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An exotic green fruit with an unusual nutty taste is familiar to housewives who use it in culinary recipes. Not everyone knows how beneficial avocado oil is to humans, which has found application as a cosmetic product for skin, hair, and nails. No less popular is the product for the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases of the body. Due to what properties such results are possible, how to use the oil extract correctly – more on this in the review.

What is useful avocado oil

Useful properties of the product, the preservation of minerals, vitamins, acids, provides manufacturing technology – cold pressed. Extract from pulp, less often from avocado seeds. The unique composition of the fruit guarantees positive results. Oily product:

  • rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin;
  • is an antioxidant;
  • heals wounds;
  • regenerates cells;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • promotes hormone production.

Avocado fruits and oil bubble

Useful properties include:

  • counteraction to fungi;
  • increased vascular elasticity;
  • improvement of the genitourinary, endocrine system;
  • antiseptic effect;
  • neutralization of toxins, heavy metals;
  • lowering blood sugar;
  • normalization of the hormonal background;
  • increase immunity;
  • improved lactation;
  • oncology risk reduction;
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • normalization of cholesterol.


The versatile effect on the body is provided by the unique composition of avocado extract. Product components have powerful healing properties. The oil contains healthy, nutritious ingredients:

  • lecithin;
  • squalene;
  • chlorophyll;
  • protein;
  • phytosteroids;
  • essential oils;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • manganese;
  • sulfur;
  • copper;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • boron;
  • magnesium.

The oily avocado product is a powerful antioxidant due to the presence of omega-3, omega-6 in saturated and polyunsaturated acids. It contains salts of phosphoric acid and other components:

  • folic acid – In 9;
  • pyridoxine – B 6;
  • ascorbic acid – C;
  • thiamine – In 1;
  • riboflavin – B 2;
  • carotenoids – A;
  • vitamins D, F, E.

Colorful balls with vitamins and minerals icons


A unique product is used in cooking as a dressing for dishes. Avocado oil extract is a part of body care products, hair, nails. Product application:

  • treats pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • stimulates the digestive process;
  • normalizes cholesterol metabolism;
  • improves the condition of the epidermis;
  • promotes wound healing;
  • prevents aging in the skin;
  • Helps boost immunity
  • improves hair condition;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • prevents infertility;
  • increases potency;
  • contributes to weight loss.

In cosmetology

An effective effect is exerted by oil, prepared by cold pressing from avocado, on the skin. Application of the product stops the aging process. When using drugs:

  • moisturizes, nourishes the skin;
  • blood circulation is activated;
  • tissues are saturated with oxygen;
  • softens the skin of the lips;
  • collagen production is stimulated;
  • age spots are eliminated;
  • dandruff disappears;
  • hair from roots to ends become healthy, elastic;
  • skin turgor rises;
  • nails are strengthened;
  • cuts heal;
  • irritation is removed;
  • wrinkles are reduced;
  • acne is treated.

Girl gets rid of blackheads on face skin

In cooking

The cuisines of many countries of the world, especially those where avocado grows, use the hood in cooking recipes. It goes well with seafood, fish, meat. This fatty composition is perfectly absorbed by the body, has a pleasant nutty flavor, aroma. Although it is believed that during the heat treatment the useful properties of the extract are lost, the cuisines of Spain, Latin America, Italy use it:

  • for frying vegetables;
  • cooking meat, fish dishes;
  • salad dressings.

For medicinal purposes

The drug has good reviews from doctors of various specializations. The tool is effective for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, blood vessels, helps:

  • improve blood formation;
  • stimulate digestion;
  • normalize hormonal levels;
  • treat arthritis;
  • lower cholesterol, blood sugar;
  • stabilize the endocrine, nervous system;
  • assimilate vitamins;
  • treat constipation;
  • eliminate irritation of the mucous membranes;
  • counteract urolithiasis;
  • flush out toxins.

The special effect of the oil is noted by dermatologists. Due to its antifungal, bactericidal and wound healing properties, avocado concentrate contributes to:

  • treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, trophic ulcers;
  • improvement of the skin with bedsores, sunburn;
  • restoration of the epidermis after frostbite;
  • acne elimination;
  • countering fungal infections;
  • wound healing;
  • improvement in inflammatory processes.

For hair

If you regularly use avocado oil extract for therapeutic purposes, you can significantly improve the condition of the hairline. Biologically active substances of the composition eliminate dry skin, dandruff, accelerate the growth of strands, facilitate combing. Hair mask with avocado improves the nutrition of the bulb, the condition of the strands that become obedient, vibrant, silky and radiant. The composition is applied once a week for 15 minutes on clean, wet hair. To prepare a healing mask for a prescription you need to mix:

  • oil extract from avocado – 12 ml;
  • yolk;
  • liquid honey – 60 g;
  • jojoba oil – 8 ml.

For face

An effective way to get rid of dry skin is to conduct a series of procedures – to make masks with avocado oil concentrate. You can enhance their effect with the daily use of the cream with the addition of a few drops of the drug. The composition for the procedure is easy to make at home, put on a napkin, stand on the face for 25 minutes, rinse the residue with water. A nourishing mask for dry skin is prepared according to this recipe:

  • take a teaspoon of grape seed oil and avocado;
  • add 3 drops of rose oil elixir.

Nourishing mask

For the skin around the eyes

For women who are worried about the appearance of crow’s feet near their eyes, we can recommend masks made from a mixture of olive oil, grape and avocado fruits. Apply them twice a week, carefully applied for 40 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the excess is removed with a napkin. The skin after the masks is smoothed, radiant, wrinkles are smoothed out. To prepare the composition:

  • mix 15 ml of oil;
  • add 2 drops of essential oil extracts of rosemary, geranium, verbena.

For eyelashes

Avocado in cosmetology is used to strengthen eyelashes. Oil for them is no less effective than for hair. The harmful effects of the environment, stress, can be corrected by regular procedures. The process is simple – the tool is applied in the evening on the eyelashes, and washed off in the morning. Thanks to the use of avocado oil concentrate, they:

  • become thick, lush;
  • grow fast;
  • strengthened;
  • stop falling out.

Body lotion

To moisturize dry skin, you can make a lotion yourself. The finished composition is added to the bath with warm water – 40 ml is required. The procedure lasts a quarter of an hour. For cooking:

  • heated for 3 minutes in a water bath with 75 ml of almond oil and avocado extract;
  • fall asleep dry green tea – one and a half tablespoons;
  • the liquid is cooled;
  • add dropwise essential oils – lavender – 9, chamomile – 7, ylang-ylang – 3;
  • mix;
  • pour into a glass vessel.

Body lotion

Edible Avocado Oil

When using this food product, it is important to consider the calorie content, which is 886 kcal per 100 grams of oil. The substance obtained from avocado fruits by cold pressing retains all the beneficial properties when used in its natural form, without heat exposure. Before making a purchase, you need to choose the right product. Please note:

  • quality – no impurities, greenish color;
  • certificate availability;
  • shelf life;
  • lack of additives, flavorings;
  • obligatory sealed containers made of glass, plastic, not transmitting ultraviolet rays.

Benefit and harm

Since oil has a high calorie content, consuming it in large quantities can be harmful – it is easy to gain excess weight. It is not recommended to use the product for frying – the composition will deteriorate, there will be no benefit from the application. With daily use of oil extract:

  • the digestive system improves;
  • activates the separation of bile;
  • healing of injuries of the intestinal mucosa, stomach takes place – ulcers are treated.

At home, the use of edible oil helps:

  • activation of fat metabolism – helps weight loss;
  • improving the functioning of the nervous system;
  • normalization of the hormonal background in pregnant women during menopause;
  • diabetes sugar reduction;
  • proper development of the fetus;
  • increased lactation;
  • increase potency;
  • prevention of prostatitis, prostate adenoma;
  • normal development of infants.

Baby eating breast milk

How to use

In order not to harm health, you need to use oil correctly. The simplest thing is to add the product to meat, fish dishes, use it for making pastas, sauces, salad dressings. The main thing is in its raw form, without heat treatment. The use of oil as a medicine is not ruled out. The drug in its pure form is used:

  • a course of 30 days;
  • three times a day;
  • dosage – 5 mg;
  • an hour before meals.

Pharmacy prices

You can buy a valuable product, besides the usual one, in the online pharmacy, if ordered through a special site. Often, sales take place at discounts, however, you need to consider that delivery, the amount of oil in the tank, the manufacturer of the product will affect the price. Cost in rubles for Moscow:

Volume ml

Price breakdown, p.

Refined food






STIX Avocado







Natural oil from avocado fruits has few contraindications. The main ones are intolerance to components, allergies to latex, vitamin C. In order not to cause harm to health, you should use the product with caution inside people who have problems with the gall bladder, liver. It is advisable to consult a doctor if there are plans to use the drug with avocado. Important points:

  • use of oil inside with a half teaspoon;
  • in the absence of unpleasant symptoms within three days, increase the serving to normal;
  • before external use, make a test on the bend of the elbow.

Beautician reviews

Nina, 38 years old

I went to continuing education courses and got acquainted with an oil product from avocado. I deal with facial skin problems, it was interesting to test the effect of the drug. After applying massage, she applied cosmetic masks with oil without additives. As a result, skin inflammation is removed, acne marks heal, moisturizing occurs.

Christina, 29 years old

In the beauty salon, where I do manicure, there are regular customers, so I try to keep them happy. After processing the cuticle, before applying the gel, be sure to do massage using avocado extract. Oil smells nice, low consumption. The skin around the nail is nourished, moisturized, the plate is strengthened.

Eleanor, 42 years old

My specialty is healthy hair, so I follow what is happening in the market of cosmetic services. She became interested in avocado oil extract. The results of use pleased. After a course of hair masks with this oil, the strands do not split, glow with health, and look well-groomed. There are subtleties to flushing, but this is my secret.

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