Drawing up a plan – a proper diet program for weight loss for a month, a menu for every day

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To lose weight, it is not necessary to starve and refuse tasty food, the proper diet program for weight loss for a month is not a diet, but a way of healthy fractional nutrition. The basis of the program is the correct combination of products, rejection of junk food, counting the calories needed for the body. You will need only a month to feel the effectiveness of proper nutrition, its benefits for the figure, health and emotional state.

What is proper nutrition?

Nutritionists actively promote good nutrition, which is not only an effective way to reduce weight, but also the basis for normal growth, development and human life. Eating the right foods is the key to health and strengthening the body. Daily observance of the rules will allow you to get into the habit of eating properly, to give up harmfulness.

A proper diet includes the substances necessary for the body to replenish lost energy, regulate the functioning of all systems and organs, restore tissues and build them. Do not count on the rapid loss of kilograms, the metabolism will be adjusted gradually, and over time, the results will become noticeable. The menu includes many tasty but healthy dishes. The abundance of vegetables and fruits makes such a system in the summer-autumn period a budget, but in the winter months you can choose inexpensive products for recipes.

The principles of good nutrition

When you decide to come up with a menu of proper nutrition for a month to start a new, healthy life, first learn the rules of nutrition for weight loss. They may seem complicated, but with the right motivation, you will quickly master the pattern and mode that you must follow. The basics of proper nutrition include the following items:

  1. The menu for the month should be varied, balanced, fractional.
  2. Use only fresh products so that the food contains maximum nutrients.
  3. The basis of the diet should be vegetables and fruits..
  4. Some products do not fit together, you need to remember this when compiling a proper diet program for weight loss for a month.
  5. In the winter months, increase the amount of protein and fat-containing products.
  6. Correctly calculate daily calories. To do this, you can use the online calculator.
  7. Drink about two liters of water daily.

Vegetable salad

What you can not eat with proper nutrition

A proper diet program designed for weight loss requires the rejection of a number of harmful foods. If you decide to change your lifestyle to healthy, then you need to exclude foods that can not be eaten while losing weight:

  • pastries, pastries, sugar, sweets;
  • sweet carbonated and alcoholic drinks;
  • fatty, salty, smoked dishes;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fatty meat, fish, sausages.

How to eat to lose weight at home

In the daily diet of a person should be a variety of foods: vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, nuts, dairy and more. A balanced diet fills the body with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, trace elements, vitamins necessary for the functioning of the body. The diet of proper nutrition for every day should be fractional, eat 4 to 6 times a day. Each serving varies from 200 to 350 grams. Calorie content is determined individually, based on energy consumption, age and sex of losing weight.

Monthly Slimming Nutrition Plan

To switch to proper nutrition, you will need an action plan. After some time, your body will develop a schedule, will itself remind you of the need for food by appetite. While addictive, eat at a specific time. You will need a food diary in which you enter all the foods you eat. Mark the weight in order to know how many kilograms you managed to get rid of, what minus in the volumes you got.

Proper nutrition for a month for weight loss requires mandatory preliminary planning. The program provides for frequent fractional meals. The menu needs to be prepared in advance, taking into account the needs of the body. Calorie content and portion sizes, the need for certain products in the menu depend on such factors:

  • gender: male or female;
  • physical activity and activity during the day;
  • age.

For women

When compiling a nutritional program for losing weight for women, nutritionists advise following the advice: “Less calories, more nutrients.” For young girls, it is important to saturate the menu with plenty of fruits. In adulthood, such products should not be abused, but it is better to increase the amount of calcium. The program for women losing weight necessarily includes products with vitamin E and folic acid.

Fruit slimming

For men

When a representative of the stronger sex is engaged in proper weight loss, one should take into account factors due to which the proper nutrition program for men is somewhat different from the female version. Calorie intake should be higher, because the energy consumption of men is greater than that of the opposite sex. An average of 3500 calories is required for a program. This number must be increased if the slimming person is engaged in physical labor. The second difference is a large need for proteins (at least 100 g per day). Also, men’s weight loss programs require foods that are high in zinc and selenium..

For teens

Low-calorie diets and fasting days are harmful to a growing body, whose need for vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients is great. Proper nutrition for losing weight in a teenager is a balanced and varied menu. For weight loss in adolescence, you need to get rid of fast food, sugary soda and high-calorie foods, switch to a fractional diet. The calorie content of the food consumed depends on the activity of losing weight, the maximum – for boys – 2800 kcal, for girls – 2400 kcal.

The right diet for weight loss for a month

You don’t have to go hungry to achieve ideal forms, because you know the secrets of a healthy eating program. Within a month, your friends will be surprised at the results, and after a few weeks they will no longer recognize you in the photo. The menu for a month for weight loss consists of delicious products that can be baked, stewed, boiled or eaten raw. For a balanced diet, nutritionists recommend delivering the program for a long period: a month or a week. Below is an indicative menu that you can change to your taste.

Cottage cheese casserole

First week




afternoon tea



cottage cheese casserole, tea or coffee

1 grapefruit, 1 persimmon

mushroom soup, buckwheat porridge with butter (on water), chicken meatballs

2 bread rolls, 1 egg, apple

baked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers


oatmeal (on water) with honey and strawberries, tea or coffee

1 banana, cottage cheese

tomato soup with lentils, boiled chicken fillet, salad (tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and olive oil)

fruit mix, a glass of mineral water

Steamed beef with broccoli, freshly grated carrots, green tea


fried eggs, 1 tomato, brown bread with a slice of hard cheese, tea

a glass of kefir, a handful of grapes

broccoli puree, baked fish, lettuce, tea

cranberry juice, oatmeal cookies

rice, baked turkey fillet


buckwheat porridge with butter, apple

sandwich with salmon, brown bread, orange juice

chicken soup, tomatoes and cucumbers

curd dessert with walnuts, honey, green tea

baked potatoes, baked pollock, 2 tomatoes


curd cake based on oatmeal, coffee

1 grapefruit

vegetable soup, chicken breast, tomato, cucumber

1 pear, egg, bread

stewed eggplant, zucchini, cabbage


pancakes, honey, banana, tea


ear baked salmon

1 boiled egg, cucumber

boiled beans, Beijing cabbage salad, tea


fruit mix seasoned with natural low-fat yogurt, coffee

1 kiwi, 1 persimmon

cheese soup, vinaigrette

vegetable stew, kefir

vegetable casserole, baked turkey fillet

Second week




afternoon tea



oatmeal porridge with milk, raspberries, coffee

cottage cheese, bread rolls – 2 pcs..

baked chicken fillet, buckwheat porridge, tea

fruit salad

veal stewed with carrots


omelette, green tea

1 peach

potato soup, boiled turkey, broccoli

kefir, bread

bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, olives and feta cheese salad


rice milk porridge, cocoa

2 bread rolls, jam, 1 apple

stewed cabbage, boiled chicken fillet

cottage cheese and banana casserole

brown rice, mushrooms stewed in a creamy sauce


omelette, a couple of pieces of cheese and bread rolls

kiwi orange

soup with buckwheat on turkey broth, baked beef, mashed potatoes with butter

cottage cheese and banana casserole, ryazhenka

fish stew, vegetable salad


bran bread, ham, cheese, coffee, banana

cottage cheese, raisins, dried apricots

chicken noodle soup stewed with vegetables mushrooms

eggs – 2 pcs., tomato juice –

steamed cauliflower, boiled chicken, ryazhenka


oatmeal with raisins, butter, coffee

sandwiches from bread, ham, cheese

chicken soup, baked turkey fillet, 2 cucumbers

cottage cheese and apple casserole, yogurt

baked hake, vinaigrette


sponge cake, tea, 1 banana

peanuts – 50 g, 1 apple

ear, 2 tomatoes, boiled fish

cottage cheese with prunes

rice with boiled mussels, 1 tomato

Third week




afternoon tea



cottage cheese and banana casserole, 1 kiwi

apple baked with honey

borsch on beef broth, chicken and vegetable salad

kefir, 2 bread

steamed salmon, millet porridge on the water, 1 cucumber


oatmeal cookies, yogurt

2 tangerines, 1 banana, tea

cheese soup, steamed chicken cutlets

1 boiled egg, vegetables

buckwheat porridge, stewed mushrooms


barley porridge with butter, 1 orange, coffee

zucchini fritters with low fat sour cream

shrimp soup, seaweed, brown rice

fruit salad with cinnamon and honey

vegetable casserole, boiled chicken breast


oatmeal with raisins, 1 banana

biscuit cookies, kefir

mushroom soup, 2 bread rolls, chicken cutlets

vegetable casserole, tomato juice

boiled squid, baked zucchini


oatmeal and banana fritters, coffee

1 banana, 1 kiwi, walnuts

fish soup, boiled fish, 1 tomato

the vinaigrette

boiled rice with shrimp


cottage cheese with honey, 1 banana, tea with lemon


salad of cabbage, boiled rabbit, apple, vegetarian soup

salad of plums, pears, strawberries, kefir

veal and vegetable casserole with cheese, a sandwich of bread and pink salmon.


buckwheat porridge, 2 eggs, 2 slices of cheese

1 orange, 1 kiwi

soup with chicken broth with noodles, vinaigrette

cottage cheese casserole with apple, kefir

rice, boiled cod, vegetable salad

Fourth week




afternoon tea



oatmeal in milk, 1 orange, coffee

apple, banana

vegetable and mushroom stew, stewed chicken breast, 2 bread

cottage cheese, fermented baked milk

boiled mussels, vegetable salad


oatmeal and banana pancakes, strawberries, coffee

egg, cucumber and tomato salad seasoned with sour cream

seaweed, baked pollock, dried fruit compote

handful of nuts

beef stew with vegetables


bread with jam, cocoa, orange

banana, walnuts

steamed salmon, vegetable soup, 1 cucumber

cauliflower in batter, tomato juice

steamed vegetables, steamed chicken breast


black bread sandwich with ham, egg, tea

1 orange, 1 apple

chicken rice soup, steamed beef patties, cucumber

fruit salad

fritters from vegetables, compote from fresh apples


egg and milk omelet, 1 toast with cheese, coffee

1 kiwi, 1 banana

stewed cabbage with vegetable oil, baked chicken, cucumbers – 2 pcs..

ham, cocoa sandwich

boiled mussels, vegetable salad with egg white, cucumber, Beijing cabbage and green peas, seasoned with yogurt


rice milk porridge, banana

steamed dried fruit

fish soup, vegetable salad, egg white, seasoned with soy sauce

vegetable casserole, tomato juice

cottage cheese with walnuts and prunes


baked apples, wheat porridge, dark chocolate – 30 g, coffee

2 bread, tomato, 2 slices of cheese

baked turkey fillet, cheese soup, cucumber

fruit jelly, compote

casserole of vegetables and chicken breast, 1 cucumber, green peas

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