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On the eve of the beach season, many are thinking about how to get rid of excess calories accumulated over the winter. For this, training on an ellipsoid for weight loss is suitable: the effectiveness depends on the intensity and duration of classes on an elliptical trainer. Experienced trainers, athletes, as well as ordinary users confirm its effectiveness..

What is an elliptical trainer

An ellipsoid for weight loss is useful because it is a cardiovascular machine on which you can get complex loads. During training, the legs move along an elliptical path to reduce damage to the joints. Hence the name of the device. At the same time, training on an ellipsoid for weight loss is equivalent to running. The use of the elliptical trainer is available to people of any age. It is often used in rehabilitation techniques after injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The display of the device helps to adjust the resistance of the feet, the consumption of kilocalories (kcal).

The use of an ellipsoid simulator

Since the ellipsoid primarily provides cardiac loading, it is often used in the process of fat burning. The use of the elliptical slimming machine is high. With a wide range of loads, you can change the intensity of the workout. Athletes can even practice at home, and the effect will be the same as with grueling skiing or cross-country skiing. Beginners have the opportunity to start with light exercises, gradually increasing the load.

Visually, the exercises seem easy. However, training on an ellipsoid for weight loss after 5-10 minutes ensures the warming of the whole body, it is useful in accelerating metabolic processes. When practicing with an elliptical trainer, legs, arms, shoulder muscles, back and buttocks are involved. In addition to losing weight, the cardio simulator is effective in strengthening the cardiovascular system. The lungs begin to work better, metabolism, the removal of fat, toxins are accelerated.

The girl is engaged in an ellipsoid simulator

Advantages of the Elliptical Trainer

It is worth listing the following advantages of the ellipsoid:

  1. Exercises on the simulator repeat the natural, as when walking, load on the hips, knees, ankles. At the same time, the effect on the joints is minimized. Such training is suitable for the older generation..
  2. The number of calories burned is equal to that burned during running training, this is a great option for cardio to increase heart rate for fat burning.
  3. Metabolic processes are accelerated, so weight loss and the removal of toxins occurs even after training.
  4. Cardio loads strengthen the main muscle – the heart, which reduces the risk of diseases.
  5. The endurance of the body and the tone of the whole body increase. This helps to continue the effect of training, increase their intensity and lose weight..
  6. Due to the design of the simulator, training on an ellipsoid for weight loss involves all parts of the body (lower and upper at the same time). It is possible to change the position of the body and direct the load to a specific muscle group.
  7. The dimensions of the device are smaller in comparison with a treadmill, which makes it possible to use it at home. An added benefit is ease of maintenance..

How to exercise on an elliptical trainer to lose weight

The effectiveness of training depends on the right approach and the organization of classes. For each person, their own approach to how to lose weight on an elliptical trainer is being developed. Find the right training time for you. In the morning before breakfast, people are allowed to exercise in a satisfactory physical condition, without pressure problems. For the purpose of losing weight, the rest are advised to start exercising only after eating, when 2 hours have passed.

It is worth getting a heart rate monitor, which is necessary to adjust the load. As a rule, it is attached to the finger. Check out your maximum age heart rate (MVP). While studying at home, you can watch a movie, video or favorite program at the same time, but experts advise you to first control your physical sensations by adjusting the intensity.

Men and women work out on elliptical trainers.

How much do you need to do on an ellipsoid to lose weight

The duration of the training depends on the level of pre-training. For beginners, it is advised to engage in 20-30 minutes every other day. The load cannot exceed 70% of the profit center (maximum age pulse). The recommended frequency of steps is 50 per minute. The purpose of the first training is to get used to the load and further increase the degree of activity. Such a program is usually carried out 6-8 weeks.

During the intermediate phase, it is important to repeat the session 3-5 times a week (20-45 minutes) with an intensity of up to 80% of the profit center. Allowed speed is 50-60 steps. This program is designed to consolidate the results and maintain a healthy physical shape. Increasing the intensity of classes is suitable only for physically strong people or athletes.

Professionals increase the number of training days to 6-7 for 30-60 minutes. It is allowed to increase the intensity to the level of 80-90% of the profit center. Speed ​​- 60-80 steps per minute. This level of training is recommended only for those who want to achieve the highest level of exercise for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. An alternative type of exercise with a high load can be interval training. They mean changing exercises with high speed and intensity (0.5-1 minute) with 1-2 minutes (maximum) slow pace.

How many calories an elliptical trainer burns

The value depends on the characteristics of the body and speed, intensity. There is no single answer on how many calories an ellipsoid burns (indicators are different for women and men). It is realistic to burn 13 calories per minute, which is approximately 700-800 per hour. In the initial stages of training, this amount may be 2-3 times less, but will increase with increasing load and intensity of movement.

What muscles work on an elliptical trainer

Exercise machine ellipse for weight loss involves almost all the muscles of the body, which contributes to the rapid loss of excess weight. It is important to remember that the action of the elliptical trainer is aimed at fighting fat. You can’t just pump muscle mass. If your goal is to pump up your arms or legs, engage in strength exercises. Physical activity on a schedule with an elliptical trainer will help to tighten muscles:

  • shoulder girdle, arms;
  • press, back and body (sides);
  • calves, buttocks and thighs.

Elliptical trainer and girl

Training program on an elliptical weight loss simulator

It is necessary to start any classes with a warm-up: it will help avoid injuries. For this, a load level of 1-3 with a slope of 5-6 (simulator parameters) is suitable. For warming up, it takes 5 minutes to “push” the pedals forward, holding on to the handles. If you steadily hold on to the simulator, at the same time, you can turn on the neck, shoulders, and make hand lifts. And the program of classes on an elliptical trainer for weight loss is selected taking into account the features of the body structure, sports training and goals.

For burning fat

A five-minute, fast-paced, fat-burning ellipsoid workout is ideal for countering unwanted calories. The initial load is 6-8 with a slope of 10. After 4 minutes of a fast pace, we remove the slope and reduce the load to level 3. Then move at a moderate pace for one minute and gradually level the breath. After this type of training, pull a little leg muscle – stretching is required.

Interval training

The built-in program allows you to alternate periods of high load and medium intensity. This is especially valuable since interval training on an ellipsoid is more effective in the process of losing weight and strengthening muscles. Work on the principle of 5 / 40-60 / 5, where 40-60 is the duration of the main exercises in minutes, and for warm-up and warm-up – 5 minutes each. During the main training, turn on 30-60 seconds of intensive mode alternately, replacing it with 1-2 minutes of a moderate pace.

Cardio training

The program is important not only in the fight against fat deposits, but also to improve the functioning of the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels. The body becomes sturdier. Muscles become elastic, tightened, which will especially please the female gender. Cardio training on an ellipsoid is available even to those who are contraindicated in the increased load on the joints of the feet and knees. The main thing is to pick your own rhythm.

Woman sets exercise program on ellipsoid

Training program on the elliptical trainer for beginners

Remember that training on an ellipsoid for beginners is characterized by a moderate load and constant monitoring of the state of the body. The main goal is to stimulate the body to lose weight. Such trainings are held no more than 3-4 times a week (up to 30 minutes) with a load of 60-70% of the profit center and not more than 50 steps / minute. As your muscles strengthen, you can gradually complicate the task.


The reasons for the urgent interruption of exercises are any symptoms of a sharp deterioration! Before training, consider the contraindications of classes on an ellipsoid. It is not recommended to load the body with people:

  • suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular failure, cardiac arrhythmias, edema;
  • asthma, thrombophlebitis;
  • with severe stages of cancer;
  • with diabetes;
  • during an exacerbation of infectious diseases;
  • pregnant.

Reviews of losing weight

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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