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Sulsen soap contains selenium disulfide (a combination of selenium and sulfur components), vitamin and mineral supplements that help cope with psoriasis, dandruff, acne. Shampoos, creams, pastes are made on the basis of this composition. The product is not so expensive, but has an excellent effect. This can be judged by the reviews of people and research specialists.

What is sulsen soap?

A bactericidal soap with sulfur, selenium, a vitamin and mineral complex is a cosmetic product with a therapeutic effect. It relieves inflammation, itching, head irritation. From its use, hair follicles are strengthened, hair loss stops, dandruff on the head quickly passes, acne on the skin disappears. In addition to treatment, it is used to prevent these problems. Therapy takes courses, and with relapses is repeated. The product is not inferior in results to a paste with selenium and sulfur, but has a more gentle effect and is more convenient to apply.

The use of sulsen soap

The product with sulfur and selenium additives regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands and has an antifungal property. So, the use of sulsen soap is carried out for skin diseases, problems with increased fat content or hair loss. The remedy has drawbacks: in some cases it causes an even greater release of fat by the sebaceous glands. If your hair looks oily after using the sulsen product, discard it.

The product is carefully applied to the skin so as not to touch the lips, eyes, nasal mucosa. There are no contraindications associated with the unhealthy state of the body, because the soap is safe for health if used correctly. Following the following instructions, you can quickly get rid of the problem without further relapse and not harm your health:

  • carefully make sure that foam with rinse-off water does not get on the mucous membranes;
  • rinse your hands after washing your hair or applying the product on the skin of the face;
  • treatment takes courses of 1-2 months, and after that you need to take a break for 4-6 weeks;
  • Do not wash your hair more than 2 times a week..

Sulsen soap

From psoriasis

In the treatment of psoriasis, experts emphasize hygiene. Sulsen soap from psoriasis has a disinfecting property, dries inflamed areas. Recommended for cleansing the head during exacerbation. The product quickly copes with itching, irritation, fights against microbial pathogens. The course of treatment lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. Wash your hair with Sulsen once a week, combining with your shampoo. In the treatment of psoriasis with soap:

  1. Foam the bar well.
  2. Apply foam to the head, paying attention to the root zone.
  3. Massage your scalp for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse off the foam thoroughly.

For acne

Although selenium sulfide is not recommended to be applied to skin without hair, acne sulsen soap is used continuously. Correctly selected formula of the product creates a strong antibacterial effect, which fights the very cause of acne, reducing their percentage. Reviews of doctors studying the effect of a cosmetic product on the skin prove this. Contact with delicate skin should be short-lived, and getting foam on the eyes, lips, nasal mucosa is strictly not recommended.

The girl has acne on her face

For dandruff

Soap for dandruff with selenium will help not only in the fight against dandruff, but also seborrhea. The useful properties of sulsenovoy include neutralization of fungal infections. This contributes to the content of sulfur and selenium components. The product is used not only for the treatment of dry seborrhea, but also for subsequent prevention 1-2 times a month. To wash your hair, observe the following procedure:

  1. Apply foam to a well-moistened hairline..
  2. Keep the product on your head for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Use large amounts of water to flush..
  4. If necessary, rinse your head with a solution: 1 tbsp. l vinegar to 3 liters of water or 1 tbsp. l 2 liter lemon juice.

How to choose sulsen soap?

There are many types of soaps that deal with skin and head problems. Tar, household, sulfur and sulsen are the most famous. Which is better – everyone decides for himself, since here everything depends on the personal portability of the components. Soap with selenium is the best seboregulator, so it is more suitable for the treatment of dandruff than others. If there are a lot of acne on the skin, washing with sulsen foam is also better. For people with skin diseases who need careful care and hygiene, this tool will be a real find..

Sulsen soap Forte

Sulsen soap price

There are many pharmacies in Moscow where you can buy selenium disulfide. In them, for example, there are two types: from the manufacturer Mirolla – Forte disulfide concentration of 2% and Mite 1%. The weight of the bars is 100 g. If pharmacies do not suit you, you can order the goods in the online store and choose a convenient delivery method: by mail, at the pick-up point or by courier. Sulsen soap prices are low, but finding a product is difficult. Even in online stores, goods are often not available. Sale in St. Petersburg is the same as in the capital of Russia.


Price in pharmacies

Online Store Price


119-133 r.

108-120 p.


84 p.

97-103 r.

$ 1

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