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How can you lose weight without a diet – women are surprised, because the main condition for weight loss is calorie restriction. Now they have invented a new method of intuitively getting rid of extra pounds – nutrition, based on the principle: the body knows what to eat. The system is simple and has virtually no limits..

What is intuitive nutrition

It often happens that a person, exhausting himself with physical activity and diets, does not come to the desired harmony. The body protests against such an attitude and as a result forces one to reckon with its requests. An alternative way to get rid of excess fat is an intuitive diet, in which the use of any restrictions is categorically denied. The system of weight loss is based on the principles that allow you to consume baked goods, sweets, chocolate and effectively decrease in size.

The technique was originally developed by American professor Stephen Hawks, who himself lost weightlessly with the help of a variety of diets. After many years of unsuccessful attempts, he began to listen to his body and, on the conclusions, made up a diet on his own. The intuitive approach turned out to be positive. He helped the professor lose weight by 22 kg and keep weight for a long time. Stephen Hawks claims that the problem of excess weight should be approached as follows:

  • Recognize the signals sent by your own body;
  • learn to control your appetite;
  • pause while eating;
  • recognize intuitively when hunger occurs and when overeating.

Girl holds an apple and a cake in her hands

Principles of Intuitive Nutrition

American Teima Weiler continued to develop an effective method of losing weight. She opened Green Mountain, in which she invited women to lose weight without any restrictions on food. The main technique was aimed at studying the correct sensation of one’s own body and was built on the theses of Hawks. So, 10 principles of intuitive nutrition:

  1. Refusal of diets. Any restriction in nutrition is harmful.
  2. Respect for hunger. It is necessary to give the body the right amount of nutrients.
  3. A challenge to power control. You should forget about the rules that are taught when you can or cannot eat.
  4. Truce with food. Need to allow yourself to eat.
  5. Respect for a feeling of fullness. One must learn to recognize when satiety comes.
  6. Satisfaction factor. It is necessary to understand that food is not a pleasure, but a necessity, so you need to enjoy not every food process, but every piece.
  7. Respect for feelings without eating. You need to understand that loneliness, boredom, or anxiety are feelings that cannot be reassured by food..
  8. Respect for your own body. You should learn to love yourself, regardless of the numbers on the scales..
  9. Training is like movement. You need to be active not to burn calories, but to get a boost of energy.
  10. Respect for your health. You need to learn how to choose foods that take care of both taste buds and overall health.

The essence of intuitive nutrition

The modern approach to nutrition brings people back to nature, because it gave the most universal tool for evaluating something – intuition. To understand whether food is needed at the moment, one should only listen to the body and feel the presence or absence of hunger. Modern people have long forgotten that the most proper diet is intuitive. People start eating for company or when within walking distance there are a lot of delicious dishes or products for snacks.

The essence of the power system – no rules. Everything is allowed to eat, but only if two requirements are met: you need to experience hunger and intuitively understand that the body really wants to accept the selected product. At this point, many adults have difficulty. However, they are easy to overcome if you watch the children – they eat as much as they need. The desire of parents to push the excess into the child often turns into a major scandal.

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Is it possible to lose weight on intuitive nutrition

For a long time, there has been debate among nutritionists about such a system, but in the end they came to the conclusion that this is an effective analogue of a healthy diet, calculated from the point of view of psychology. How much can you lose on intuitive nutrition? According to reviews of losing weight, this system helps to easily lose 5-7 kilograms per month. I would like to note that an intuitive way to get rid of extra kilos will be ineffective for people suffering from bulimia, since this is a psychological problem that requires the intervention of a qualified psychotherapist.

How to learn intuitive nutrition

It’s difficult for a person who is used to dieting on a schedule to learn to listen to his body. At first, everyone has difficulty determining their own feelings of hunger and satiety. Over time, understanding comes that you need to eat only when there is a rumbling in the stomach or sucking in the stomach, and not for company with someone. Intuitive diet for weight loss is vital for the following categories of people:

  • victims of diets, whose life has turned into a tactic of limitations and disruptions;
  • emotional people who seize experiences;
  • accustomed to the separation of products, counting calories, eating strictly according to the schedule and the ratio of BZHU.

How to switch to intuitive nutrition

You can learn to intuitively evaluate eating behavior if you stop dividing food into healthy and bad, good and bad, and also stop conforming to accepted standards in weight. You should get rid of the fear of becoming ugly or fat. Switching to intuitive nutrition is a change in attitude to food, not weight loss. Even if at the initial stage a couple of extra pounds is typed – this is normal. Especially those people who previously limited themselves to goodies. When there is no ban, then the craving for them will disappear, because, as you know, only the forbidden fruit is sweet.

How to eat intuitively

The body is genetically programmed to demand from the owner only those products that he currently lacks for normal functioning. When compiling an intuitive nutrition menu, attention should be drawn to body signals and avoid compulsive overeating. Refusing dietary thinking, you need to allow the body to eat everything. From his point of view, a serving of boiled broccoli for dinner is no better than a plate of fried potatoes. Being eaten in accordance with the desire of the body, it will not lead to weight gain, but only replenish the energy balance.

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Intuitive Diary

It is not so easy to start eating intuitively. The desired result will not come soon if the mind constantly throws thoughts about food. To facilitate the process will help a diary in which you need to methodically record the foods eaten and what they felt. A couple of weeks will pass and notes will help to analyze at what time of the day the metabolism is active, when food is digested slowly, which foods provoke heavy drinking.

The diary on the first page should have its own personal hunger scale, in front of each item of which you should make notes. For example, on the contrary, I was “too busy” to write my feelings about this process – a painful swelling or something else. The paragraph “full” will indicate fullness, and the paragraph “very hungry” may indicate irritation. The first days, constantly check the scale and determine the intensity of hunger. This will help not overeat and distinguish emotional emptiness from a real desire to eat. You will notice that saturation comes much faster than before..

Intuitive nutrition for children

The child makes the choice of products much easier, because he knows how much he needs to eat, intuitively relying on body signals. Young children, even with great appetite, at one point eat up and no longer want, and parental attempts to feed them forcefully do not like. Intuition-based baby food is the minimization of control over the amount of baby food. Even the baby is able to ask for food – he cries until he receives food. Let a child from a young age retain the ability to hear intuitive sensations and understand the difference between satiety, appetite and hunger.

Reviews and results of losing weight

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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