Lose weight with cycling – the benefits of training for women and men

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Getting rid of extra pounds is hard work, but how do you want it to go without exhausting diets and exercises, for which many simply do not have the strength. One of the great options is a weight loss bike, whose load during training is a way to save you fat and bring your weight to your desired levels. The bike rides themselves bring a lot of positive emotions, a cheerful mood, especially if you ride in a company, and many other benefits for the body.

Is it possible to lose weight with the bike

The cause of excess weight is eaten, but unspent calories. They are spent during movement, so any physical activity is the enemy of excess fat. If you engage in a bicycle for a long time, seriously and force yourself to sweat, then it will help you get rid of wrinkles on the body no worse than any other exercise machines or exercises in the gym. In order for weight loss classes to be effective, especially in those cases when it’s not about a couple of extra kilos, but about the need for decent weight loss, you need to train on a bicycle as follows:

  • Ride your bike over rough terrain to get a significant amount of exercise.
  • Alternate driving pace: 1-2 minutes – very active, 1 minute – relaxed.
  • Use weights, especially if the track is light. They are attached to the ankles, weight ranges from 250 grams to 5 kilograms. You can wear a full backpack.
  • Modern mountain, city bikes allow you to change gears. Choose the hardest.
  • For weight loss, exercise for at least 40 minutes on a bicycle, only after this time you begin to get to body fat.

Girl and bike

The use of a bike for weight loss

Regular cycling activities bring a lot of benefits. The whole body, not just the legs, where the load goes most, becomes stronger and more enduring. The respiratory system develops, the heart and lungs strengthen, since the bike for weight loss is cardio training. For women, a bicycle is 1.5 times more effective than aerobics. The immediate benefits for losing weight are as follows:

  • Metabolism, calorie expenditure are accelerated. This is due to a strong heartbeat, which causes the blood to quickly run through the veins. Cells receive enhanced nutrition and are saturated with oxygen, due to which fat begins to break down..
  • There is a process of increased sweating, which is also necessary for weight loss. The body gets rid of excess water, puffiness is removed.
  • Depending on the activity, age, road choice during training, burning from 250 to 800 kcal / hour occurs. If at first you cannot ride a bike very fast, then regularity improves.

Cyclist drinks water from a bottle.

How to lose weight with a bike

Even if you know how to ride a bicycle from childhood, it’s not enough just to sit on it and ride. Follow a few rules that will help you positively answer the question of whether cycling helps to lose weight:

  • Classes should be regular, at least 3 days a week.
  • You need to start at least with a 20-minute workout, gradually for weight loss you will have to increase the time to 1.5 hours.
  • What matters is not the speed of the pedals, but the speed. Bring it to 15-25 km / h. A special sensor will help to monitor the indicator.
  • Eat an hour before and after cycling.
  • Eat less fried and starchy foods to make weight loss faster..

Bicycle riding

Since we are interested in how to lose weight on a bicycle, it makes no sense to spend too light and pleasant walks in the air. It is necessary to make the body sweat, and the muscles to hurt. This will help a good track, where there are descents and ascents, but they should not be very long so that you can master the climb up, and the descent down without load did not last half a workout. Beware of steep slides, poor road surfaces – they can be dangerous if you accelerate and lose control.

Girl rides a cross country bike

After a good load, somewhere in the middle of a workout, it is recommended to dismount and walk for 5-10 minutes. Easy rest, followed by a new leap, perfectly affect the loss of calories. With unaccustomed rest both arms and legs. Do not forget about the correct fit – the back should be straight. The foot should not press the pedal with your fingers, and not with the heel, but with the place where the recess begins.


Helps you to better and better ride exercise bikes. It is advisable to start on the eve of the bike season or at the same time to strengthen the body faster:

  • Jump rope. Coaches coordination, respiratory system, legs.
  • Strap. Pumps legs, shoulders, torso.
  • Squats, lunges. Strengthen legs.


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