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Makeup for many women is like a second skin. It is not possible to go outside without it, but how much time do you have to spend daily to make the arrows perfect, the tone of your face is even, your eyelashes are fluffy? The modern beauty industry seeks to make it easier for women to apply makeup, for which various types of permanent paints have been invented that last on the face from several weeks to several years. One of these procedures is eyebrow tattooing, which consists in applying paint under the skin in order to give the eyebrows the desired shape for a long time.

What is eyebrow tattoo

The eyebrows of many people, especially women, do not please with expressiveness and beautiful shape. With age, they become less and less noticeable. One incorrect correction procedure can also spoil the form for many years. To correct the defects of nature or the hands of a bad master, eyebrow tattooing helps. It lies in the fact that with the help of a special device, paint is applied under the skin at the right place and the desired contour is drawn. Depending on the species, it can last from several months to several years..

Girl with eyebrow tattoo

Pros and cons of the procedure

Tattooing is a procedure that requires a master to have great skill and a sense of beauty. Even if you have found the most experienced and sought-after specialist before deciding, weigh the pros and cons well:

pros Minuses
Save time when applying makeup. There is always a risk of creating an ugly form.
Always well-groomed neat look. Pain during the session.
Facial features are becoming more expressive.. Hair bulbs are damaged, sometimes irrevocably.
Ability to create a new look. Regular procedures leave grooves from needles, skin elasticity is lost.
Long lasting result. With age, the skin ages and sags, permanent makeup “sags” with it, which looks unattractive.
A variety of techniques, due to which work can be carried out taking into account individual needs. Pigment removal in case of unsuccessful work is expensive and takes several months.
The ability to mask scars.  

Types of Eyebrow Tattoo

Each person is individual, therefore, requires a special approach. In order to satisfy the needs of each client, there are several varieties of permanent makeup. It:

  • hair method;
  • shadow technique, shading or shorting;
  • mixed method (combines the first two).

Hair technique

The technique, which is called hair, is considered one of the most complex and painstaking. For such work, it is better to contact a specialist of the highest level. Hair tattooing is the drawing of each individual hair. In the end, they look like alive. The procedure is carried out in two ways:

  • European. It involves the sequential application of hairs one after another with a gradual increase in the slope. In the beginning, the hairs go straight, towards the end they bend more and more.
  • Oriental or Japanese. This option is more complex, because it imitates natural hair that weaves, bends, intersects. The strokes should be of different lengths, different slopes, but in the general ensemble look like natural.

Girl's face after eyebrow hair tattoo


The method of shorting or shading eyebrows is recommended for those who have already performed the procedure, but it did not go very well. It is suitable for women who do not need a full drawing, but only need to close some areas where the hairs do not grow. The shading technique looks like you painted on with a pencil or applied shadows. The effect of permanent makeup of this type lasts about 6 months.

Eyebrow Tattoo Paint

In addition to the skill of a specialist, paint plays an important role in tattoo makeup. This is a special cosmetic composition that is sold only in specialized stores and is intended for professional use. Pigments are used in pure form or mixed. The correct selection of colors is important, which ensures the clarity of the picture. Poorly selected colors can quickly lose their desired appearance, blur, acquire a pink tint. It is desirable that the paint is hypoallergenic, safe, which will help the client avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

How to choose a shape and color

A successful result depends on the right shape and color. Nature does not always endow a person with that eyebrow contour that suits him. So, you have to adjust it. The correct form is chosen as follows:

  • The inner part should begin where the imaginary line that connects the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.
  • We build the highest point by connecting the wing of the nose and the middle of the pupil.
  • The outer point is on the continuation of the line that runs through the wing of the nose, the outer corner of the eye.

The color of the pigment is selected depending on the tone of the hair. Girls with blond hair are advised to choose the same light color for micropigmentation, only a few tones more expressive. For example, a light brown hue. Light-skinned brunettes will look good with cool shades such as dark brown. Brown-haired and owners of red hair is the color “chocolate”.

Girl with eyebrow tattoo

Why tattooing changes color

Before “drawing” eyebrows to the client, the master selects colors, mixes them. The palette for tattoo makeup has up to 300 shades. Each has its own properties and is washed at a different speed. In addition, the pigments themselves are designed to be gradually washed out of the skin. Thanks to this, the client will be able to re-micropigmentation in the same or new colors, depending on how much he liked the result. Other causes of color changes, such as blue, like a tattoo, are improper eyebrow care or a master’s mistake when mixing colors.

How to do eyebrow tattooing

Each master takes a different amount of time to apply permanent makeup. It depends on the technique that will be chosen for drawing the drawing, on the experience of a specialist whom you have trusted and on how quickly the master and client will be able to agree on a common opinion on the required form. The master’s vision of your face with a tattoo makeup and your own opinion about what the new eyebrows should be may vary. The rest of the procedure is standard.

Procedure Steps

The total working time from the beginning of the discussion of the form to the complete end of the procedure takes 1.5-3 hours. During this time, the master will do the following:

  • Discuss with you the shape and color of the picture.
  • Prepare for work by cleansing and treating the skin.
  • Inject anesthesia.
  • Draw a foundation for permanent makeup (spot marking) on ​​your face.
  • Introduce coloring pigment.
  • Treat the skin at the end of the procedure and give recommendations on care.

The master makes the girl an eyebrow tattoo

How much is holding

The average time of a beautiful even color of tattoo ranges from 6 months to a year and a half. Over time, the pigment fades, the color turns pink. He can withdraw completely, and may remain for several years. It all depends on the following factors:

  • Client age The younger the person, the better and faster metabolic processes occur in the body, that is, any foreign components, such as paint, are excreted faster. The older the age, the longer the pigment lasts..
  • The color of the selected paint. Darker tones are more persistent, light tones lose saturation much faster..
  • Skin type. Pigment is removed faster from oily skin, and much slower from dry skin.
  • External factors. The person is constantly influenced by the environment, because it is always open. Heat, cold, wind, tanning – all this affects the state of permanent makeup, destroying it. The faster this happens, the worse a woman takes care of her eyebrows, less often she uses protective creams.

When correction is needed

If you want your face to not lose its attractive appearance, and micropigmentation does not look faded and blurry, you must regularly perform corrections. Like the question of how long the tattoo lasts, this decision is also made individually. If you see that the eyebrows have faded, they began to give off a pink tint, the painted hairs are blurred, so it’s time to record again with the master. If you do not want to repeat the procedure, you can completely remove paint residues with a laser.

Eyebrow care after tattoo

Permanent makeup is considered one of the most painful procedures. The skin is severely injured, because it is pierced with a needle many times, injected with paint. After the session, the place of applying makeup is inflamed, swollen, very sensitive. In fact, two wounds form on the site of the eyebrows of the client, which require careful care, not only for healing, but also so that the paint does not wash and all efforts are not in vain.

In the early days

Healing lasts from three to ten days. At this time, blood or anemia may ooze from the injured areas. Before complete healing, it is necessary to lubricate the area with moisturizing and healing creams, preventing the skin from drying out. In the summer, before going outside, you need to apply sunscreen. During the healing period it is not allowed:

  • rub the skin;
  • peel off the crusts;
  • steaming face;
  • take hot baths, visit the sauna, pool;
  • pluck hairs;
  • use makeup;
  • sunbathe;
  • apply alcohol-containing creams.

Girl plucks eyebrows

After correction

Repeated application of permanent makeup completely repeats the process of the first. Paint is again applied under the skin with a needle. A person is injured almost as badly, so you need to take care of him as after the first session. If you steadfastly follow all the rules, then the quality of the repeated tattoo makeup and the beautiful look of your eyebrows will please you for a long time.


The procedure for correcting the form, although it is not very difficult and dangerous, but requires the master to take into account some of the features of the client’s health or to first send him for a consultation with a doctor. It is dangerous to carry out micropigmentation in the following cases:

  • poor blood coagulation;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • somatic diseases;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental disorders;
  • menstruation period;
  • allergic reactions.

Can I do eyebrow tattooing during pregnancy?

Any permanent makeup damages the skin, affects the dermis. Foreign bodies fall under the skin, which cause processes such as inflammation, regenerative reaction in the body. In a pregnant woman, all this can go wrong, and cause uncontrolled reactions, as her hormonal and immune backgrounds are changed. So, the result is also called into question..

In addition, micropigmentation requires the introduction of painkillers, which in small doses penetrate the placenta and affect the fetus. The process itself causes an adrenaline rush, a painful reaction. All this is undesirable and can be dangerous for a woman at any stage of pregnancy and the first six months after childbirth. Only after this time is it possible to carry out any procedures for applying permanent makeup.

Pregnant woman stroking belly

Monthly eyebrow tattoo

Critical days lead to such changes in a woman’s body as a decrease in pain defect, changes in hormonal levels, and psychoemotional state. The procedure of permanent makeup is even carried out with anesthesia, but the appearance of discomfort, especially after 1-2 hours of work, is natural, and anesthesia does not always work effectively during this period. For this reason, experts recommend delaying micropigmentation and doing it after critical days. In addition, menstruation reduces the body’s defenses, healing takes place more slowly and painfully.

How much does an eyebrow tattoo

The price of an eyebrow tattoo depends on which master you choose. Specialists working at home can charge for their services inexpensively, compared with employees of clinics and salons. Although this does not mean that the former will do the job worse than the latter. The price range in this area is very large. The cost of eyebrow tattoo ranges from 1.5 to several thousand rubles:

A place Price
Good hands 6000 r.
Deltaclinic 9000 r.
Do-it-yourselfers 1500-6000 r.

Where can i do

The tattooing procedure is taught quickly, so there are a lot of masters in this area. Before deciding to adjust your eyebrows, you need to carefully approach the choice of a specialist. Many work at home. Others provide this service in specialized salons or clinics. When choosing, pay attention not to the place, but to the experience of the person to whom you trust your face, see examples of his work. Popular places in Moscow, where most clients turn to, are:

  • Delta Clinic;
  • Good hands;
  • Mywaytattoo;
  • Styl-salon.

Eyebrow tattoo – before and after photos

Eyebrows of the girl before and after tatuzh

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