Vacuum trainer for weight loss – results with photos before and after. Contraindications for exercising on a barotrainer

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People who are skeptical of physical activity and of sport in general have a unique opportunity to correct their forms – a barotrainer. This is a universal vacuum apparatus that can be used both in the gym and at home..

What is a vacuum simulator

This unusual invention is a panacea for body fat. The exercise machine combines vacuum and movement. A person is placed in a special capsule with reduced pressure. In the process of training, blood microcirculation, tissue nutrition improves, blood supply to cells increases, which contributes to weight loss and effective muscle development. The complex load allows you to achieve excellent results in a short time and make the dream of a slim body a reality. Such devices from world famous brands as:

  • exercise bike;
  • Treadmill;
  • elliptical cardio trainer;
  • stepper.

Vacuum Treadmill

This is an innovative equipment on which during training fat is transformed into energy. According to studies, when training on a vacuum treadmill, energy consumption is 5 times more than when using classical simulators. Calorie burning is not the only advantage. The vacuum treadmill has a cushioning coating that reduces the load on the joints. It is an ideal choice for people with back pain and osteoporosis. Other advantages of the vacuum track:

  • movement speed changes;
  • pressure level is regulated;
  • the slope of the canvas changes;
  • pulse is measured;
  • the number of calories burned is visible;
  • automatic programs installed.

Woman is engaged on a vacuum treadmill

Elliptical Exercise Bar

This model is a godsend for women who want to get rid of cellulite. A vacuum elliptical trainer is used both at home and in sports centers. Vacuum therapy is also indicated for those who want to eliminate extra pounds or quickly remove volume from certain areas (stomach, hips, legs, waist, buttocks). According to reviews, an elliptical trainer with a vacuum helps:

  • improve the functionality of the cardiovascular system;
  • prevent diseases associated with arterial circulation;
  • increase lymph microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue;
  • improve metabolism;
  • enhance cell renewal;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • stabilize the body.

Vacuum step simulator

The device is perfect for combating cellulite and the urgent disappearance of body fat in problem areas. The step platform simulator is a device built into the pressure chamber. Those who want to lose weight are inside the capsule for about half an hour. It performs low-intensity movements (walking), and the vacuum environment breaks down fatty tissue. A half-hour weight loss with a bar-vacuum step platform is similar in energy consumption with a three-hour run. The simulator’s uniqueness also lies in the fact that during classes the figure is corrected, muscles are tightened.

How does a vacuum simulator work?

The device is an ellipse that is built into the capsule. Inside, during training, reduced pressure is created. Before using the simulator, it is necessary to wear a special skirt, thanks to which a vacuum is created. There are no atmospheric pressure drops, and during movement, the specified compression is maintained. The procedure is suitable for those who want to reduce the volume of body parts without experiencing muscle pain after hard training. Vacuum training equipment is the main occupation, after which it is not necessary to use other sports equipment.

The girl is training on a vacuum simulator

Vacuum massage

At an early stage of occurrence, fat cells have a fusiform shape and a large nucleus. This structure forms the stability of tissues with an uneven surface, which are called orange peel. Vacuum exposure increases blood flow to the desired area, activates metabolic processes in cells, and has a stimulating effect on all body systems. As a result, fibroplasts are activated and skin immunity is restored. Vacuum massage on the simulator helps to get rid of such phenomena as:

  • dryness and peeling of the skin;
  • scars, scars;
  • sagging skin;
  • overweight;
  • stretch marks;
  • cellulite.

Vibro-Vacuum Massage

This method is able to improve cardiac and respiratory functions, increase muscle tone, and normalize blood circulation. Vibro-vacuum therapy affects subcutaneous fat with the help of a special massager, which simultaneously provides vibration and local decompression inside the simulator. Application of the procedure is indicated not only for the fight against cellulite. It is prescribed for arthritis, arthrosis, hypokinesia, physical inactivity, as well as to reduce wrinkle depth.

Cellulite therapy

The principle of operation of this method is the impact on the body of acoustic waves of the infrasonic range. The purpose of the session is to improve the condition of the skin due to the deep penetration of high-frequency vibrations that provoke the activation of metabolism of adipose tissue, relaxation of tissue fibers, and resorption of fibrous tissue. Anti-cellulite shock wave therapy leads to the degeneration of pathologically modified subcutaneous adipose tissue into healthy.

Vacuum massage in the salon

Classes on the vacuum simulator

The exercise machine creates discharged air in the pelvic girdle and lower extremities. The vacuum effect by effect is similar to the procedure for installing cans, but there are some differences: the uniform and dosed operation of the vacuum during movement acts uniformly over the entire coverage area. How to do wakustep for weight loss? To get the result, you need a moderate load on the muscles and pulse – no more than 120 beats / minute.

You do not need to starve, enough for a quick weight loss balanced diet. With proper use of the simulator (3 times / week for 30 minutes), the visible effect will come in a couple of weeks. If you engage in daily, then the size of the waist will be reduced after 10 sessions, and the desired weight loss can be observed after a couple of months of regular visits to the vacuum capsule.

The benefits and harms of a vacuum simulator

Before practicing on a barotracer, it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid negative manifestations, because he also has his contraindications. The benefits and harms of a vacuum simulator for the body cannot be compared, because if you use the device for its intended purpose and exercise regularly, then the person receives the following effects:

  • the stamina of the body increases;
  • the cardiovascular system is strengthened;
  • toxins are excreted;
  • weight is reduced;
  • muscle tone increases;
  • volumes of problem areas are reduced.

Contraindications of the vacuum simulator

It’s not a problem to buy any model of vacustep in free sale or order from the catalog in the online store. However, before making a purchase, you should know what contraindications the barotrainer are:

  • cancer of any stage;
  • benign tumors;
  • vascular diseases (varicose veins, thrombosis, capillary obstruction);
  • pregnancy;
  • postpartum injuries;
  • cervical erosion;
  • dizziness.

The girl has a headache

The price of a vacuum simulator

In the salons of Moscow, a set of vacuum procedures on a simulator costs an average of 4-5 thousand rubles for 20 sessions. The price to buy a barotracer is also different, depending on the model, the number of installed programs, the manufacturer, dimensions and delivery cost. The approximate cost of popular simulators with a vacuum effect:

Model name


Price in rubles




Exclusive treadmill



Smart Elliptic Prof









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