Italian natural mittens with copper threads for body and heel cleaning – how to choose and use

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In Italy, the traditions of careful but gentle body cleansing have been preserved for centuries. Recently, Italian natural mittens with copper threads have been widely used for peeling at home all over the world, because the product perfectly cleans even the most sensitive skin, preserving your beauty and helping to make the body perfectly smooth from the crown to the heels.

What is Italian natural mittens?

It is a gentle, natural skin cleansing tool. Using Italian washcloths, the skin gets rid of unpleasant defects, diseases, and the aging process slows down. Mittens effectively fight the manifestations of cellulite, helping to remove the effect of the “orange peel”. With regular use, reduce scars, relieve stretch marks, smooth the skin. With proper washing, a peeling mitt not only removes dead skin cells from the surface of the body, but also accelerates blood circulation, stimulating the processes of cleansing and restoration of the epithelium.


The Italian mitt consists only of natural ingredients. Some are based on flax, others – organic cotton. Pure copper threads are woven into them, the use of which in hygiene procedures has been known since the days of the ancient Romans. Already then they knew that copper protects against the formation of unwanted bacteria, contaminants and toxins. Another mitten removes static charges, relaxing the body, and prevents skin aging.

Copper Mitt and Copper Wire


A mittens with copper threads has a number of advantages:

  • qualitatively, but gently cleanses the skin;
  • used for intimate hygiene;
  • relieves keratinized tissues, fights with allergic manifestations of the skin;
  • glides easily on the skin, does not stretch it;
  • foams detergents well, quickly lathers the body;
  • cleanses the body in the shower even without the use of cosmetics;
  • fits perfectly in the hand, does not swell under the influence of water;
  • can be used for gentle hair washing.

Properties of skin washcloths


There are practically no shortcomings in this subject. Italian natural mittens with copper threads are made of natural materials, which is why they are not able to cause negative effects. An exception may be a shower with unsuitable hygiene products. The only thing that seems to some a disadvantage for some is the price and availability of mittens, however, it is worth noting that quality things can not be cheap, and the recent appearance on the market affects the duration of its search.

Body Wash Mittens

Foot peeling at home

Heels are the same part of the body as hands, face, neck, and they also require additional care. Careful attitude to the legs contributes to their attractive appearance, improves the general condition – eliminates the feeling of tightness, fatigue, swelling. The most effective and common procedure is peeling. The process is to rid the skin of dead particles. There are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Mechanical impact on the feet with pumice, special files or scrubs. The method is widely used at home, because relieves dead tissue without much effort. For mechanical peeling, you should choose an Italian washcloth. The procedure begins with a soft dry peeling, then the legs are steamed and processed with a mitten for feet and heels. After this, it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream and put on socks made of natural fabrics..
  2. Chemical peeling – based on the ability of acids to act on keratinized tissues and gently exfoliate them. The procedure eliminates any force on the skin. The Japanese “Eggfoot” method is very popular. To conduct it, you will need a special lotion containing natural acids, essential oils and herbal extracts. The product is poured into cellophane socks of 15 ml each, which are worn on the legs; leave for 2 hours, after which everything is thoroughly washed off with warm water. The result of peeling will be noticeable after 4-5 days, when the skin begins to exfoliate.

Stops before, during and after mechanical peeling

The price of Italian natural mittens with copper threads

In Moscow, you can purchase Italian cosmetic mittens at the following address: ul. Warehouse (metro station “Savelovskaya”), building 1, article 18 in “BEAUTY INTEL”. The price of natural washcloths varies depending on their purpose: from 1000 to 3000 rubles. A cotton mitten made of cotton costs 1,200 rubles, and of dark linen – 1,500 rubles. (prices are indicated at the time of writing, it is better to check their relevance immediately before purchase).

It is possible to order alternative washcloths made of natural fibers of Austrian production on the website of the online store, for example, New World Plus. The cost of mittens with copper thread there is much lower and varies from 340 to 670 rubles.

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