it, then olive is better.

What to eat for breakfast

  • Cooking time: 50 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 5 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 168 kcal.
  • Purpose: for tea / for dessert / for breakfast .
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

According to the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss in the morning, you can allow yourself something sweeter, because you will have time to spend the calories you eat in a day. In addition, even desserts with proper nutrition are useful if they are prepared in a special way. For example, cottage cheese casserole. This healthy breakfast recipe is very simple and inexpensive, but it’s tasty and nutritious..


  • cottage cheese – 250 g;
  • semolina – 2 tablespoons;
  • sweetener – 1 tbsp;
  • milk – 100 ml;
  • egg – 2 pcs.;
  • salt – 0.5 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour semolina with milk, leave for 15 minutes.
  2. Salt the eggs, add the sweetener to them, beat.
  3. Combine egg mass with milk, add mashed curd.
  4. Transfer the resulting mass to a greased form, send for 35 minutes to the oven, heated to 180 degrees.
  5. Cooking time: 30 minutes.
  6. Servings Per Container: 4 Persons.
  7. Calorie content: 117 kcal.
  8. Purpose: for tea / for dessert / for breakfast.
  9. Cuisine: Russian.
  10. Difficulty: easy.

A piece of cottage cheese casserole on a plate

One of the good desserts in proper nutrition is a baked apple. If you are tired of eating this fruit in its pure form, be sure to find out how to cook it in the oven. Baked apple is softer. To give a sweet taste, it is supplemented with vanilla, powdered sugar, cinnamon or honey. In small quantities, they will not affect the calorie content of the dessert base..


  • apple – 4 pcs.;
  • cinnamon to taste;
  • honey – 4 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse the apples well, cut out each core so that the bottom of the fruit remains intact.
  2. Put a spoonful of honey in each fruit, then sprinkle cinnamon on top.
  3. Send for 20 minutes in the oven. Optimum temperature – 180 degrees.

What can I have for lunch

  • Cooking time: 45 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 5 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 30 kcal.
  • Purpose: for lunch / diet lunch.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Recipes for lunch are more satisfying. The best option is soup, for example, a special Bonn for burning fat. Instructions on how to cook it include only vegetables. If you want a dish more satisfying, then just use not very fatty meat broth instead of water. The fat-burning properties of the soup are due to its ingredients, which have a negative calorie content..


  • cabbage – 1 forks;
  • onion – 6 pcs.;
  • water – 2.5 l;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 3 pcs.;
  • celery – 1 pc.;
  • tomato – 4 pcs.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse all vegetables thoroughly and chop in a convenient way..
  2. Put the water in the pan on fire.
  3. After boiling add first cabbage with onions, cook for 10 minutes, then introduce the remaining vegetables.
  4. Stew the dish until the ingredients are soft.
  • Cooking time: 2 hours.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 107 kcal.
  • Purpose: for lunch / diet lunch.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Bonn soup in a plate

Another option for dinner is meat with some side dish. It turns out very tasty beef with broccoli. It is better to take meat in the form of fillet or minced meat – they are easier and faster to cook. In addition to broccoli, carrots with onions and peppers are required. It turns out not just meat with vegetables, but very tasty goulash with gravy, so this dish can also be served with any cereal.


  • onion – 2 pcs.;
  • carrots – 2 pcs.;
  • flour – 50 g;
  • ground black pepper, salt to taste;
  • olive oil – 3 tbsp .;
  • beef – 500 g;
  • broccoli – 300 g;
  • sweet pepper – 2 pcs..

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse beef, cut into small slices, send to a skillet with butter, fry for a couple of minutes.
  2. At this time, peel the onions and carrots, chop them finely, put them in the meat, cook until vegetables are tender.
  3. Sprinkle with flour, pour water so that it covers the ingredients.
  4. Stew on a quiet fire for about 1.5 hours.
  5. 15 minutes before the end, add chopped broccoli and pepper.

What to eat for dinner

  • Cooking time: 15 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 1 Person.
  • Calorie dishes: 143 kcal.
  • Purpose: For dinner / diet dinner.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

The ideal diet dinner for weight loss is a salad. There are a lot of options for such a dish, so you can use a new recipe daily. Mushroom salad is very simple and quick to prepare. In addition to them, you will need only a little lemon juice and vegetable oil for dressing. You can use any mushrooms. More often fresh champignons are taken.


  • black pepper to taste;
  • fresh mushrooms – 143 g;
  • vegetable oil – 10 g;
  • lemon juice to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse mushrooms, peel, then boil in slightly salted water for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Next, let them cool and chop finely..
  3. Season with pepper, pour oil and lemon juice, mix.

Fresh champignons

The following salad recipe is unusual in that it is based on vegetables with negative calories. This means that the body spends more energy on its digestion than it receives. As a result, a calorie deficit forms, due to which weight loss occurs. The salad itself is budgetary and lightweight, long satisfying hunger. It consists only of fresh and juicy vegetables..


  • parsley to taste;
  • cabbage – 500 g;
  • celery – 4 stalks;
  • onion – 2 heads;
  • olive oil – a little for dressing;
  • lemon juice – to taste;
  • cucumber – 3 pcs..

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse vegetables, then chop randomly and mix.
  2. Season with oil and lemon juice, add herbs, mix.
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